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Did they give you a task to write an essay? Let’s suppose that professor is waiting from a student an excellent essay. Or you are a worker and your employer is expecting to read a perfectly written text. Then probably it would be interesting for you to get information on how to create an excellent essay in English.

If you want to get competently written essay, you may use professional services on paper editing. Also you may get help on how to make plan of a written work, how to structure it, how to present correctly your thoughts and so on. Besides, on such websites you can find samples of paper works, so that it will be easy to write your own competent argumentative essay. Our essay editing website, among other services, provides English revision papers help.

How does essay in English look like?

Probably, all people have heard a word “essay”, however not everyone understands its essence. So what does “essay” mean in English? A short (brief) text, parts of which are composed in a certain order (i.e. have particular structure), is called essay. There is a specific subject, about which one expresses his thoughts and puts them in a certain order. This is the process how a structure is being created. Now let’s consider what the term “structure” implies.

Elements of an essay and their order (structure)

Number of words: what is it? Usually, it is demanded to write from 150 to 300 words. However, the size depends greatly on what exactly a person, who gives a task to write an essay, wants and demands. So if the essay size has not been specified in the very beginning, experts of our essay editor service advise to make it clear, ask what number of words is required and practice a little bit in writing of text of such size.

The order of essay elements is universal for almost each case. These elements (or parts) are the following:

  • Title – this is an essay heading that presents its subject.
  • Introduction is presented in a couple of short sentences (usually two-four), in which the subject of an essay is revealed.
  • Main part is expressed in a couple of paragraphs that reveal the main message of a written work. The task is to present the subject in the most detailed way, present facts and give arguments.
  • Conclusion is several sentences that summarize everything. Here the goal is to make the general summary of an essay.

There is also so called “Topic Sentence”. This is the sentence with which every new paragraph begins. All the sentences that follow the topic sentence prove the major idea of the initial sentence.

Kinds of essay in English and their characteristics

Topic of an essay that you need to create defines its kind. There are many kinds, different authors name the kinds differently. However, we are going to talk about the following three essay kinds that are the most widespread.

1. Giving arguments “for and against”.  The name demonstrates the essence. An essayist’s task is to give arguments for and against something. It has the following plan:

  • Introduction. You make the one who reads an essay closer to the issue of discussion.
  • Main part. Here advantages and disadvantages of something are given. It is recommended not to express your personal opinion. Stick to neutrality.
  • Conclusion. It is the part, in which it is allowed to express your attitude to the topic and make a summary.

2. Opinion presentation. This is presentation of your ideas on what is being discussed in an essay. One might say that any written paper presents personal mind. So what is the difference between this kind and other essays? The difference is that an essayist examines all the parts and aspects of a subject. Each detail must be taken into consideration. After that you write your personal opinion and prove it giving convincing reasons. The plan:

  • Introduction. The topic is presented.
  • Main part. Here we give the proving grounds. Your reasoning must be convincing and look believable. Experts also advise to study other mind, which is opposite to yours. Presenting an opposite opinion, the goal is to reason why you do not share it.
  • Conclusion. Everything is being summarized. You also form your final opinion on the issue.

3. Offering ways out of a problem. In this written paper work it is often suggested to study a universal huge issue or several issues. The goal is to suggest the solutions. It has such a plan:

  • Introduction. You name the issues / problems, mention causes and speak about consequences.
  • Main part. The ways out and possible consequences of such ways are presented here. Give clear arguments why certain measures need to be taken and what they can lead to.
  • Conclusion. Summarize your thoughts.

Essay writing in English: main points

Have you decided to write an essay in English? First you need to get acquainted with the writing rudiments. The following tips will help an essayist to create successfully this kind of written paper.

1. Keep the order of essay elements. The first thing that needed to be done is defying the type of an essay and making up its plan. When the plan is ready, you need to write the following essay elements: title – introduction – the main part (a couple of paragraphs) – conclusion. Stick to these pieces of advice, otherwise your work will not get a high mark.

2. Do not write clean copy at once. It is recommended to use a draft, because usually the time given for an essay is limited. So use it wisely. The thoughts and arguments are better to be presented in the form of brief sentences. Such an attitude will help you to keep in mind and notice the most important points of a subject when you begin to write a fair copy.

3. Get prepared for any kind of topics. Essay written in English reveals language knowledge level, as well as the level of an essayist’s intelligence. So to develop your range of vision, you need to read different texts on various topics. If will help you to widen your outlook and memorize new terms, word combinations and cliché that can be used in any kind of written work.

4. Get some spare time for checking. Distribute the time in such a way that you always have time to check your paper. It can really “save” your essay, if you notice and check some mistakes.

5. Choose appropriate style. Style of writing in English should be formal (or at least semiformal). The slang and shortened words are forbidden (for example, instead of “don’t” write “do not”, instead of “gonna” – “going to” and so on). In case you are not aware of what the difference between the speech styles is, then you can use online paper editors that will help to fix not only spelling, but also style of your written paper.

6. Be concise. Essay written in English is a brief composition. There are people who believe that the more they write the better, and create very big opus. However, it is not desirable to write too much. You can even reduce the value of your essay if write it too big.

7. Reason your arguments. Each your thought should not be “bare”. You need to support it with arguments, bright examples, statistics data and so on. Your work should demonstrate that you are aware of the issue essence and there is no doubt in the correctness of your words.

8. Use words that connect (unite) parts of a text. Suchlike words of an essay serve to “bind” the sentences and parts. Thus they create logical order of the expressed ideas. Another their function is creation of a contrast, reasonable order of the sentences and so on.

9. Vocabulary and grammar must be varied. It means that there should not be repetitions. Instead try to find suitable synonyms. Also complex grammar constructions are preferable. Show that your language skills are of high level.

10. Be correct in the thoughts expression. Essay, in other words, is written ideas presentation on a particular subject. However, you should always keep in mind that you have to do it politely and in a delicate way. Try not to touch different “dangerous” issues, such as religion, politics and so on. If you have to write on such a “dangerous” topic, try to present your mind in tolerant and polite manner. Formal tone and absence of excess emotions is desirable in suchlike written paper.

11. Writer mildly. Although in essay you need to write your own thoughts, but still try not to use often such phrases as “I am sure that…”, “I know that…” and so on. Write it more gently, for example, “It seems to me…”, “To my mind…” and so on. It will sound more formal and correctly in relation to minds and ideas of other people.

Now you know the main principles of an excellent essay building in English. Now your task is to practice this theoretical knowledge and improve your skills of paper writing.

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