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As the number of requests for guest posting and guest blogging is steadily increasing, we are excited to announce our decision to accept guest posts! Contact us to start our fruitful cooperation. 

The current page outlines guest post guidelines you should keep in mind to take advantage of this opportunity to get a dofollow link at a very affordable fee!

Let’s Start with the Advantages of Guest Post Submission

It is a well-known fact that an efficient link building strategy can extensively boost the performance of your website, drive traffic, and increase your presence online. However, these advantages are apparent only when the strategy is well-planned and effectively executed. The secret of success is rather straightforward: generate high quality backlinks that appear organic and the results will surprise you!

Why should you take advantage of our guest posting opportunities?

·         You get a dofollow link! Every guest blogger hopes to get a dofollow link to increase the value of the personal or professional website. Without dofollow links, such posts are hardly helpful in terms of organic growth. Guest posting on our website is provided with a dofollow link!

·         The articles we publish on our website are indexed by Google. Guaranteed! SEO strategy is irrelevant and ineffective if the blog posts with dofollow links are not indexed. In other words, we will make sure Google knows about the existence of the link.

·         Payment is processed via PayPal. While the internet offers many opportunities for cooperation, not all guest posting services are trustworthy and sometimes losing even a small amount of money is a negative experience, especially if you are buying many backlinks. Accepting payments through PayPal, we guarantee comfortable and safe cooperation to SEO experts and website owners!

·         Your link will be the only one in the article! It is exceptionally important to have the dofollow links that add value and weight to your own website. When the article is overloaded with the links, the weight of each separate backlink radically decreases. The informational and SEO value of such articles is diminished. Guest posting on our website is provided with the guarantee not to place additional links in the article.

·         Get the link in an already published article!  If you have no time to write your own blog posts or do not want to devote efforts to meet the posting requirements, you have an opportunity to get a dofollow link by posting it in the already published blog article! How cool is that? Just contact us if for details and get the link added today!

Guest posting is your opportunity to get a dofollow link. All you need to do is to send us a message, read the terms of cooperation, provide the article for posting or choose the blog posting that meets your requirements, and start enjoying the growth of your website immediately!

Guest Post Submission Procedure

If you feel ready to submit your guest post for a dofollow link, please follow these steps for submission:

1.   You contact us through this form.

2.   In response, we provide detailed requirements, guidelines, and payment terms

3.   Once the agreement on all points is reached, you provide us with the content for posting

4.   The guest post is reviewed by our editor for compliance with the publishing requirements. If changes are needed, you get the specific requirements on what should be done. If no changes are needed and your guest post is perfect as it is, it is published

5.   We provide you with the link to the published content and issue an invoice for the payment

6.   Once the payment is received, you get a dofollow link for the agreed period of time

That is it. We made the procedure as easy as possible. The majority of our partners get their guest posts approved within 24 hours, which is highly convenient. Just leave us a message to get in touch and you will be surprised with the smoothness of the process!

Guest Post Guidelines for All Articles

Please take into account that we accept guest posts that meet our requirements. The following list briefly outlines the key requirements. In response to your inquiry, you will receive a response with detailed requirements and guidelines, but please be sure to update your current article with the following details:

·         Author bio is not required but strongly recommended. In recent time, there is a common trend for blog articles to contain information about the author. By doing so, you increase the credibility of your article. A blog post on computers will get more trust if it is written by a tech expert. The guest blogger does not need to be popular, but at least a couple of sentences would add value immediately.

·         When you submit guest post, write professionally and to the point. Brief notes with no values, just for the sake of a dofollow link will not be helpful in any way. Moreover, we will not accept them for publishing. Thus, devote some time and effort to prepare a solid article for the publication.

·         The minimum word count requirement for your blog post is 400 words. The shorter article can be posted, but it is a rare exception. Please contact us to verify if your blog submission is of sufficient length.

·         Your blog post may contain one or more links. However, do not overload it with links. We reserve the right to remove the backlinks if they are excessive in our view. The fee for posting is directly dependent on the number of backlinks you want to insert into your guest post.

·         User proper HTML for your article. It implies you need to add proper tags, apply headings, have paragraphs and lists, and ensure the content flow is maintained.  We can help you with formatting your guest post, but it is strongly advised to streamline the formatting before you contact us for posting to avoid the situation when your post is not approved for the publication.

Do not wait too late to take advantage of this unique offer to get a dofollow link at a very affordable price and with the guarantee of publication!  Contact us right now! 

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