English Listening Skill Practice: 10 Tips


Academic writing services at friendly cost English is an international language. Whatever you do, wherever you go, you need it. For someone, it is enough to know it at the basic level. However, if you want to be able to express your thoughts clearly, to understand others well, and just to feel convenient, you need to know English well. And you need to know it very well (almost excellently) if you need to write essays, research papers, term works, etc. in English. All this requires a high level Continue reading

How Reading Out Loud Can Help To Improve Grammar


We all have used to statement that reading is useful for vocabulary enrichment and new information getting. Reading out loud, reading to oneself, speed reading… Are they all equally useful for new information assimilation or different reading types have different effect? Experienced and skillful team of essaycorrector.org will help to figure out what they are and what for can be used. By the way, except many useful instructive posts published in blog on EssayCorrector, our website offers Continue reading

Top 50 Universities And Schools For Producing Millionaires


Is MBA really so valuable that people are ready to spend from two to five years of their lives and $150 000? What is MBA? MBA is an abbreviation from Master of Business Administration. This is a qualification degree in management (administrating). Very often this abbreviation is used to define not the degree, but the educational programs for getting the degree. Since the competition on the world labour market has increased, the owning of MBA gives big advantage in the merciless world of Continue reading

Top 10 Ideas How To Elude Plagiarism In Your Essay


How to elude plagiarism Presentation of someone else’s thoughts and ideas as if they belong you is called plagiarism. Plagiarism may cause many unpleasant situations for any person (no matter what gender and age he / she has). If pupils and students hand in written works that contain plagiarism, the works are not accepted. There was a famous example when John Boyden had to stop his political struggle for the post of the president of United States in 1988 due to the fact that someone Continue reading

Why Word Order Is So Important In English


5 most important basic rules of word order in English Everyone knows how much important is the order of words in English. It can be hard to describe it, but experts of our paper writing service will try to do it in several simple rules presented in this essay on the order of words in English. What kind of rules are these? Let’s see. It is necessary to know the language order of words because it helps to build and understand the simplest and the most complex sentence in English. This Continue reading

Online Grammar Checkers Vs Editing By Human


Grammar checker and human editing Most systems of text editing have a tool for automatic checking of spelling mistakes, i.e. when one or several letters are written incorrectly in a word. The systems have the following operating principle: a program analyzes each word in a text and looks for the same word in its all words data bases and their possible forms. Obviously online grammar checkers have a lot of advantages, however still there is no program that can completely replace human. Online Continue reading

Why Ignorance Of Punctuation Makes You Silly


Are you afraid of starting your next essay writing because you don’t know where to put the punctuation marks? Don’t you want to look like a fool in your professor’s eyes and because of this you are shaking with fright? EssayCorrector.org will make an attempt to allay your anxiety.     Illiterate World: Expanding Problem of Our Century Just several years ago students in their schools were taught how to construct the sentences properly and how to use the Continue reading

Useful Tips How To Write Effective Letter


Have you already parked yourself in front of the computer and are ready to type the first word? If your task for today is to compose a letter, you should think twice before to start writing it. Do you know how to make it as effective as possible? Are you acquainted with the norms, according to which a letter should be created? If there is still a gap in your knowledge and you are ready to trust to chance, EssayCorrector.org should warn you: writing of a letter is a much more important Continue reading

How Proper Grammar Can Help To Climb Ladder


You want to know the secret ingredient, which you may add into your life to succeed as soon as possible, don’t you? I am pretty sure that your thoughts about career growth are getting more and more frequent, though you can’t understand why your colleague succeeds in his business while you are still dragging behind. A lot of people simply prefer not to think over the reasons, which keep them from reaching the aims and moving further, while the luckier ones jump over the career Continue reading

Evolution of English Grammar


For some people grammar is just a set of rules that they sometimes don’t even bother to use, for others – it’s the way of communicating and expressing themselves. As humans, we were born with an ability to understand language and a sense of how it’s supposed to be used. In early days, people used grammar without having any set of rules, without even thinking about it, till writing was invented. Even Shakespeare was sought of as a breaker of grammar rules. Nevertheless, Continue reading

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