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Are you still searching for a really good, competent, professional editing and proofreading service? If the answer is “yes”, then we are glad to tell that your searching can be stopped right now, because you have found what you need. What does it mean? It means that you have eventually found custom dissertation writing service that can solve any kind of problems connected with academic papers writing, proofreading, editing and correction. Have we managed to make you interested? Yes? Great! Then you, as a potential customer of our dissertation editing company, are probably want to get acquainted with the services of our website closer. So now we are going to present you the services we offer our clients. However, for the very beginning, let’s figure out what dissertation is.

Dissertation is the way to “great” science

Science dissertation is a research work in a field of knowledge that demonstrates the author’s ability to conduct scientific researching on his own and put it into practice. The result of successful dissertation presentation is awarding of scientific degree ( If you goal is creation of academic paper of high quality, it would be better to use services provided by our website.

Types of dissertation papers

Depending on the final result that an author gets after the written work presentation, dissertations can be of three types:

1) Master's dissertation.

2) PhD dissertation / PhD thesis.

3) Doctoral dissertation / Doctoral thesis.

Master’s dissertation

Master’s dissertation is considered to be one of the easiest ways of scientific work. Its author gets academic master's degree if defense of the thesis is successful. In its form Master’s dissertation is similar to graduate work or diploma thesis. It is often based on diploma thesis and becomes its logical continuation, but with deeper scientific approach. The high level of Master’s paper writing allows to make it the base for PhD dissertation (of course, after some corrections and additional information). Written and defended at a decent level Master’s dissertation is a sign that its author has skills to conduct scientific research and ability to research activities. The main difference between Master’s and PhD dissertation is that Master’s one does not require to conduct your own research. Often it is enough to analyze correctly the necessary literature and regular sources, and also to refer to already written and published works. We also would like to remind you that our online company provides dissertation editing services, which anyone can afford and consequently improve the quality of written paper.

PhD thesis

PhD thesis is the result of postgraduate studies. Its successful defense gives its author the PhD degree. This is a more complex and deeper scientific research comparing with Master’s dissertation and it requires more serious scientific approach. Author of PhD thesis suggests new approach to solving of a certain task in a chosen by him field. And not only theoretically, but having proved it experimentally that approach and solution way of the scientific problem really gives positive results.

On the basis of PhD thesis its author publishes articles in scientific journals that are accredited by the Higher Certification Commission. On its basis the author also prepares a synopsis, in which the work content, its goals and relevance are briefly presented. The size of this type of dissertation is up to 150 pages.

Doctoral thesis

Doctoral thesis is another level after PhD thesis and another stage of academic education. This is the least common type of dissertation researching. It is prepared and defended by candidates of higher scientific degree, i.e. Doctor of Science, and in case of successful defense it gives the right to teach in universities. It is usually written in the process of doctoral studies and it is a volume and deep complex of scientific researches.

Doctoral thesis of high quality is a great achievement whatever field it is written in. This type of dissertation requires much time and work. Its results cover much wider sphere of human activities that PhD thesis. The authors, looking for necessary information, study enormous amounts of literature. Doctoral thesis is kind of a test of maturity in the scientific field that requires skills to conduct scientific researching at a very high level.

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Services we provide

M.B.A. and Ph.D. writers

Academic paper writing is a quite serious matter. If your aim is to get a good grade, then your approach and attitude to it should be serious as well. In turn, we can promise that you will get professional help from our side. Our company hires to work only those experts who have high qualification, appropriate education and experience in this field of activity. Cooperation with us implies unique opportunity to improve the quality of your written work. Our experts will make your paper look competent and professional. Using our website you get the services provided by professional editors, proofreaders and correctors of academic papers. Among other kinds of services, our website provides dissertation writing services at reasonable prices.

Easy and fast

Our company provides day-to-night services. We also will fulfill your order as fast as you need it. Your task is to set the deadline, our task is to do everything on time. There is more, our service provides such an option as “urgent orders” that can be delivered within 12 and 24 hours. All our customers need to know is that we are always here to give you help of the highest quality. Our best essay editing service ensures its customers with the best results.

Online support

Our website provides such a service as “online chat”. You may apply to our supporting team any time. Our highly qualified staff will help you to specify all your paper requirements and make sure that all the demands are fulfilled. Contact us via live support at any time of day and night and any weekday.

Affordable prices

Our company appreciates its customers a lot. Since the major part of our clients is students, and the main goal of our service is to help students, we have set reasonable prices for our services, including dissertation services. Everyone can afford our services. We do not care that much about money, but we do care of providing our clients with qualitative academic papers. Additionally our website offers flexible discounts system and special loyalty programs for our customers.

We do our best to make you feel comfortable here.

Total security

Among many other important things, our experts pay much attention to security and reliability of the services we provide. You can be sure that any information we get from you will be safely kept in our website database. A chance that our customers’ personal data and documents may get into the hand of third parties is excluded by the best technical and IT personnel of our team.

Satisfaction guarantee

You may have no doubt that you will be pleased and satisfied with the results of our work. Our skillful professionals will notice each tiny error at every text level (grammar, punctuation, spelling, stylistics) and correct them in a proper way.

Making an order at our website you will be provided with the best online proofreading and editing services provided by the greatly experienced and skillful experts of academic writing and correction field ( Using our editing and proofreading services to improve your academic paper quality, you will definitely get a top grade.

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