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Essay: writing rules

The most important essay secret is the absence of any strict rules. However, it would be great if you think over the title and if you try to keep and follow the typical text structure, which implies introduction, main part and conclusion. But if you feel that it is too difficult for you to write a good essay, use our essay editing and proofreading website to get the paper of high quality. By the way, it is not necessarily to make introduction and conclusion strictly according to some formal rules. Essay is not an abstract work or an article, so it does not require such typical phrases as “the article is devoted to…”, “I want to tell the readers about…”, “the subject of the work is…”, “I have come to the following conclusions: …” and so on. It is not demanded to use “official” paragraphs, phrases, words that do not have any meaning. Strict structure is also not obligatory here.

However, unfortunately for some students and fortunately for the future readers of our essay on online essay revision this kind of written paper should not look like an incoherent set of words and phrases. The absence of strict rules of essay writing and complete freedom of action do not give you carte blanche to a bad unclear full of factual, logic and spelling errors text. So it is better to adhere to some framework. Anyway, if you decide to write an essay and to revise essay online, use our professional essay editing service. Choose our website for the best result.

Several recommendations for novice essayist or the rules of essay writing

1. Keep in mind essay subject and goal.

You text should correspond to its title or an issue that you raise. Do not go too far in your thinking if the idea does not require it. Too much detailed descriptions, even artistic ones, may have opposite effect and worsen your essay.

2. Specify an approximate size of a work (at your teacher or employer) and adhere to it.

Do not think that they will appreciate if you write tow volume book on “How I came to the medical profession” or “What higher education means for me”. Of course, if you are future Chuck Palahniuk or heir of Nietzsche and you know how to attract the readers with your ideas or story telling, you may take a risk and write 20-30 pages instead of two or three. Do you believe that you are a talented writer? Then go to a library, open any essay of a famous writer or a philosopher and read it. Have not you slept on the first page? Then compare your style with the author’s style. Does your style have obviously lower quality? Write briefly. Those who will read your essay are also people, have a heart! Two or three pages are usually completely enough to reveal the theme fully.

3. Divide the text into paragraphs, add subtitles if necessary, use means of visual formatting.

The time of continuous text passed in the past century. Your ability to keep a single thought within one page paragraph does not care anyone any longer. Such a paragraph will never be read till the very end. Make your text easy and reader-friendly, even if there is only one person who is going to read it.

4. Avoid long introduction.

You usually write for a prepared reader (probably for a person who has given you a topic for essay). It is not necessary to tell about urgency of the problem, importance of its solution for a modern man, do not enumerate the goals and tasks of the essay (as you used to do in an abstract or a course work). Stick to the topic from the very beginning. The same is about conclusion. Do not waist the reader’s time.

5. There should be a structure in your text. At least some structure.

Introduction and conclusion should be present necessarily, even if their size is just about two-three lines. It is important to structure the main part as well. Decide in which part you want to place the main problem, in what part you want to give arguments or descriptions of the problem. The problem and argumentations should be presented in a certain form. The problem can be formulated in the introduction or in the conclusion, or in the middle of the text. It is up to you. The most important thing is to keep the logic and the structure of thoughts presentation.

6. Avoid meaningless information.

There are two types of such information, “technical” and semantic. So called “technical” meaningless information is all the word-parasites, plenty of the introductory phrases and words, in general everything that makes a text difficult to read. Semantic meaningless information is everything that has no meaning, that does not correspond to the set topic and is not required in the text at all. Sometimes it can be very difficult to edit such a text, so try to write close to the topic from the very beginning. However, you can always use our paper editing service to check and improve your essay.

7. Do not write by hand.

Of course, everything can happen. You can be asked to write a brief essay during an interview or a lesson. In this case there is no other way out except to take a shit of paper and start writing. If an essay can be written at home, do not show handwritten text. The excuses like “I do not have a computer” are no longer acceptable. 90% of people now have a laptop, or at least a tablet. If you really have come from a village and you used to write everything by hand since the school years, still there is a way out. Ask someone who has computer and (maybe for some reward) your essay will be typed. Or you can ask someone to give you a laptop and go to the nearest internet café.

8. Use graphic editor and spelling checking.

Word is a friend of any modern person. Make indents in the text, highlight the headers, set the line spacing that makes the text readable. Make sure that you text is pleasant to read. Also pay attention to the check of spelling and punctuation. If you do not have time for spelling check, use our essay corrector online for this purpose. What about punctuation, Word is not always a good helper, and some grammar mistakes can me made even with an autocheck. So before presenting your essay, let a literate person to read it.

9. Reread the text before sending.

It is necessary to delete all the misprints and typos at least. Misprints spoil the text and impression from it.

As you can see essay does not have some specific writing rules. However, it is necessary to follow some recommendations. Also remember that there is always possibility to order essay from professional writers. Essay writing is not that much difficult as it may seem, but it is better to use online essay revision services to be sure about the quality of your essay.

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