Online Grammar Checkers Vs Editing By Human


Grammar checker and human editing

Most systems of text editing have a tool for automatic checking of spelling mistakes, i.e. when one or several letters are written incorrectly in a word. The systems have the following operating principle: a program analyzes each word in a text and looks for the same word in its all words data bases and their possible forms. Obviously online grammar checkers have a lot of advantages, however still there is no program that can completely replace human. Online checkers sometimes (or even often) do not recognize or ignore errors in syntax, stylistics, punctuation and others. That is why usually a text, being checked by a grammar checker, is also checked by a human editor. So in this online grammar checkers and human editing essay we are going to consider what grammar checkers exist, what their functions are, and what pros and cons grammar checkers and editing by human have.

Grammar check program

Grammar check program guarantees that the words in a text will be written correctly (as they are in a dictionary), however it does not protect from the sequence of tenses errors or syntactical errors in a sentence. For example, a sentence “I am read an interesting magazine” is incorrect, but a text editing system will not show the correct variant “I am reading an interesting magazine”. So-called grammar checker program can help to avoid such grammar mistakes in a sentence. The experts of our online essay corrector explain what grammar checkers are, how they operate and share this information with you in this essay on online grammar checkers.

A lot of programs that check spelling mistakes have been already created. However still, as far as it is known, there are no programs that can check grammar errors in a sentence (for fusional or inflected languages, in which a word has many forms), i.e. there are no programs that could check not only spelling errors, but also agreement of cases, genders, numbers and syntax.

Literacy skills or several ways to check a text for errors

A lot of people complain about illiteracy of some individuals, meanwhile they make many grammar mistakes themselves. If you want to improve the situation with the literacy skills, our best professional proofreading service wants to present you several different services and programs for spelling and punctuation checking.

Let’s define the problem

So, what a program or an online service should be able to do?

a) First of all, of course, spell check.

b) Second of all, punctuation check, which by the way not every program or online service provides.

c) Thirdly, a big vocabulary, which contains such words as “blogger”, “service” and so on.

Well, these are three unpretentious requirements. Let’s see, which program or service meet the above mentioned requirements.

Online checking services

The operating principle of the services is simple. You copy text in a special window and press the button “Check”. After checking, a service highlights the words that contain errors. Clicking a word with an error, a service suggests a couple of options of correct words (or incorrect, or shows nothing at all). By the way, are you sure that after checking your text in such a way it will remain unique? No one can guarantee this. Another disadvantage of online services is that their vocabulary is pretty small and limited. Sometimes they do not “know” the easiest words, such as “service”, “blog”, “illiterate” and so on. As we can see, online services do not meet the above mentioned requirements. So let’s consider something else.

Checking programs

1) Spell Checker. This program have not been updated for a long time (the last time was seven years ago), that is why it can not present some special features. Although, the idea of program is good, namely the spelling check “at once”, check of text blocks directly from the buffer and some other features. The biggest drawback of the program is that the setting of this program is really hard procedure. There is no problem to download and install the program. The problem is that additionally you need to find and download special dictionaries for it. Probably, this fact is connected with much outdated software.

2. Orfo 2012. This is the only program that allows to check punctuation and even stylistics. It meets the requirements mentioned previously: it checks spelling, punctuation and has a huge dictionary, even several dictionaries:

  • Thesaurus
  • Synonym dictionary
  • Paronyms Dictionary
  • Etymological dictionary
  • Geographical dictionary

Collection of dictionaries is impressive. In fact, the things are much more interesting. The program is embedded in Microsoft Office package and allows to check spelling and punctuation. The checking looks the same as Word check. And it checks not only Word documents, but also other applications. Have you ever seen a program that checks the spelling in Excel? Naturally, you need to pay for it. It would be strange if such a product was free, but it is worth the money. Besides, it has a lot of different useful things, such as Ortho editor and grammar reference book.

Ortho editor. This is a small text editor that operates on the principle of online services. You copy the necessary text, paste it into the editor window and press the button “Grammar”. After that text check begins.

Grammar reference book. This is a reference book of the main language rules with one interesting feature. There is a possibility to test yourself on the knowledge of the language. Test yourself to see you literacy level.

Spell Checker tolls

Check of spelling helps greatly and facilitates the life of those people who type a lot of texts. It would be much harder to read texts and correct the mistakes without help of machine spelling check. Most redactors, such as Word or OpenOffice Writer support spelling checking, however professionals of our editing service suggest to consider some other separate programs that have similar principle of operation.

Such tools as Spell Checker allow to check the spelling in any program, in which it is possible to type a text. It can be a Notebook or any other text editor without built-in spell checker. Besides, with the help of spell checker you will be able to check any text in messengers, browsers and so on. Some programs are created in the form of browser add-ons and serve to check the spelling in the correspondence on the Internet. Spelling checking may be just a part of all the possibilities of a program along with translation and other functions.

Editing by human or self-editing

Any professional writer will tell that it is important to edit any written paper. You may think that everything is perfect, however there will always be some errors. A lot of people will prefer to use professional editing service rather than edit their work on their own. Also many people prefer to edit by themselves. Let’s see what advantages and disadvantages of editing by human.

Self-editing pros

  • You will manage to save money. Very often papers editing costs a lot, so you will save much money if do it on your own.
  • You will understand better your work. Editing is another opportunity to reread the papers, thus you will understand better what it is written there.
  • You can check yourself once again. Rereading the work you may notice that some arguments or ideas are repeated, something is missed, in some points the style is not appropriate and so on.
  • Spelling and grammar check. You will refresh your knowledge of grammar, punctuation, syntax and stylistics.

Self-editing cons

  • It usually takes a lot of time. If you do it quickly, then probably you will miss a lot of essential errors that there may be.
  • You already understand you work perfectly. You have seen the work for many times, and a fresh look at it will only help you. So anyway you must ask someone to look through your papers.
  • Professional editing services have a huge package of editing tolls, grammar reference guides and so on that can notice and fix the smallest inconsistencies that a human eye will hardly notice.

Online editing services

Each of us working with a computer has to type a text. If you want others to understand you correctly, it is necessary to write grammatically correctly, for example to place the punctuation properly. Sometimes even a single comma can change the whole meaning of a written text.

In general, of course it is convenient to use Microsoft Word program for this purpose, which most computers have by the way. However, sometimes it is necessary to use online services, when for example someone does not have Word on his computer. Such services help to check a text, fix errors and add something that may miss.

There are a lot of good services on text editing online. Most of them have the same operating principle and they usually work quite fast. For example, a text in several paragraphs is checked almost at the same second when you send it. Sentences with spelling, punctuation and other kind of mistakes are usually highlighted with different colours or errors are being underlined. Microsoft Word has almost the same principle.

To check a text all you need is to copy it to the appropriate window and push the button “check”. Of course, it is also possible to type a text using the keyboard. However, these services have drawbacks. For example, one of the most common disadvantages is that it is allowed to check limited number of signs (i.e. limited size of a text). Of course, this is not a very serious and huge disadvantage, because you can divide your text into parts and check each part separately. So in general, it is quite convenient to use online text editing services.

Even the most literate people are not insured from all sorts of errors in a text. More often errors are made when a person hurries up, works with a bid amount of information, because of inattentiveness, in the construction of complex sentences and so on. To minimize the number of mistakes it would be nice to use any spelling check program, such as Microsoft Word, which is considered one of the best programs for spell checking. However, if you do not have Word on your PC or it is outdated, in this case it is better to check the spelling using online services.

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