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Do you need to correct your papers but you do not have time to do it yourself? We know how to make it possible: order professional editing service on our website. Essay Corrector is the best online writing agency that provides professional academic writing services: editing, proofreading, rewriting, writing from scratch. Our experts can also revise your papers, if needed. Professional writers will do everything required to fix your writings and make them outstanding. You will get only the highest grades with our assistance. Our online company can be helpful not only providing top-notch services, but also sharing personal experience and useful tips on various life situations. Thus, within this post, we want to tell what to do when you feel too lazy to learn something but you know you must do it.

What to do when feeling too lazy to learn?

Let’s learn to get rid of laziness. Everyone likes to postpone. There are many things to do and you even have time but still there is no desire to do something. Of course, you look from time to time at the books and mess in your room, recollect that you need to do home assignments and some other businesses, however, you cannot make yourself start doing at least something useful. Gradually doing-nothing becomes your lifestyle, turning you into a will-less idler who does not care for life troubles. You constantly watch TV series, chat with you friends for many hours, browse news feed in social networks. All this is the signs of becoming an idler. Our experts are going to help you overcome it.

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You may start excusing yourself: “I am lazy, I do not have willpower, I cannot discipline myself”. However, maybe it is better to fight laziness rather than admit your weakness? Let’s see what can be done.

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Laziness or procrastination?

In fact, there are two types of idlers. The first one does not worry about doing nothing. The second one is worried, on the contrary, but still looks for the excuses. The first case is pure laziness as it is. The second case is called procrastination, i.e. the tendency to postpone even the most urgent and important businesses.

Many people may think that they belong to the first type, without trying to find the reasons why it is easier to have enough energy to surf the internet instead of reading books. Procrastination is not the lack of some qualities but the inability to use what you have. There are many reasons to procrastinate.

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Reasons for procrastination

1) The fear of hardships. Maybe, you cannot start doing something because you are afraid of hardships. You have stuck with a difficult paragraph and do not have the desire to move forward. Or you do not begin fulfilling some task that you think will be very difficult. It often makes us procrastinate.

2) The fear of failure. It is quite probable that you are afraid of failure. You are afraid of doing something wrong. It is curious that the opposite situation can also stop you: the fear of success or it is better to say the fear of its consequences.

3) The lack of the essentials. People often cannot do something because they lack the necessary resources: a computer does not work well, you cannot find where to buy a required book, etc. Also, we can add here the disadvantages of the environment, i.e. an uncomfortable chair or armchair, annoying noise, or depressing silence.

4) Problems at school. The problems with the teachers or professors affect the motivation to study. Especially, in the cases when you cannot build a good relationship with a professor, who conducts the classes on an interesting and important for you subject. For instance, how can you read a book on chemistry when you think about the conflicts with your teacher all the time?

5) Multitasking. It also happens that the simultaneous competing tasks make you procrastinate. They require attention as well, and distract a lot. When getting ready for an important math test, it is hard to find some spare time to read a couple of paragraphs on another subject. Even if you make yourself do it, your thoughts will turn to the responsible test all the time. Study the rules of time management that will help you finish every task you start.

6) Stress. Sadness, fear, private life problems, money difficulties: all this distracts from dealing with the businesses. The same is about happiness that can remove any thoughts from your head.

7) Health problems. Our productivity is also influenced negatively by the physical factors: disease, fatigue, hunger. Only having got rid of them completely, you can get your motivation back.

8) Mess in the world around. The geopolitical factors can also distract. We can feel upset because of some sad or negative events in the country or in the world, in general.

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How to fight procrastination

So what to do if procrastination does not let you live your regular life and does not allow you to study or do other important things?

Let us calm you down: all the mentioned reasons are conforming to the laws of nature. It is okay to procrastinate from time to time. However, if it becomes your habit, it is necessary to take the appropriate measures. The more mentioned reasons fit you, the more aspects block your activity. Procrastination should not be confused with laziness. If you ask yourself: “Why am I lazy?”, you will eventually come up to one of the reasons. Laziness is not a disease but symptom.

Now you can take a sheet of paper and pen, reread all the mentioned reasons, and write down the factors that have impact on you. After that, go ahead! You know now what makes you procrastinate, and it means that you can fight the process of becoming an idler. Do not think that it is not something significant: it is easy to give up your dreams, but it is almost impossible to revive them later. That is why do not let it happen and ask our experts to assist you:

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How to build good relationships with teachers

As we have mentioned previously, one of the procrastination reasons is bad relationships with the teachers. Now we want to tell how to build good relationship with them. Let’s resolve “teacher / professor – student” conflict together.

When you have chosen what you want to be and which college to enter, you focus completely on the improvement of your grades. Educational courses, tutors, independent work, and self-preparation take much time, making other assignments look less important. This is the time when problems with the teachers begin because everyone demands to pay much attention to his (or her) subject. How to meet halfway? We are going to answer this question.

“I am going to be a lawyer so I do not need math, chemistry, or biology”. Well, such a thought seems pretty logic, when a high school student has chosen his (her) future specialty. Unfortunately, the teachers who conduct the mentioned lessons (i.e. match, chemistry, and biology) will not treat such an approach positively. It means that the relationships with them may get worse significantly. What to do in this case?

Have a constructive dialogue with a teacher. Forget about irritation and anger, speak politely and confidently. If the reason for disliking is the missed lessons, ask what you can do to fix it. If you have failed a written assignment or got a low grade for undone homework, demonstrate the desire to redo them.

The recipe for success is the respect to a teacher and formulation of goals based on the teacher’s position: “I want to catch up because I care for your subject”, “I will redo the assignment at any time that suits you”. There is a high chance that your teacher will go to concessions.

If you are not going to bend over to get a good grade, do not be afraid to tell your teacher about this, but do it very carefully and politely. No one will give you high grades for nothing, however, a teacher can understand your situation and lower the demands a bit. Learn to resolve conflicts as a true diplomat. This skill will come in handy in any profession, whatever you will choose.

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Homework in 2 hours

Doing home assignment guarantees that you can have good relationships with your teachers. Also, sometimes you just want to cope with everything as soon as possible and start doing something you really want. Do you often dream about it? Naturally, the fastest way is to ask the specialists to do your assignments for you: However, we also know another way. Home assignments can be done quickly and competently. We want to share some secret tricks on how to do homework in about 2 hours.

  • First, write down all the tasks that you need to do for tomorrow.
  • Then, count how much time homework on every subject will take.
  • Now proceed with the fulfillment of the tasks.

We advise to begin with the most difficult subjects and finish with the easiest. “Eat the frogs” and follow other time management rules. In order not to get tired quickly, alternate written tasks with spoken exercises.

If you have volume homework, try to do it in several days. Thus, you will manage to avoid studying at night. If you have a task to read a short story or several chapters, you can do if before sleep.

By the way, if you do not want to spend time after classes, you can do the assignments at school / college, or at least some share of your tasks. This is a reliable way to learn the theory better and, in addition, there is a teacher close to you so he (she) can explain everything you do not understand well.

When doing homework, try not to get distracted. Arrange temporary digital detox: remove all the gadgets and mute the notifications. Of course, do not forget to have a rest. Take breaks so that your brain could rest. Also, do a couple of physical exercises, it is very useful.

Having finished with the assignments, put all the necessary books, notebooks, and other items in your bag. It would be very sad if you forget everything you have done at home.

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