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Essay: “composition” for adults

We are taught how to write essays since childhood and school years. Probably, you did not even know about that, but those free theme compositions, which many people had to write (for example, “How I usually spend my day”, “What I want to be”, “What meaning happiness has” and so on) were a novice essayist’s first attempt at writing. It may be even the very first experience, which a person probably has in the life. Have you ever heard about the rules of essay writing? Have you studied and learnt them? If yes and if you follow them, then there should not be met any difficulty with a task to write an essay. However, before getting acquainted with the rules, it is necessary to understand what the essence of an essay is and how to compose it. Essay building is an urgent issue for students especially, who are often told to write essays on various topics. Since we understand how much important it is, experts of our paper editing website present you useful information on competent essay writing. Also proofreading for students and other kinds of written works editing services are provided by our professional essay writers.

So, in French “essai” means “feature article, attempt, try”. This word comes from the Latin “exagium” what means “weighing”. Essay is defined as a genre of prose, in particular genre of philosophical, journalistic, literary critical or historical-biographical. Essay is directly called “composition” (in a wide meaning of the word) or is also called “feature article”. As it is seen, the main key signs of an essay are emphasized by all the definitions. The signs are subjectivity, freedom of form and individual interpretation.

Main essay features

1. Small size. It is up to you whether to write several (two-three) or ten pages. What is demanded from an essayist is to reveal a theme, and of course there is no need to create a whole epopee, essay readers will not appreciate your labour and efforts.

2. Free form. An essay can be written even in the spoken language (colloquial). This type of written paper (of course, we are talking about essay) does not make bids for scientific nature. There can be missed an introduction part. Also conclusion may be absent. By the way, it is not obligatory to divide a text into parts (such as paragraphs, chapters and so on). An essayist has the right to build a text absolutely freely, basing on his creativity with regard to stylistic. However, it would be better not to use slang, also errors in speech should not be made, especially, if you are a student of the philology faculty. In order to avoid speech mistakes use our check paper website, which guarantees professional help of high quality.

3. Particular subject, to which an essay is devoted. Of course, any subject may be chosen. The topics may vary between such themes as “What occupation am I dreaming about” (you probably remember suchlike essays, don’t you?) and others like “The main reason for problems with employment of a young job seekers”. If your major target is to be published in a local newspaper, a certain issue should be chosen. If you write an essay on a given topic, then this very topic must be revealed (unfortunately the main line is often lost and students write about something else pretty abstract and not clear).

4. Subjectivity. What is the most important? Today it is considered that the personality of an author is the most valuable. Remember that you do not have such a task as to convince others and make them recognize you as absolute truth. What you do is just presentation of your thoughts. And there is no person that pushes you to reveal the topic fully, or describe precisely everything in details.

5. Novelty. Add “a new word” to the subject that seems to be already well studied. Keep in mind that this “word” must be yours. Readers do not want to read common truth. Believe us, they are sick and tired from “university is my second home”, “my biggest dream is world peace” and other suchlike phrases.

6. Honesty. Fixate what thoughts, feelings, mind and emotions on the theme arise in you. Of course, if you hate the place where you study, or the purpose is to get a job in a famous corporation just because of money and other bonuses, then mock honesty that you try to show hardly will be evaluated. Readers are more eager to read the subjective point of view than false odes dedicated to unclear themes.

Whom essays are written for?

Let’s not take into consideration the essay of publicists, philosophers, doctors (Ph.Ds) and writers. It is necessary to gain much experience before starting to write really highly professional essays. Students are often demanded at the university to compose an essay as a test work and job seekers are wanted to write it as an interview alternative. In such a way, very often the only one and the main reader is a professor or an employer.

What in an essay is estimable?

Such an ability as formulation of competent thoughts and unmistakable writing is very good, of course. There is more, it is something taken for granted. Maybe, an employer will pretend that he does not notice two-three mistakes. But a text written “hit or miss”, even without being checked in Word, will hardly characterize you in a positive way.

Form and style of an essay is not the most essential features. Of course, employer may like the creativity. However, if a text contains copybook maxims only, all your efforts will be in vain. Take care of the content. Inner world of an essayist (his ideas, feelings, minds, emotions) interests a reader. This is the reason for writing an essay. This is the biggest and major goal you have.

Essay gives characteristic to you and your personality, skills, temper and features. A neat handwriting (if a text is written by hand), absence of mistakes and a perfect style will characterize you as a responsible and plodding person. An unusual form will show your creativity. Your sharp mind, logic and the ability to concentrate can be shown through a clear structure and consistent presentation of thoughts. And finally a bit of negative will present an employer your honesty and courage.

Is it worth to learn how to write essay and how to do it correctly?

Sometimes it may seem weird if someone can not compose an essay on a particular subject. Nevertheless, such things often happen. If at school you used to order or copy all your compositions from the internet, then an essay may seem an unattainable pinnacle to you. However, do not become sad. Write it in such a way as if you write, for example, for a blog. Reread it, fix if there is something needed to be fixed, and ask or make someone of your close ones check it. There is other option, in particular you may use our paper editor online service, which provides high quality proofreading (and not only) for students.

It can be acceptable to order an essay only in those cases when you face the lack of time ( or if the subject causes boredom). Unfortunately, essay is not always properly read. Sometimes written works are demanded “for show”. However, such written works give wonderful opportunity to learn, they allow to gain experience, because in the future the ability to express the thoughts competently will be very useful for you.

Essay: kinds of works

Some essays we read with pleasure in a magazine or other kind of publication. Others we just look through and can not remember even a word. Besides, certain kinds of written works later become literary monuments. The author’s talent does not always define the value of a paper. A large part of success depends on a topic that is revealed in an essay and whom it is written for.

There are a lot of essay kinds. For example, there are spiritually religious, philosophical, literary, critical, artistic, and historical essays. According to the form essays are divided into lyrical miniatures, letters, notes, reviews. According to the manner of presentation there are descriptive and narrative, analytical and critical essays, essays-illustrations, classifications and others.

We are going to discuss the types of essays according to the presentation manner.


An essay-description, obviously, describes any kind of object, whether it is existent or nonexistent. Consequently, it may be a cloud, a table, goods, wild animals, a crowd of people, a picture, a song and so on. In short, anything what can be described. Naturally, you need to present the outward features of an object you choose. And at the same time, and it has more importance, the main task is to present your attitude, thoughts, understanding, emotions that this object causes. Since we are talking about description essay, critics and analysis can not be present in it. And subjectivity of course exists. Subjectivity is usually expressed in details, which you pay the most attention to, in the essay emotional colouring and word combination style. There is also description essay subtype. It is a process description. It implies description in a chronological order of any process or actions. However, text does not contain conflict.


Action, again action, and once again only action! If events are chronologically presented, it means we deal with narrative. What “narrative” implies? Almost any text or a story, in which important events or something else is presented. Narrative has several key elements (parts). They are complication of events, culmination and denouement. Another obligatory component is a conflict.


The main goal of this kind of essay is to reveal some notion. For this purpose you can use the elements of narrative, description, illustration, analytics and so on.


Well, in some way this essay on proofreading for students can be called essay-classification. To create classification, it is necessary to have at least a couple of items (notions). Classification can help to study deeper the chosen topic.


Writing classification essay, you dismember a concept. Writing comparison one you take other similar concept, draw parallels, and thus you try to find similarities, common points and differences


Here the things are pretty obvious. Essay-illustration demands to prove any statement. For this purpose you need to look for examples, select appropriate ones and give them. It is important that examples should really prove your words.


If an essay-illustration you give examples, then in en essay-argumentation you present facts that prove your statement. It is important to build these facts logically. Here, unlike illustration, an author makes an emphasis and focuses on the rational part, and not emotions.

Causal analysis

Cause → consequence. This pair can become a grounding for an essay. This essay type requires facts analysis. It is not allowed to present just bare facts and statements. The steps of analysis must be presented as a logical chain.

As you can see, there are many different kinds of goals a text may have, as well as different types of structure. Genre and manner of presentation are formed by the text goals. So since you are probably already acquainted with various kinds of genres and presentation manner, it will not be difficult to compose an essay and write it competently.

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