Proofreading VS Editing: Definition And Difference


Proofreading vs editing

Each author, who deals with writing in the call of duty or by force of any circumstances that don’t depend on him, know that before a correct, laconic, and excellently composed text is ready, first it should get through several stages. Even the poor writers know that such a long-awaited product as the finished content is a mixture of energy-demanding and time-consuming processes: writing, editing, and proofreading. If nobody needs to be explained what writing is, the next two stages are not always properly understood. That’s the main reason why editing procedure usually awakes fear in the eyes of people. As soon as they hear about a necessity to inspect the text for errors and paraphrase the certain abstracts of it, nearly all the inexperienced authors start panicking terribly.

If you are an inexperienced student or a blogger, who is just at the start of his career and who doesn’t have enough practice in creating fine and error-free content for his posts, if you are a PhD candidate, who is in need of perfect dissertation paper, or you are a novice book writer, there is only one rational solution for you. You should start thinking about not only how to finish your scribbling quicker but how to polish it then to make it more attractive and readable for your judges. prepared a perfect article for you to dispel all the myths about two processes, which are usually confused with each other. We tried to answer the next questions: Are editing and proofreading really the different procedures? What are the main points, which make them unlike? When it is better to use each of them to reach the superfine result? We are pretty sure that when you finish reading, you will understand that there is nothing bad in being supported by the specialists in improving of the content.

Editing: Primary Stage

Editing and proofreading are usually accepted as one and the same process, though they are not. The publishers, who are engaged in typography, know that the edited text is not a document, which is ready to be printed and displayed to readers. Without proofreading the document is not valid. Isn’t it clear enough for you to decide which one of these services you need more to apply to your paper? Let’s go further!

You have just finished your last sentence and the full stop has been put. You have taken a look at the result of your sleepless nights. Do you feel that your text is not fluent enough and the number of awkward sentences spoil the general picture? If you want your content to become ideal and the readers to get an opportunity to enjoy the fluidity of your eloquence, nobody but a freelance editor is able to help you. Although you want your text to undergo some changes, be ready that editor won’t spare your creation and the whole sentences or even paragraphs may be deleted or paraphrased beyond recognition. Any professional editor won’t turn a blind eye to the spelling errors, which your text contains, though his main aim is to clarify the contradictory moments, liquidate the ambiguities, and add some more sense to the meaningless sentences.

Proofreading: No Error Unmentioned!

You get your edited document back, though you see that you need a bit more bright effect. You want one more pair of eyes to look through the text and find all the hidden mistakes, that weren’t noticed by the editor by force of certain circumstances. If you want your content to be revised one more time and undergo the more detailed analysis, proofreader knows what to do in such a case!

Proofreading is the process of repeated examining of the text after it has already been edited. The task of every proofreader is to find all the remained spelling errors, missed punctuation marks, and even the smallest grammar mistakes. A good proofreader must find them and liquidate immediately!

A lot of people are sure that it is possible to clean off the document with no outer help and pay no money for such a needless service, though you may be sure that if you are not super good at languages or your literacy is not perfect, a professional proofreader may substitute you better than anybody else. A good proofreader is usually compared with a microscope, under which a text is put. He will leave no error unmentioned! Can’t you believe that such experts exist anywhere and it is easy to hire them? EssayCorrector is the place, where only the best specialists in editing and proofreading are gathered! Choose any of them and you will be satisfied with the proposed solutions to all your problems.

Making Content Better

In summary it may be said once again: editing and proofreading are the different procedures, though both these processes are oriented to improve the finished text’s quality. Professional editor can paraphrase your text and rewrite it at his will, make your document better understandable and clearer, and revitalize the content with some vivid phrases.

When a proofreader starts working, your text will become even more grammatically correct. All the spelling mistakes will be caught, and all the punctuation marks will take their places. After your text is proofread, the guarantees to be given positive comments and high marks for your work, start getting higher.

If you still don’t know which expert to hire for yourself and where it is safer to do this, EssayCorrector is ready to propose you its services. The fairest and the most professional company, which is engaged in polishing of the academic papers, invites the students to become its new clients.

No charlatans, no pseudo-specialists, and no overestimated prices. Our clients are always satisfied with the quality of written product, which we give them, and their feedback is always positive. If you want to get acquainted with all the clients’ comments, you are welcome to our website! We just want to say that all of our visitors and guests, all our clients and friends say thanks to our editors and proofreaders for a job well done.  

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