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Does thesis scare you? Do not be embarrassed to admit it. It scares literary everyone. We suggest that you do not torture yourself: let us do your thesis. Our writers are competent and experienced. We have already created and delivered thousands of papers. Now there are many orders in progress and our professional team works day-and-night to do everything right and deliver every paper on time. Timely delivery is guaranteed to every customer. Top-notch quality is another guarantee of our site. Low-cost prices and available discounts are the cherry on the cake. Get thesis editing services for cheap at Order to create or edit your thesis paper and enjoy the result.

UK thesis editor reveals the errors when writing a thesis paper

In order to create a good thesis, it is not enough just to know well the process or work skillfully with the sources. It is important to understand that the text of thesis matters a lot to a teacher because, based on it, he (or she) will conclude on whether a student has learned the required material. Also, a thesis grade often influences the further destiny of a student.

The first step is to select a topic

Usually, the teachers prepare the lists of topics for the thesis papers. It is necessary to approach the selection correctly. For instance, most students do not think much and choose the easiest topic (at least it seems simple). They are also guided by the desire to finish with their thesis as soon as possible. This is not right because, if you do not choose a topic correctly, you will hardly manage to create a good paper. Luckily, our experts can do everything for you:

It is always better to choose a topic that is familiar to you. For instance, you could hear information about it at the lectures or seminars. It will allow you to create a brief work plan easily and select the sources for thesis writing. It may happen that you will want to change a topic a little. Of course, it is not forbidden but do not forget to discuss and agree the changes with your supervisor.

Another useful recommendation is to choose such topics that look interesting. You will be fully immersed in the writing of such a paper. You will also pay attention to the fact that such a thesis will be written more easily and quickly. If you are not sure which topic can interest you, the lectures will help decide. So do not miss them.

Do you appreciate professionalism&

Get thesis statement help to create a correct thesis plan

A thesis paper is a whole project. As well as any project, it starts with the creation of a plan. It will be easier to write if first you get a competent structured plan. You can change it when creating your thesis but, in general, this should be the list of points that can be the titles of the chapters of your future work.

In order to make up a plan, follow these rules:

  • state the main idea of a chapter as briefly as possible;
  • use your logic when creating the points of a plan;
  • every point should be connected with each other;
  • think carefully about what you are going to write in every point;
  • divide the plan into sections and subsections;
  • do not forget to include the introduction and conclusion in your plan.

If you need to defend your thesis in let’s say May or June, you need to be completely ready with your text already in April so that you could have the chance to get prepared for the defense. Also, consider the fact that, before the defense, your paper will be checked and it will probably need changes and corrections. Naturally, you need to have some spare time to do all this.

Thesis writing and defense plan

The simplest and most convenient for you plan looks like this:

  • in the second semester, you already should know your topic;
  • in four months, you should have the sources for writing your paper;
  • it is necessary to make up a plan and agree it with your supervisor;
  • after that, an introduction should be written;
  • the next stage is to write the main part of work, most likely, it will be a draft that will require many corrections;
  • then, the conclusions are written;
  • the last phase is to show the results of your hard work to your supervisor.

As a rule, a supervisor needs about a week to check it and make the remarks. You will also have about a week to consider the remarks and fix everything in your paper. After that, you give your thesis to your supervisor again. Thus, after several checks, when thesis is fixed and formatted according to the standards, it is allowed to print and file it. If you do not know how to format your paper correctly, the best experts of our online agency shall do it for you with pleasure:

What should not be done when writing thesis

If it seems that a thesis paper is perfect, at first sight, but you have not made the main checks yet, you need to understand that it is necessary to follow some rules and basic criteria when writing. Do not be naïve that you can do everything on your own, without consulting with your supervisor or following the set standards. Sometimes, due to some reasons, you may not want to ask someone you know for help. In this case, the best way out is to appeal to our qualified specialists and ask for their professional assistance and advice. You can do it completely confidentially. We follow a strict privacy policy that allows our clients to feel safe and secured.

Write us “edit my thesis” and our experts will check it for plagiarism, in addition

Text uniqueness is the first parameter that your supervisor will check. You must understand that your supervisor, as well as you, has some standards to follow and he (or she) can be also checked anytime for following the requirements. For sure, you realize that it is not allowed to copy the ready works from the internet and pretend that they are yours. This fact will be easily revealed and proved. Even the source (or several sources), which you have copied to create your paper, will be found.

Usually, the allowed uniqueness of a text is 70% at least. However, you should study the requirements of your educational establishment because they may be different. Also, the uniqueness percent may depend on the subject, on which you create a thesis paper. For instance, for the technical specialties, the percent of uniqueness is usually not very high, meanwhile, theoretical bases require a pretty high uniqueness, up to 90%. There are many online services to check the uniqueness rate, and it is better to use several of them to compare the results and be more or less sure about their accuracy.

Keep proportionality in the text

This parameter supposes that it is necessary to follow the text proportions. For sure, you understand that the main theoretical part should be the most volume and divided into the chapters, at the same time. The volume of the chapters should be approximately equal, and it is required to follow the same logic when writing. Since you will have to work with a big amount of information, it may happen that you distribute its meaning disproportionately. So in order to avoid such a problem, it is necessary to follow the created plan carefully. Also, before you start creating thesis, you need to make a brief description of every plan point. Thus, you will see and understand what to write about in every thesis chapter.

If you need to expand any chapter but you do not know how it can be done, the best option is to give the examples. It can be quotation, the mind of the author of some source you use, graphics use, etc. The main rule to follow is to try to have the same number of pages or paragraphs in every chapter.

English thesis correction: we know what exactly to fix

Now you are aware of the thesis creation process more or less and have learned a couple of secrets and tricks. However, you can get much more if you turn to our specialists and ask them for help with thesis. When cooperating with our experts, you are guaranteed to get the services of the best quality, professional advice and consultation. We respect every customer and keep privacy. We really want to help and support you with your thesis because we know how hard it can be. Rely on us: we do care for you!

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