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Are you looking for high quality thesis editing and proofreading? Do you know where to get them at a low price? The best academic paper writing services are provided on our website. When you are not sure that you can do some academic paper yourself, when you lack time, when you just do not feel like doing it, we are right there to give you a hand. You can order as many services and as much often as you need because our prices are the cheapest and discounts are provided, in addition, so everyone can afford our professional assistance. Thesis proofreading is among the most demanded services because it is extremely hard to do it on one’s own. It requires special knowledge and experience. Our experts have everything needed to provide thesis proofreading of the highest quality.

Dissertation proofreader shares the secrets of how to create a thesis paper without plagiarism

Thesis is an official indicator of what a student has been doing during a year (or even several years). It is always carefully checked according to all the requirements. In order to get the highest grade, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the content but also to the uniqueness of text.

What plagiarism and text uniqueness are

Having taken a book in our hands, we can say that it is a unique work that belongs to some particular author. Copying the data from it without any changes, we engage in plagiarism. Minimum 50% of the text should be unique. There are many online services that will help check your work for plagiarism. It usually takes just a couple of minutes. Such services will highlight the non-unique fragments of a text and present the list of the sites that contain this data. Plagiarism check is the procedure that you need to conduct every time when a new chapter is created. Also, it would be great to ask a professional proofreader to check every chapter:

PhD thesis proofreading company perfectly knows how to avoid plagiarism

In order to create a thesis paper without plagiarism, it is necessary to be patient and attentive to the details. It is possible to cheat a teacher, having changed the word order in the sentences, but a specialized program will easily reveal such a trick. So it is necessary to follow the basic rules.

1. Before you start creating your thesis, get acquainted with the guidance on thesis paper writing. Ask your teacher to give it to you or go to the library. It will help understand what exactly should be written, to what points pay a special attention, etc. If you start with the search on the internet at once, you will definitely find some similar work and, after that, it will be hard to ignore it and write in your own way. Having seen a ready plan, it will become the grounding of your future work and, in this case, it will be more difficult to struggle with plagiarism.

2. Now it is time to find the main books and articles on your topic. Notice the text fragments that you will need or you think they may come in handy later. Thus, you will see what you already have, where your work has weak points, and so on. Use the internet just to look for the sources, i.e. books and articles, and not to get ready works. Only true books will assist with writing a thesis paper without plagiarism. However, not only the books but our thesis rewriter with zero plagiarism ensures the papers of a stunning quality:

3. It would be great to use the latest editions. There are many books and monographs that are not available on the internet yet. It is allowed to use information they contain but it is better not to copy too much because teachers are always aware of the latest novelties and can notice familiar paragraphs.

4. It also would be nice to ask your supervisor for help more often. He (or she) can add more useful ideas that will help improve the text uniqueness.

5. The introduction and conclusion should be written by you. These are two major parts of your work, and the examination board always pays much attention to them.

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Ask us “check my thesis” and, additionally, we will advise how to redo plagiarism into unique text

The question about how to create a paper without plagiarism concerns every student and it becomes especially relevant when it is required to make a new written paper from a ready one. There are a couple of good tips that will help.

1. Rewrite a ready work with your own words. Of course, the process is long but there is nothing you can do about it. It is necessary to change a plan, reformulate its points. After that, deal with every chapter and change the text. Some parts can be removed at all. If there are long quotes, cut them because they can reduce the uniqueness.

2. Use various sources. Try to combine information taken from several works. A specialized program (one of those we have been talking about previously) can show a high percent of uniqueness and point at a site that maintains a similar paper. Pick out at least a dozen of papers (abstracts and articles). Thesis created without plagiarism is always the guarantee that a student has made much effort.

3. Replace the words with their synonyms. The internet can help with this as well. However, you risk damaging your paper because the meaning will be greatly changed and distorted. So it is better to use a dictionary where you can check the exact meaning of a word at once.

4. Insert your thoughts. Even if you do not know much about your topic, having read a chapter, you will definitely have your own thoughts that can be added to your work. Write additional conclusions after every chapter. Such a method will not only increase the uniqueness rate, but also will be praised by your supervisor.

Plagiarism in thesis is the guarantee of a low grade. It can become the reason that a student is not allowed to defend his (her) thesis. In order to make your text high-quality, check it using special programs all the time. Rewrite the highlighted fragments. Thus, step by step, you will manage to create a classy thesis paper. However, you should understand it will take really much time. If you want to save it, delegate this task to our professional team of qualified thesis writers and proofreaders.

Thesis statement proof reading service knows why adherence to standards is important

This criterion is the most difficult according to students. Not everybody understands the necessity and importance of adherence to the rules set by state or university / college standards. Many students do not think it is necessary to indent correctly, use the same type and font size, as well as the required text format. This is the biggest mistake of many students. Even if the content corresponds to the set demands and criteria but formatting is not correct, such a paper should be fixed more.

The basic standards are presented in the thesis writing guidance that you can get from your supervisor, in the library or the dean’s office. If you find the guidance yourself on a university website, for instance, pay attention to the year of edition. Also, there can be links to the updated manuals. It happens when the main text has not changed but there are some corrections that should be considered.

Do not neglect the standards. This is a really essential parameter. If due to some reason the requirements are not clear to you, you can turn to your supervisor and ask for help and clarification. He (or she) cannot refuse to help, and also, take into consideration that there are fixed dates for consultations. Do not miss them and try to benefit as much as possible, while you have such a chance.

Buy cheap proofreading services online and get more than expected

Now you know that it is possible to create a plagiarism free thesis paper yourself. However, it is a really difficult and time-consuming process. Do not let it interfere with your life but let us do everything needed for you. We will provide you with an exclusive first-class quality paper. When you collaborate with our experts, you get professional services from certified specialists. Your order will be delivered on time. Place your order now and get a pleasant bonus from our team. In addition, we offer you to read these posts to benefit more:

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