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Internatization has already penetrated into all spheres of our life and educational one hasn’t been avoided the changes. More and more students decide in favor of online courses instead of visiting the real ones. Such a preference is not accidental: getting of high education online reduces an array of problems, which arise in front of the foreign students, who come from another cities and countries. Online studying solves the main problem – living in campus and spending pretty sums of money on the tickets back to home.

Do you like an idea of becoming an online student? Have you already decided to begin the online course? The next step is to choose the university, where you will be given the most full and the most comfortable terms. For those, who are sure that it is not very simple, Google has conducted the experiment and has already gathered the data of the most frequently searched schools throughout the globe. What are the parameters, which young men pay more attention to while making the choice? If you have no desire to go too deeply into the details and you want your time to be economized, Google’s specialists facilitated the process of looking for the high schools, which are better adapted for conducting the online lessons. The results of Google’s investigations will help you to navigate better and quicker through the Internet and find the university, which fits you more than others.

Even if it seems that a good university searching is an extremely easy thing, global search engine Google has already proved that there are a lot of factors, which should be taken into account while deciding between the high schools. What are the aspects, which the students pay more attention to? The content, which is presented at the university’s website, plays the most important role while deciding which school to apply for, so be attentive!

Which One to Choose

Let’s waste no time and look through the list of the most popular universities among the online applicants.

  1. University of Phoenix. The American for-profit institution is situated in Arizona. It is rich in various programs for the students. Despite the fact that a lot of the applicants wait a lot from this university, there is still a great number of those, who are not satisfied with the education process’s organization here.
  2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a private school, which is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It proposes students to get diploma in various directions: science, technology, and many other in-demand fields.
  3. Open University is a popular British distance school, the students’ number of which makes it one of the largest universities of the world.
  4. University of Calicut is considered to be one of the best Indian high schools. It has strong faculty in Computer Science, Technology, Statistics, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, Biotechnology, Psychology, and in many other courses.
  5. University of California, which is in Los Angeles. The university, where Leo DiCaprio and Marilyn Monroe studied, still attracts thousands of applicants annually. It is really large and prestigious. It is simply great!
  6. Anna University. Are you going to get a good technical education? This Indian university proposes its applicants to get profound knowledge in engineering and technology.
  7. Stanford University is among the most prestigious world known high schools. Nobel laureates and famous political and business leaders are among its greatest alumni.
  8. London School of Economics and Political Science is innovative research institution. It proposes its students a great amount of Bachelor and PhD degrees programs.
  9. Columbia University, which is located in New York, is among the oldest high schools in the USA. It was established in 1754. Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt, Barack Obama, and many other great alumni studied here.
  10. New York University is among top 35 best universities of the world. This title makes its extra adorable by the graduates, though not everybody is so lucky to enter it.
  11. University of Mumbai is in top 3 best universities of India. It has the powerful courses for Bachelors, Masters and Doctors in very many disciplines.
  12. University College London is old and prestigious. It comprises 11 faculties, among which are Brain Sciences, Historical Sciences, Laws, and many others. UCL has always been a real cradle of scientific discoveries and it seems that it will always be so powerful.  
  13. University of Oxford started giving lessons in 1096. It is the second oldest university in the world and among its alumni are the Olympic champions, political leaders, poets and Nobel Prize winners.
  14. Florida State University is a multi-discipline institution, where it is possible to get knowledge in business, journalism, and medicine.
  15. Harvard University that is situated in Cambridge, the USA, is known to everybody. It is old, prestigious, and the quality of knowledge, which is given here, causes no doubts.
  16. University of Cambridge is the fourth oldest school in the world and the second one in the English-speaking world. Its specialization is wide and the professionalism of teaching stuff here is indisputable.
  17. Liberty University is a perfect American private university, which is situated in Virginia, and where it is possible to get a profound knowledge in any direction you want.
  18. University of Rajasthan. This old Indian university is situated in Jaipur. Faculty of Arts, Science, Commerce, Law, Technology, Social Sciences, Business Administration, and many others are here.
  19. University of Michigan has become the largest high school in America long ago and it is still among the top-rated universities of the great country.
  20. Annamalai University is among the largest Indian institutions. The distance education courses, which it offers to its online students, impress all those, who have decided to get knowledge via the Web.
  21. University of Pennsylvania. This old and great university is still the biggest dream of a pretty number of graduates. This university is considered to be with a very high research activity, where a lot of innovative developments are converted into life.
  22. Georgia Institute of Technology. It is one of few universities, which has special offers for students from not rich families. It allows those, who are smart but have no money, to get high education on special terms.
  23. Princeton University. The great number of its alumni is so famous all over the world that there is no need to praise this intuition highly. The facts speak for themselves.
  24. Yale University. Are you such a lucky fellow that you entered Yale University? You are great then and your future promises to be fascinating! This institution prepares successful graduates only.
  25. University of North Carolina is among the oldest public universities in America. It was established in 1795 and it is still a good place to get the diploma of a quality specialist in any field., which procured you with such useful info, is sure that now it won’t be difficult for you to choose any institution for yourself. We are pretty sure that this top-list reflects the main advantages of each school, which you should be acquainted with at the early stage. Are you afraid that you are not smart enough to study in one of them? Don’t panic! Our specialists know how to solve even the most complicated students’ problems in two clicks! With us you will cover any distance easily!

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