Why Ignorance Of Punctuation Makes You Silly


Are you afraid of starting your next essay writing because you don’t know where to put the punctuation marks? Don’t you want to look like a fool in your professor’s eyes and because of this you are shaking with fright? EssayCorrector.org will make an attempt to allay your anxiety.    

Illiterate World: Expanding Problem of Our Century

Just several years ago students in their schools were taught how to construct the sentences properly and how to use the punctuation marks in them so that the meaning of each phrase was taken rightly. It is hardly possible to imagine the pages of the text, which has no commas or full stops. Do you agree that such an abracadabra resembles more an absurdity than a text? Everybody knows that all the words must be separated into sentences, clauses, and different phrases to make the meaning of each new thought clear. It seems that such a rule should be known to every person, though today the problem of correct usage of the punctuation marks is getting larger and larger. The students’ written essays impress with their senselessness. Is it possible that those, who are getting higher education and trying to get their science degrees, are so ignorant?

The linguists clutch their heads in panic: what will the language look like if such a tendency is preserved? The problem of the students’ ignoring of punctuation marks in their written works is of international dimensions and it is observed not only in the particular country. It is the universal epidemic, which should be stopped the sooner, the better. Today EssayCorrector.org is trying to understand all the details of this issue.

In such a case the question about a necessity to subject the students’ papers to microscopic editing and proofreading is not essential anymore. All the texts should be proofread to find not only the misspelled words and grammatical deviations, but to liquidate the punctuation gap in them.

You won’t be surprised if we say that the negligence of the written procedure’s rules influences the status of the author not well. Don’t you want your reputation to be hurt and your marks for your written assignment to be lowered? Here are the most widespread mistakes, which are committed by the careless students. Look through them carefully, keep them in your mind, and try never to commit them in your essays.

Common Errors that Should Be Avoided in Writing

  1. Improper usage of apostrophe. Every Englishman knows: apostrophe is used to form contraction such as ‘It’s my life’ or to show the possession such as ‘Mom’s eyes are kind.’ Although it seems that this rule is super easy to apply practically, a lot of English learners make a really terrible error: they use apostrophe to form the plural form of the nouns. Remember that plurals need no apostrophe at all!
  2. Comma splice. Do you need to separate two independent clauses that are in one sentence? If an idea to put comma between them visits you, first, you should put a conjunction between them. Otherwise, split the sentence into two parts. It will be wrong to do something like this, ‘I want an ice-cream, I will buy it right now.’ It is better to write, ‘I want an ice-cream, and I will buy it right now’, or ‘I want an ice-cream. I will buy it right now.’
  3. Misuse of quotation marks. Just remember that quotation marks are used only to quote another person’s speech. Sometimes they may be used by the author to show the irony of the particular phrase or word, though they should never be used as the intensifier of a word such as ‘Super “beneficial” proposition!’ Do you want to make an accent? It will be more grammatically correct to use the boldface italic type, ‘Super beneficial proposition!’
  4. Multiple punctuation marks. Don’t you want to look like a teen, who shares his over-the-top emotions on Facebook? When you are working on an academic project and the topic of your report is important, try to control your feelings even if you are very excited indeed. Remember that your sentences should be ended with one exclamation point and if you put the ellipsis, it should consist of three dots only. It is important to keep in mind that formal text should contain as little exclamation points as possible.
  5. Quotation marks and punctuation after them. First, decide which kind of English you use in your writing. If it is an American variant, put the needed punctuation inside the quotation marks such as ‘Mary says, ‘I live here.’ As to British English, there could be some alternatives.
  6. Parenthetical word. Are you going to start your sentence with an introduction? If you use a whole sentence in such a case, there are no restrictions. If your introduction is just a single word, don’t forget to put comma after it (e.g., ‘Moreover, he said that I was beautiful.’)

Let’s Do This Together!

The experts are too busy telling that each new generation of students neglect the punctuation marks and the number of errors in their written papers is frightening. Freedom to chat online without pasting any punctuation marks, unwillingness to read classics, absence of writing practice, and opportunity to copy the texts of the other people generate the problem of literacy. Listening to the audio books, watching the film versions of the novels, and buying the papers from the online writing services are the factors, which deepen this problem day after day even more.

Is it possible to stop cultivating the ignorance? How to motivate children learn the rules and follow them? If you have any ideas or you want to share your own observations with us, if you know any other mishaps that your friends do, or you make the errors too, visit our blog and leave your comments. Each our client’s opinion is important for us. We really want to help the world conquer this increasing problem, which engrosses the minds of people. Let’s do this together!

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