Book Proofreading Can Be Easy With These Tips


Book ProofreadingYou are a writer and you have just entered the final straight. It seems that there is only one step that separates you from accomplishing your dear life project. Finally, the last phrase has been written down and the full stop has been put at the end of this so long-awaited sentence. Hurrah! The book, on creation of which you put all your energy and time, is finished successfully! Each author, who has ever been engaged in a tiresome process of book writing, knows that the specter of emotions, which overfill you when your project is over, can be compared at least with the Mountain Everest’s conquest. Although everything is done, one question is still left opened: What is the aspect, which makes a just finished book a product that is ready to appear on each bookstore’s counters?

Book Composing: How not to Capitulate

In fact, not everyone, who intends to create a genial bestseller, goes through all the hardships of this process bravely and produce a really literally masterpiece that is worthy of attention and money to spend on its buying. Only the luckiest and the most patient authors are able not to capitulate and bring their novels to the end. Are you one of those, who need no extra patience and whose talent for mixing the words and inventing new and new chapters is sufficient for turning all your plans and thoughts into a really informative book? Having a good command of language and a properly functioning imagination are not enough for a person to complete a project under the name ‘Good book’. None of the writings can be called a book until it is not subjected to a thoroughly conducted proofreading.

Aren’t you going to compete with the world-famous titans of literature and leave them behind yourself? Don’t you haunt the aim of taking the top positions? No matter whether you are a professional writer or word mixing is just your hobby, any of your texts must be proofread before to be presented to the readers. It is considered bad manners to publish a book, which is full of screw-ups that were not deleted by you.

If you are an amateur, it is easier for you to solve this problem. If you are going to self-publish your book somewhere on the Net, there is really no extra urgent necessity to collaborate with a professional editor and pay through the nose for the services that he will render. There is no need to hire a super popular proofreader then to polish your book and make it ideal. You may cope with this stage with no additional assistance. The next tips will be absolutely enough for you to succeed in proofreading.

Being a Successful Proofreader

Here are five main rules, following of which will double your chances to produce a quality text at the end.

  1. Although your book writing is finished, don’t hurry to start rereading it at once. Let your manuscript rest for a while until its content fades of your head at least a bit. A week is the optimal period, which will be enough for you to abstract away from the text, to which you have already become too close. Its sentences, word constructions, and described events are still in your mind and you won’t be able to proofread it with objectivity. The risk to omit the errors, misspelled and duplicated words, and awkward sentences is too high. Engage your brain in something else and return to your manuscript only when you relax a bit. It will be much easier to detect the mistakes with a fresher eye then.
  2. Try to develop your own style in writing, which will unite all the chapters of your book together. A book is not a vegetable salad, the numerous ingredients of which make the dish even better and tastier. Your book should be laconic and homogeneous. A style guide is the very thing you need. All the professional bloggers, journalists, and all those, who deal with content creating, use the style guides in their work. Separate the whole info into separate files to find the abstract, which you may require while working, easier.
  3. In fact, proofreading is a simple process. Just look for the spelling mistakes, missed punctuation marks, and so on. Don’t go too far in your attempts to make a text better. Unlike editing, proofreading needs no changes in your content. Deleting of the paragraphs, paraphrasing of the sentences, and replacing of the chapters are the editor’s territory. Don’t enter it! Otherwise, you risk making some more mistakes and a book polishing procedure will last forever.
  4. Of course, you may leave the proofreading function to the special proofreading apps, which help to inspect any manuscript for defects. Although it is accomplished successfully, don’t be too lazy to print your text and reread it once again. Although this method may seem too old and primitive, it is really super effective!
  5. Don’t know how to find the inconsistencies across the whole story and liquidate them successfully? Just read your content out loud and all the mistakes, which haven’t been noticed yet, will be detected! Your story should be taken by the readers as a music, which has its own rhythm, voice, and which is perfectly listenable and readable too. Our counsels will definitely help you to cope with this task.

Full Steam Ahead!

If there are any reasons why proofreading can’t be accomplished by you, don’t be afraid that you will be left with your manuscript unchecked. may take this function on itself. The best editors and proofreaders, who work here, will make your text the perfect content for you quickly and cheaply! This company is not just a racketeer, which wants to trick out of all your money. You will be really helped here for a symbolic fee at that.

If there is just a small step that separates you from publishing your book and you can’t cover it for one reason or another, let us give you support to finish your project quicker and pass on to a new one!

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