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Has the dissertation writing time come? Are you ready to deal with one of the most serious and responsible tasks in your life on your own? Even if you are a super student, our professional writers’ help will not be excess. In this case, a PhD English editor is your best helper. On our site you will get the most qualified and competent support. Our guarantees are the following: satisfaction rate, on-time delivery, plagiarism free text, discounts, complete privacy. The dissertation creation is a very scrupulous work that is why round-the-clock support is provided. So, if the dissertation building is required but you lack knowledge, apply for our expert help. If you lack knowledge, you should begin the self-education process right now. Read about the self-education importance in this post.

Self-education of a student: why is it so much important today?

This article is completely dedicated to self-education of a student. Within this post you will learn what self-education of a student is, why it plays a significant role for a successful life today, and also, we will try to give an idea of standard college education, which is not enough for the whole life.

What is self-education of a student?

Self-education of a student (and self-education in general) is a process of independent studying (self-studying) of any discipline, phenomenon, subject, etc. This is a “university after the university”. Do not think that we mean postgraduate education speaking about the university after the university. No. Saying “self-education”, we mean that you learn any subject on your own beyond the college studying hours. In fact, self-education implies home education.

Someone can say that this is a real mockery. Why should we study at the university and at home at the same time? What for? Why? Why do we need to spend our precious youth time with the books as if we are the nerds? First of all, no one makes you sit with the books from morning till night. Only the most desperate people do so. We are talking about an hour per day maximum to learn something new and interesting. This is the essence of student’s self-education: to gain new knowledge everyday in small amounts. Luckily, there are things that you can get immediately, for example, our online paper editor is available now and anytime.

The next logic question is “what for?”. Now the Internet provides almost any information on any question. Why does a student need to study something in addition? It will be mere “littering the head with garbage”… The point is that the Internet maintains only information. What is information, in general? Information is a set of some data about a question. That is it. In fact, when information is not connected with a certain context, it is just a set of the symbols and letters, which means nothing.

Knowledge is an ability to present your point of view about a problem, based on the previously got knowledge of a subject. Where can we get this initial knowledge from? It can be got from information that we purposely search, process and realize. Here the problem is hidden. You need not just to copy information and defend your reports but realize each phrase and each word that your text contains. If you act in such a way “I copy an article, print it, read it, throw the printed paper away”, this is not the knowledge getting but thoughtless “skipping through the symbols” that mean nothing to you. This is just some “empty information” that tells absolutely nothing.

This is the danger of accessibility of information: there is plenty of data, it has free access, but only some people have “endurance” to read at least some part of this information ocean. Here we get so-called pseudo-confidence that “if I need something, I will look for it on the Internet”. What if you need not just to “look for” but “realize” what it goes about in an article? You will definitely face many problems. If you contact the top proofreaders, many problems can be avoided.

Of course, you can say that it is impossible to pass all world information through your head. Naturally, it is so. However, it does not mean you should not act at all. Someone thinks it is better to copy the articles written by other people and defend them as if they are yours, without understanding what information they present. This is not the way out! This is the biggest misleading of people in the world!

How can we get new knowledge if we cannot embrace everything? Try to begin with something small. Just try to begin. For example, today, instead of watching TV, try to read an interesting book, at least 10 pages. Is it difficult? No, at all. It will take 30 minutes maximum. What will it give you? You will definitely learn something useful, will get new information that will broaden your horizons. Learn more about the book reading importance: https://essaycorrector.org/blog/how-reading-out-loud-can-help-to-improve-grammar. For now, you will get just some new information, it is not new knowledge yet. However, admit that information you get from a book differs greatly from TV information. The TV watching often narrows the horizons. So watch it as less as possible, especially those stupid TV shows and programs. It is better to spend your time with a book, learning something interesting and instructive for you and your future profession. Besides, the more often you get information about a certain subject, the more quickly you gain knowledge of it. This is what people, who want to reach success, should aim for.

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Is self-education necessary today?

What do you think? In order to understand the avalanche-like flow of new information, you need to broaden your horizons all the time. Also, remember that we have said that the information amount is too big, and you cannot embrace it all. However, when you start studying any issue thoroughly, in some time, you will start understanding the main laws and principles of what is going on in the world. It absolutely does not matter what you study, web programming or economics. You will get an understanding of the fundamental laws and principles of nature, anyway. Everything works based on the same rules. That is why, there is no difference what subjects your self-education includes. Another reason for why self-education is important for a student is the rapid obsolescence of information and, consequently, of knowledge. Everything you study at the university today will be outdated in a couple of years.

What does it mean to be educated today?

First of all, this is to possess the “freshest” and the most relevant knowledge of your specialty. That is why, the knowledge you will be given at the university will not be enough for the whole life; it will be enough for the next five years, maximum. You need to be an educated specialist that keeps pace with the times and new knowledge. In this case, you will not need the professional development courses; you on your own will manage to improve your qualification to the required level.

Here is another proof that a student should pay more attention to self-education. As everyone knows, now the information amount doubles almost every year. Every day the world generates something new that has not existed the day before. Maybe, you will also get an idea of how to turn the abilities that the modern world provides in your own favor.

When you learn the basic laws and principles of the universe, we assure you that you will definitely have your own thoughts on how to make this world better and to get some worthy reward instead, in the form of money, fame and all other integral attributes of a successful person of the 21st century (we also present an attribute of a successful student: https://essaycorrector.org/blog/academic-editing-for-successful-students). That is why, in order to seize the moment, to find your calling, you need to make the self-education process an integral part of your lifestyle.

Probably, after a relatively short-term process of the independent knowledge gaining, you will get a thought to start your own business, for example. Keep in mind that the ideas rule the world. Everything in the beginning is just an idea, which later is brought to life. Nothing appears on its own. People that invent something possess outstanding knowledge of their specialty. To create a new idea you need to be based on the old ones, about which you get known on your own, being interested in some particular issue. Here we can see the self-education process as it is.

We hope that the given examples are enough for you to understand that the standard education course at the university is not enough to form a really good specialist. Except the got at the university knowledge, it is required to work on yourself and develop. Remember that “standard” education at the university supposes a “standard” job with a “standard” salary.

You can say that Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg have not studied at all, but now they are billionaires (you do not need to be a billionaire to afford our online paper editor at a reasonable cost). Though, they do not have some formal education, however, each one is a real fanatic of his business. Also, believe us, to create “Facebook”, it is necessary to have knowledge of two subjects, at least, i.e. web programming and human psychology. Even if Zuckerberg has realized intuitively that “Facebook” is a real godsend for people, then, it is just impossible to encode sites, relying on intuition, because you just have to know the programming languages. Mark Zuckerberg learned them on his own! This is what self-education can lead to: a business that costs several tens of billions of dollars.

We hope we have convinced you that self-education is really important for everyone, not only for students. In order to have more time to be engaged with self-education, someone should deal with your college papers. We will do it for you gladly. Except the dissertation building, we deal with the essays, articles, research or course works. They can be created, formatted, edited, rewritten online on the site. Email us or use the live chat for more information about the services. Our help is easy and fast. Total security and affordable prices are guaranteed.

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