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Stress? What’s That?

You may be called lucky if such a notion as ‘stress’ is unknown to you and your organism has never been influenced by its killing symptoms. If living in a stressful mode is a common thing for you, it’s time to give this problem more attention and get rid of annoying and poisonous phenomenon once and forever.

Stress has been studied long ago and it was proved that it is just a defense reaction of a human organism to life threatening situations. When a person gets in a strange environment, his nervous system starts releasing special hormones in response to the unusual conditions, in which he is put. Adjusting to new realities is not an easy thing for such a complicated mechanism as our organism. Although stress is able to help us stay energetic and sometimes endows us with superhuman powers to escape danger, its general influence on the organism can’t be called positive. If a person is in a stress mode for too long, it is almost impossible for him to get out of this state and return to his habitual life. Stress sucks its victims in. It begins to provoke a constant feeling of anxiety and makes a person wait for something bad to happen to him any moment. Stress may result in mental disorders and some of them are really irreversible processes.

For a lot of people coming to office or to university is a great stress itself. If you are one of those, whose organisms suffer from everyday shocks, remember that prevention is better than cure. Use the next techniques to get relief as soon as your nervous system starts overheating.

8 Golden Rules to Fight Against Stress

Are you feeling that the situation is getting out of your control? Memorize that:

  1. Your thoughts and breath are interrelated. When some anxious thoughts start filling your head and the sticky hands of fear lock your throat, your breath becomes too fast. Slow it down immediately! Inhale air for several seconds, hold the breath for 5 seconds then, and exhale it after this. The simple manipulations will help you to become a bit calmer. It’s better to breathe in through your mouth then and breathe out through the nose. Two or three minutes of this exercise will be quite enough to regain self-control.
  2. Mother Nature does wonders. If you are disturbed, don’t sit within four walls and go out. Feeling the green grass under your feet, listening to the sea lapping against the rocks, catching the sun beams, or looking at the autumn leaves falling from the trees will normalize your inner state.
  3. Be harmonious. Cycle racing, regular yoga classes, roller-skating and a lot of other activities are able to make you feel good and help you to become more harmonious and calm. Soon it will be impossible for external circumstances or irritants to drive you mad.
  4. Hydrotherapy can save you. Make it a habit to take cold shower daily. It is a perfect method to reduce stress and stimulate your heart, kidneys, lungs, and other organs. You will feel much stronger soon and such a problem as stress will be in the past.
  5. Make a choice in favor of relaxing music. Music has a great power over our bodies. It may easily make you sad or happy, so when you face a choice the next time, choose lyrics or some other positive and mild genres. Listening to such music will soon form a habit to think positively all the time.
  6. Put aside negative thoughts and complaints. In fact, not everybody feel stressed. Those, who are positive, rarely become its victims. Be grateful for everything that you have in your life and think about this more often.
  7. You are in luck’s way. Focus your attention on what you want to happen to you. Your thoughts will make energy flow in the right direction. Negative thoughts and dreads must be forgotten forever! Your thoughts are the things.
  8. Take vitamins. Green vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins that are able to straighten your immune system. Eat greens and they will give your brain more energy to withstand stress.

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