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You probably already know how much difficult it can be to find really good essay proofreader that provides services of high quality. Not to be or seem tub-thumper we want to get you acquainted with our online essay creation company and explain you in a brief and clear way what kind of services we offer our customers. So now we are going to begin with the services introduction. We want you to realize what our website is and what you are going to deal with.

Services of Essay Corrector website

There is a very common problem for many authors of essays. The problem is that having finished creating an essay they often do not understand what exact kind of correction it needs. It means that a person realizes that there is something wrong about his / hers written paper, but he / she can not define what exactly should be changed and corrected. Services for essay proofreading exist purposely for such cases. No one can know everything. There are experts in each field of activity, whom you may apply to when you need help in certain sphere. Experts are people with professional knowledge, they have special education, qualification and experience. It is often better to ask for professional assistance than “torture” yourself trying to do something that you do not know how to do it well. Further you will find description of services provided by our proofreading essay online company, and it should help you to figure out what your written work requires, in particular it can be paper proofreading, editing, revision or rewriting. So check what we offer and define what suits your paper best.

Essay proofreading

What does this service imply? Proofreading of essay is a whole set of actions aimed at let’s say “light” correction and improvement of a text in general. In particular, this is grammar, spelling, punctuation and so on correction. Misprints and typos will be noticed and eliminated, what will greatly improve the general look of a written work and will bring your paper to another quality level. Even so-called light correction can improve the quality of a paper greatly. And sometimes there is just no need to order and carry out detailed revision and proofreading of a text, especially when author of a text is an experienced writer and he / she is pretty sure that the paper is fine and does not require many corrections. But to be reinsured, they prefer to use assistance of specialists. Essay proofreading online service is an option for those customers, who do not require “heavy” and “deep” paper correction. If this is what you need, then stop hesitating and order essay proofreading service right now.

Essay editing

Another great service that you may order on our website is editing papers service. What do we mean saying “editing”? Editing is a complex of changes and correction made at each level of a text. Text levels are spelling, grammar, text structure, punctuation, stylistics, syntax and so on. Text editing is similar to paper proofreading. It is so. However, if a text is edited it means that it is changed and corrected taking into consideration academic written works standards that also imply work on references and text formatting. So as you can see, essay editing is a “deeper” process than essay proofreading. If you feel that this is what your paper requires, choose our academic editing service online to get an excellent result.

Paper revision

It often happens that written paper is given back by professor or tutor with certain notes, remarks and other kinds of instructions, according to which paper needs to be changed. Such a situation is very well known for any student. So essay revision is a type of academic paper services that implies fixing of a text, taking into consideration particular comments given to it ( A students gets remarks, comments and notes on his / hers paper from professor. Then this very students orders online paper revision service on our website and tells our specialists what exactly requires to be corrected in his / hers written work. Our experts perform the order professionally and in accordance with deadlines set by the customer. That is it. Customer gets his / hers professionally revised paper on time, shows it to professor and gets top grade. There is nothing easier and more pleasant than working with experts of our website and using the services provided by them.

Professional essay rewriting

And there is more. At our Essay Correct you can order such a service as academic paper rewriting. Paper rewriting means that our professional writers will change and paraphrase your text totally, so that it will not remind itself at all, however the meaning of your original academic written work will be saved as it is. This is the essence of essay rewriting service ( Imagine or remember another usual for many students situation. Paper is already created, it is given to professor for check, and it is returned with the only note that it needs to be rewritten. It sounds pretty scary, does not it? However, this is not a problem for the experts of our online essay corrector. Highly skilled professional will give a completely new look to your paper, meanwhile its essence and its main message will remain the same. You can repose trust on us and we will not let you down.

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How to contact us

Essay Corrector website provides simple and convenient ways that you may use to contact us. First of all, there is a live chat provided for the customers by our supporting team. So any time of day and night and any day of week you are free and welcome to write us your questions or make a request. Second of all, there is a special form for you, filling in which you can send us your message. In turn, we can guarantee that each customer will get response to his / hers message as soon as possible. And as we have already mentioned, our supporting team and our service is available around the clock seven days per week. The only condition that you need to keep in mind is that it is necessary to provide us with your real, i.e. valid email address.

Price of proofreading, editing, revision and rewriting services

There is great news for our customers. Our prices will pleasantly shock and astonish you. They are affordable for any person. There is a prices / fees table on our website, which you can use to see and calculate the price for each certain written work. There are no tricks, everything is clear and all information is accessible. You can see that we are not trying to hide anything from you, because each person who visits our website is our potential client. And there is nothing more important and valuable for us than our customers, whom we appreciate a lot. You should also notice that pricing system presented on our website is very flexible. Also, if you are a regular customer, there are discounts and even free services provided for you. There is good news for new clients as well. They will get 20% discount making their first order on our website.

Expert assistance

Employees of our website are professionals in academic paper writing field and owners of Master’s and PhD degree. They are highly qualitative, skilled and experienced professionals. They perfectly know what each paper requires, what should be changed and fixed, what requires paraphrasing, what will be highly evaluated by professors. They help students to get top grades and facilitate greatly their lives giving them a lot of precious free time. So if you need to proofread essay, revise, edit or rewrite it, our service is the most appropriate option. We guarantee that your order will be carried out and delivered on time. We appreciate our reputation of one of the best essay corrector services on the Internet, and thus we do everything possible keep the bar at a decent level.

How to make an order

Ordering system is also simple convenient. It is designed specially for our customers to make the process of ordering easy and pleasant. You need to fill in special form mentioning what kind of service you need, whether this is proofreading, editing, rewriting, revision or something else. New customers need to register first of all. And if you are a returning customer, just log in and click “order now” button. In case you have questions or something is not clear, you can always use suitable for you way to contact us. By the way, you already know how to do it. So we are waiting for you at Essay Corrector. Visit us and make yourself at home.

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