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Specialis from editing serviceIs it easy to be both a writer and an editor? Can an author of a text take the editor’s function on himself and execute this process well at that? As we are taught daily that there is nothing impossible in this world, you may try yourself as a multifunctional specialist. If you have just accomplished your essay writing but you are still full of energy to inspect your manuscript for errors, nobody is able to ban your choice.

Editing of your own writing may be a real trial for you. It is almost impossible to preserve objectiveness towards the material, which was created by you. The risk to omit mistakes and needles commas, find no typos, pay no attention to the failed structure of your paper and improperly chosen style is too high in such a case. You may reread your essay for ten times, though you will be unable to abstract yourself from your own vision of this content.  

You may try various techniques, which are described in special guidelines, though none of them will guaranty you 100% success. Commanding of online paper editing service still remains the most qualified and checked way of making your manuscript brilliant. Only the trained specialists are able to act as guarantors of successful completion of editing procedure. is the best paper editing service, which has already accomplished thousands of well-executed edits and you are the next client in the turn! All you need is to put your credit in EssayCorrector and wait until your essay is sent back to you.

Free from Contaminants

All our experts adore editing and proofreading processes and find much pleasure in being engaged in them. Polishing your papers and making them brilliant, cleaning the documents of spelling and grammar contaminants, reshaping the non-ideal content into perfect one are the easiest things for our editors. Each of them is editing papers online daily and nightly and their level of professionalism is growing rapidly. You may give our editors any task and it will be executed sooner than you think. 

You wonder what paper editing online is and what the main stages this process comprises. We are happy to inform you that our company never collaborates with inexperienced editors and we never use any checking apps. All our workers are human, who have high education in editing sphere and whose career history inspires trust.

Our experts know the difference between editing and proofreading. Before your punctuation mistakes are liquidated, your manuscript will be reread, paraphrased, and made well readable. The text will be cleaned off spelling mistakes, grammar errors. Your essay will be read aloud not once and it will be done very slowly. Such a method let the specialists enter into the spirit of your writing and make no failures in their work. All the misused words will be replaced by more appropriate ones, the duplicated words will be deleted, and improper language style will be changed for a more adequate tone. When this stage is accomplished and your manuscript is given a new lease of life, you will be proposed to look through this new text. You will have a right to approve this edit or reject it.

If you dislike the result, we will choose another specialist and start editing from the very beginning.

If you like the product, which we propose you, our editors will give the adopted text into the reliable hands of our proofreaders. Hence, your text is transferred into the proofreading territory. A new pair of eyes will look through the text again and find all the mistakes, which haven’t been found yet. A proofreading procedure is executed not once. Our proofreader will read your text aloud at least for three times. All the technical terms, the names, and the scientific words, which you are not familiar with, will be checked twice as attentive. If they are misspelled, proofreader will mark them.

Your text format won’t be neglected too. The proofreader’s task is to help the author keep one and the same formatting on all paragraphs and headings. If you failed in this, EssayCorrector will change the situation for the better. When this stage is finished and the proofreader gets sure that he has already eradicated all the errors from your essay, it is time to send your file back to you.

No Prepayments – No Disappointments

Unlike our competitors, who are engaged in editing sphere too, we never ask our clients to make any prepayments. We do our job first and only when we are convinced that our customer is satisfied with the result, we are ready to provide him with a detailed list of rendered services and prices for each of them. We want to warn you at once: the final price won’t make you astonished. Our company’s price policy is more than loyal. If you want to get acquainted with the prices before to make any orders from our website, you are welcome to the next website section. All the prices are presented here for you.

A lot of students are fond of error haunt and this process captivates them. They are ready to spend hours on looking for discrepancies and mistakes, replacing the words and selecting the best synonyms. If such a process makes you yawn and you find it extra boring, our specialists are ready to release you from this uninteresting role of being an editor. Be a writer, create content, and don’t worry over anything!

If you want to try yourself as an editor and get more info about this sphere, if you want to develop your hidden potential and start adopting your texts with no other people’ assistance, you have a perfect chance to do this. Subscribe to our blog, where a lot of interesting and useful posts are published for writers daily. You will definitely find a great deal of effective tips, which may make your life happier and your studentship easier.

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