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Everyone knows that reading helps greatly in improving of language skills. Usually people, who demonstrate high literacy, love to read or just read a lot of books For the purpose of self-development and knowledge enrichment. However, writing in English may cause troubles to absolutely any person, regardless of age, sex, nation or how many books that person has read. That is why, being specialists in this matter, our strong advice is to use professional assistance, such as proof reading services, creating texts in English. Essaycorrector online agency is ready to offer any necessary service or support. Meanwhile, our experts in academic field have prepared for you this post on use and importance of learning books in English. So, read, learn, get better. While you are improving skills in English, order experts services of our website.

Why do we need to read books in the original language?

Dr. Seuss once said that if one reads a lot, he knows more; if he one knows a lot, there are many places he will go. Any English kid will prove that Dr. Seuss does not give bad advice. If one likes reading but is afraid to begin with voluminous and full-size English novel, there is no reason to worry. For educational purposes specially, publishing houses produce adapted books in English for beginning (elementary), medium and so on levels. Yes, full imagination on a work of art can be got later, but one can feel proud and congratulate himself on first read in English book beginning with elementary level.

1. Reading in English increases vocabulary

Reading in English (especially if it is a foreign language for you) increases vocabulary even when we do not realize it. Of course, to make memorization of new vocabulary more effective, it would be better to read writing down unknown words and learning their meaning and translation. Choosing books to read, orient towards educational aims. For example, if one needs spoken speech, it would be necessary to pay attention to modern “easy” prose, if target is to master special vocabulary, the most obvious advice is to read literature related to sphere of professional interests.

2. Reading has positive impact on writing skills

English spelling is full of mysteries and surprises. Look through related post devoted to word order “Why Word Order Is So Important In English”: Spelling of many words seems that it can not be logically explained, it just needs to be learnt by heart and for good. Best way to do it is to read as much as possible English literature, so that images of words are kept in memory.

3. Reading widens mind horizons

Electronic books and blogs, news sites and social network feed – reading of the twenty first century has come to a new level. A common information space gives us opportunity to learn about what is going on in the most distant parts of Earth, as well as to become closer to world cultural and scientific heritage.

4. Reading in original language increases self-esteem

Listen to your feelings when finish reading last page of your first novel in English: probably you will experience the most pleasant feeling. “She reads Orwell in the original” sounds proudly! Any psychologist will say: motivation is important for fulfillment of any task. So do not miss such a chance to praise yourself, it will not be excess at all.

If you start reading in English now, soon you will see really great results. But for now, it would be better to use English editor online assistance, including proofreading services uk, which offers

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How to choose a book to read

We advise to select books in English adapted to your personal level of knowledge. Choose them according to your “strength”: begin with short stories, and gradually move to bigger literature forms and genres.

The more gripping and interesting education is, the more effect and use it gives. Try to find books, which are interesting to you personally. It can be detective stories, thrillers, mystics, or any other subject that attracts your imagination and makes finish reading book till the end.

Children’s books in English

It is fact that children’s literature can be very effective in language learning and improving process. Additionally, a lot of childish books are interesting to grown-ups as well. Besides, children’s literature, as a rule, is full of illustrations, which help to understand better plot.

There is a curious fact: famous children’s writer Dr. Seuss, whom we have mentioned previously, has created his best book “The Cat in the Hat” using only two hundred twenty words. This list of first children’s words was created by a publisher, who forced the author to use them in his work. Thus, he did everything to gain love of a target audience.

Free children’s books in English can be found on the following sites:

1) International children’s digital library

2) Kids World Fun

3) Comics in English. As well as children’s books, comics are a fascinating way to start reading (especially in foreign language). Comics genres present big peculiarity and variety. There are comics for children, for adults, entertaining and educational. There are free online libraries of comics, such as Marvel comics, comics on grammar topics and others. Read about how grammar helps to climb career ladder on out site.

Movie scripts in English

One of the tested and effective methods of a language learning, which is recommended by many specialists and polyglots, is to read books that one has already read in translation in his / hers native language. The same is about screen book versions. It is useful to read scripts of watched movies. Advantages: context is already known, plot is clear, meaning of new words is easily guessed during reading. Use following portals to find film scripts: Movie Scripts and Screenplays, 101 Greatest Screenplays, Awesome Film.

Books in English on personal development and professional literature

Reading them you kill two birds with one stone, i.e. achieve two targets at once: learn needful for you vocabulary in English and learn something new about subject that interest you. If something attracts you most, it would be great idea to read about it in English. Another advantage of suchlike literature: it is easier to read than feature stories and novels. Style is simpler, vocabulary is limited by chosen subject.

Useful lifehacks for beginning readers of English literature

1) It is not obligatory to understand each single word. Context is king! If you grasped main idea of story, it is absolutely enough. Furthermore, if you understand everything read, probably selected book is of a lower level than you have in fact. Try to choose a book, in which about 70% of vocabulary is known, the rest you will have to write down and learn.

2) Read in English out loud. Reading is among best methods of pronunciation and listening skills improvement, especially when it is a loud reading. When one reads aloud, he / she tunes in to the sound range of language. Look through our essay devoted to use of loud reading here: However, it is important to master pronunciation except reading, otherwise wrongly “guessed” pronunciation of a word may cause troubles for years.

3) When read in English, use audio books. In English certain same combination of letters can be read in many different ways. That is why it is very important to pay attention to correct pronunciation of new words. Using format “book plus audio book”, you read a book itself, listen to its audio version, voiced by native speakers. It is very useful and convenient to learn pronunciation.

Keep in mind that reading can help greatly, but proofreading service uk is something always required when it goes about academic sphere and professional paper building of high quality.

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