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Are you dreaming of your texts to attract new and new readers? Do you want to have the army of fans, who will go crazy over your writing talent? A good manuscript creating is half the battle. One should have a pair of fresh eyes to look through each paragraph of his text carefully and find even the smallest errors, which he has already committed. If your own eyes are blurred or you have lost an ability to be objective towards your creation, our free essay editing service will come to your help! Just contact now and you will forget about such a problem as a necessity to reread hundreds of pages for several times. Our essay editing free service will become your salvation!

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Being an Amazing Writer

Even if a famous writers’ way of living seems to be attractive and full of wonders, being a professional in this sphere is a hard mission. A picture when a word-painter sits in his rocking chair, the flame tongues lick the fireplace’s walls with no stop, and the great ideas tear around the writer’s head with such a speed that he fails to write them down is just a stereotype. In fact, it has nothing in common with the real state of things. Being a writer is not just balancing in old chair and receiving ovation for the next masterpiece. Being a writer is an everyday search for muse, exhaustive meditation, and sleepless nights, which are spent in producing perfectly purchasable content.

If a perspective to dedicate yourself to mankind and supply people with quality books doesn’t scare you and, on the contrary, you are fizzing with a desire to try yourself in writing profession, here are the effective tips for you to start moving towards your dream.

Notes for Authors

Unfortunately, the literary world knows a lot of bad writers. Don’t you want to become one of them? Follow the next recommendations and an opportunity to become an amazing author will really increase.

  1. Read a lot, write a lot, and don’t watch TV. Television kills creativity while a good book is able to develop it greatly. Take a book with yourself wherever you go and read, read, and read wherever you are. Reading helps you to look deeper into your soul and such a skill is of extra importance for a writer.
  2. Stay optimistic. Optimism is considered to be the best response to failure. If you are going to make a name for yourself, get ready to be criticized terribly. No matter, which sphere you try to develop yourself in, you won’t be given pat on your back all the time. If you are criticized or it seems that you have no more energy to continue your fight, stopping writing is the worst idea of yours.
  3. Write for yourself. The only thing, which every author should avoid, is trying to please all people. Be honest with the readers and express your thoughts as you like. If anybody doesn’t like your style, he is free not to read your books at all. Don’t worry over any disapproval!
  4. Don’t be afraid of talking about serious things. It is always hard to express the really deep and strong feelings and that’s why most of the writers prefer to go round delicate topics. Don’t be afraid to spend hours on describing your thought. You will be rewarded for this then.
  5. Write in solitude. Writing is an intimate process so let nobody and nothing distract you from this activity. Put your phone aside, close the door and the window, and switch the light off. Such a mysterious atmosphere will make your head start working properly.
  6. The road to writing hell is paved with adverbs. Excessive number of adverbs in your text is an unnecessary thing. They are as harmful for a quality story as the phrases ‘she said’ and ‘he said’.
  7. Pay not too much attention to keeping to grammar rules. The story, which you are describing in your book, should be sensitive, emotional, and seductive. Sometimes this effect can’t be reached by keeping to the grammar rules. Your reader should forget that he is reading a text, so create a presence effect for him. Therefore, your language shouldn’t be boring.
  8. Be a master of description. A presence effect can’t be reached without properly composed descriptions. First, create a picture in your imagination and only after that try to embody it in a paper. Good description should be clear in order to not exhaust the reader.
  9. Avoid passive constructions. If passive voice sentences prevail in your text, you will hardly become a good writer very soon. Using of passive constructions is nothing but the indicator of fear, which is killing for a real pro.
  10. No drugs and alcohol. Never listen to those, who say that creative thinkers need some stimulants to produce fresh ideas. This is the greatest myth, which is propagated by those, who try to explain their wrong positions in such a way.
  11. Be yourself. Never try to copy another writer’s style. Such a tendency will make you produce not a book but just a surrogate. You won’t be honest with your readers if you try to steal someone’s thoughts.
  12. Words are the medium between you and your readers. Vivid text creating is the art. You can’t just write down the words. Your story will be too boring if you do so. A good writer should be a bit telepath to transfer the thoughts from his head into the heads of the other people.
  13.  Feel your text. If your own words awake no feelings inside your soul, put aside your pen and don’t take any attempts to become a writer again. Your text should strike both your readers and you to the marrow. Otherwise, you will become one of those unfortunates, whose books are lying on the shelves and collecting dust.
  14. Write daily. If you start any project, don’t stop until it is finished. If you let yourself make the breaks in your work, you will lose your grip and the power of word will grow weaker day after day.
  15. Screw-ups happen even to the most talented men. When your book is finished, it is time to make a pause. Let a week pass and start scanning your text after that. Don’t be sad that you find errors in your manuscript or there are too many places in it, which you want to delete. Neutralize the mistakes, paraphrase the sentences, and do all the needed procedures to make your book become the bestseller.

The last counsel may seem the hardest one. Being a talented writer doesn’t mean being a good editor at that. The process of hunting the mistakes needs great knowledge in editing and proofreading. It is impossible to polish a manuscript with no background. For those, who are weak in editing, is ready to propose the services of superior specialists! We are really able to bring your raw material to perfect book.

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