All students dream to write A+ papers from the first draft. However, this quite challenging task requires deep knowledge of the subject, time, efforts, and good writing skills. Even a B paper can become an A+ one if it is thoroughly edited. Pay attention to the content of your paper, the writing style, and sentence structure. Make sure that it does not contain any grammatical or punctuation mistakes.

Don’t you have a writing talent? Aren’t you an expert in English grammar? Of course, it is difficult to examine your own paper, but do not give up! The following easy steps arranged by our expert Editors from will help you to verify your paper for free and prepare it for the submission.

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I. Start checking the content of your paper and overall structure.

1. If you finished writing the first draft, put it aside and wait a few days. This will help you to have a fresh eye on your own paper when you start editing it.

2. Print out your paper. Our professional editors do not recommend proofreading an essay on a laptop screen. This may increase the number of mistakes that were omitted by accident. By the way, it works really well when you mark up the mistakes on a hard copy of your paper.

3. Read your paper out loud. You should read your paper to yourself several times. Do not be shy to read it out loud, it will help you to detect the most evident mistakes immediately. Then, read silently to reduce all minor defects.

4. Divide your paper into an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The best way to confirm that your paper is well-organized is to create an outline. The outline will assist you in writing and proofreading. It clearly shows that the main paragraphs are set out in natural sequence. The paper should start with an introduction. Then we have body paragraphs and a conclusion.

5. Review the content and find your thesis statement. The thesis statement is an integral part of a successful paper, which is usually presented in the introductory part. It is aligned with a thesis statement in the conclusion but must be described in other words.

6. Check information for relevancy. Run through the paper once again and evaluate the content. Ask yourself “Is this information relevant?”, “Is it connected with the main idea of the paper?”. Each section should be coherent, informative, and easy-readable. At this point, you may delete irrelevant information not to be engaged in empty talk.  

7. Pay attention to the word choice. The wording must correspond to the topic of the paper. If you are writing a dissertation, your language must be formal, enriched with terms and complex sentences. If you are writing a high school essay, do not overwhelm your text with complex words and compound sentences.

8. Read your paper to your friends, family or colleagues. Ask your friend or a classmate to look at your paper with distant eyes and mark out all possible mistakes. A fresh eye on your essay will increase the chances to make your writing flawless. Follow the advice and make final corrections.

II. When the content is edited, you will easily cope with grammar and punctuation. You have already read your text several times. You know its weaknesses and advantages. Take a deep breath and start editing grammar, typos, and punctuation.

1. Read your paper sentence by sentence and reduce grammar mistakes. Look through your text word by word and search for grammatical and spelling mistakes. Then, hold a pen in your paper and read the text aloud one more time to find the remaining errors.

2. Do not use a spellcheck or online grammar editing tools. Never rely on free proofreading tools available online. They use automatic spellcheck and cannot guarantee a high quality of editing. Spell check will never be as accurate as the real Editor.

3. Thoroughly run through your paper and verify punctuation. Read each sentence separately and check punctuation. Each sentence must be ended by a period (.). A comma (,) must separate complex sentences. Proper use of punctuation will show your intelligence, meticulousness and deep knowledge of the subject.

III. In order to check the formatting of the paper, you should refer to a specific referencing style guide and follow academic requirements of your University.

1. Check your professor’s instructions and determine the referencing style as required. Often, the instructions provided by a professor insist on following a particular referencing style for writing a paper. For example, APA, Chicago, Harvard, MLA, AMA. Therefore, you need to study the style guide and make necessary corrections in your text. Our editors recommend you not to use online free citation generator since it contains multiple errors and does not guarantee proper formatting.

2. Make sure that cover page and table of contents are OK. If you are required to provide a title page, and table of contents, make sure that it corresponds to the required referencing style (APA, Chicago, Harvard, MLA, AMA). Do not add a cover page is your professor does not need it. It may lead to the grade reduction.

3. Make minor corrections in page numbers, spacing, margins, and font. Run through the instructions of your professor and check whether the formatting of your paper follows the requirements. Usually, papers should be formatted as follows: typed, double-spaced, 1-inch margins on all sides, 12 pt. Times New Roman font.

Following our advice will certainly help you in editing, but may not guarantee 100% error-free result. Are you sure that you can cope with such a huge scope of work? If you are not sure whether you are good at writing an essay on social studies or history, send your paper to our professionals for verification. Our Editor will read, highlight all the mistakes, correct them and explain what is wrong and why.

Our customer’s positive reviews prove that it is much safer to work with professionals and qualified editors. Essaycorrector company has years of experience in editing business. The service is quite easy. All you need is to send us your paper and relax. Our experts will thoroughly edit your paper by checking the content, structure, grammar, punctuation, spelling, and formatting. 

Working with, you get 100% guarantee of receiving your paper back on time, free of grammatical and punctuation errors.

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