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Grammar and proofreading: is there any connection?

In spite of modern tendency for absolute grammar correctness of any text, many people believe that it is not really much important to achieve text “perfection”. We would like to emphasize one more time that orthography is really important in relation to any written text. This is especially essential when we mean papers of academic or college level. Professional sites or “online grammar editor” in other words is something that can turn any paper into a masterpiece devoid of errors. Services on paper creation and fixing, i.e. proof reading, editing, revision along with rewriting and others, allow to polish a text bringing it to perfection. Additionally, complete privacy policy, assistance of experienced writers, low cost and other bonuses are among numerous advantages of our online service. So, it is obvious what online company it would be better to give preference to. Now, let us prove that mistakes happen all the time and there is nothing so seriously horrible in it. Also, there are some tips that help to avoid common mistakes in text typing.

I am afraid of making orthographic mistake

Only one mistake and others start to demonstrate their dissatisfaction. Some of us are extremely afraid of making errors in writing. What is this – perfectionism of a higher achiever or a sign of an anxious temper? Can one stop worrying so much?

Some people admit that they are so much afraid to make a mistake that they write only the most essential. They often avoid texting messages or making comments on Facebook, because there is no automatic check (read tips on effective letter creation here: A two-line message they reread for ten times before sending. What can be said about something spontaneous… However, here we can see much caution: a letter can be sent with all its mistakes for many times, and a lot of people will feel displeased reading it. If one needs to read something, it is better to read out loud text to improve grammar. Thus, one gets more use.

Learned helplessness. Why not to spend this time for check of words, which cause doubts, instead of rereading text for dozens times before presenting it? Remember that academic proofreading online saves time. Electronic vocabularies, for example, can help greatly in this case. Cognitive psychologists say that if a person since childhood is told that he makes errors not because he has not learnt grammar, but because there is something wrong with him, then with time it becomes more difficult to overcome such a negative image of oneself. Consequently, at some moment a person just stops trying to be more attentive in writing, thinking beforehand that all attempts are doomed to failure. However, a habit to use proof reading grammar service saves many written works from failure.

Fear of evaluation. Besides, writing for any person is connected with situation of evaluation or assessment literally. In junior school we get knowledge of what success is simultaneously with the rules of orthography: for correctly written words we get high grades, for incorrectly written ones we get bad grades. Often children are praised or punished because of these grades at home. Fear of strict parents, embarrassment connected with a teacher, which makes fun of a child because of errors in front of other pupils – when such situations are repeated often, they are accumulated in form of negative experience, which may influence us also in adult life. We feel anxiety in general because we tend to be mistaken, regardless of whether we really make mistakes. This is what psychologists claim. Check out top schools for producing millionaires; we hope this list will be useful.

Experience of other people

Some people shared their experience and told how they stopped being afraid of mistakes making. There was an accident when during corporate training a presenter wrote something incorrectly on a blackboard. One of the girls snidely remarked that if he was going to teach others, he should have learnt grammar rules first. In response, he smiled and said: “Thank you, during whole my life I had troubles with orthography. If you notice another mistake, please, let me know”. He was corrected for several times, calmly he crossed a letter and wrote necessary one. At the same time, no one doubted his skills as a presenter. There is more, everybody liked his friendly reaction to remarks. So, if we make mistakes like this one, we should say “thank you” to a man, who has noticed it (including ourselves), fix it, proceed further. Of course, this can be applied to orthography mainly, but not only.

What to do? Warn others

Publicly admitting our disadvantages, we stop to be afraid that others will notice them. Instead of numbing with fear of possible exposure, it would be more appropriate, let us say, to create an automatic signature in electronic message like: “I apologize for possible typos”. It allows to feel less vulnerable.

Clarify the purpose

In some cases absolute literacy is really obligatory. Let us say, if we want to get a post of a text editor. However, more often we have another aim – this is to transmit information precisely and accurately. Setting one aim instead of two, we have more chances to reach it successfully.

Allow ourselves (and others) make mistakes

“Humans tend to make mistakes” – this observation was made by wise men of ancient times. Each of us has fields, in which we are competent. Naturally, there are others, in which we are not competent, do not posses necessary knowledge, i.e. unskillful. There is a need to remind ourselves that we need to be more patient and stop being irritated because of mistakes, which others (including us) make. Not to be irritated by paper plagiarism, check out this useful ideas:

Perfectionism. Special sensitivity to the possibility of a failure also appears due to habitual desire to demonstrate best results always and everywhere. Parents often expect outstanding results from their children since very childhood. This is what school psychologists have noticed. Children’s achievements are a matter of pride for almost all parents. However, sometimes they turn into a proof of their parental competency and even a value as a human. In this case they give special meaning to children’s achievements, because parents’ self-esteem depends on them. Children brought up in such families demonstrate increased self-discipline or self-demand, which with time turns into temper feature. The bar is set very high, and failures are treated really “tragically”. An attempt to avoid errors sometimes can lead to the fact that we refuse to deal even with those matters, which are interesting and pleasant to us.

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How to make fewer mistakes in typing: tips

Making a lot of mistakes while typing, necessary to press “backspace” button all the time – sound pretty familiar, right? Then pay attention to the following ideas for reducing number of errors while typing.

1. Learn to type correctly. If a person uses computer for many years, then probably he managers not to look at keyboard most of the time to type a text. However, if a “touch-type” technique is learnt initially incorrectly, then text typing speed and accuracy can be of not very high quality. Master this technique (technique of the blind ten-finger method) with the help of training apparatus: offline “Stamina”, “Solo on the keyboard”, “VerseQ”; online “Keyboard race”, “All 10”, etc. Text typing games are very exiting. Many participants notice constant desire for text typing. There is also another trick to type better: draw a keyboard layout and type texts, looking at it as at a helper.

2. Buy comfortable keyboard. Choosing keyboard, pay attention not to its outward look, but to its convenience. Do not feel ashamed to try different models in action right in a store and choose the most comfortable. Pay attention to such aspects as:

  • Distance between buttons (keys). It should allow not to press accidentally adjacent keys, also, not to stretch fingers too much to press necessary key.
  • Height of keys. Too low keys lead to sticking and repetition of symbols, meanwhile, too high ones require too much effort to press them.
  • Keyboard shape. Ergonomic keyboards ensure more comfortable position of hands. However, if there is no opportunity to always work with one and the same keyboard, it would be better to use standard rectangular one.

3. Do not distract. This tip is simple: for accuracy increase it is necessary to be more focused. Here headphones, Pomodoro technique and regular breaks in work will help. If one decides to listen to music, songs should be without text, i.e. just melody. Try to work in noise. Choose such music, which suits text typing the most.

4. Do not look at text typed. When we see our mistakes, we distract and come back. This leads to new mistakes. That is why it is required to look at typed text as seldom as possible. Look at original text only or close eyes at all, of typing “from head”.

Make it a habit to fix mistakes not as soon as they are made, but after finishing logic block of work (text). Switch off underlining of words with mistakes and use tools for orthography check after finishing work on a text.

5. Do not accelerate. If one makes mistakes often, it probably means, that he rushes too much. A lot of simulators are aimed at typing speed development. However, in case of real texts it is necessary to find a golden middle, because errors correction reduces significantly final typing speed and leads to more fatigue. In order to reduce speed, try to follow the rhythm: Alternation of key strokes should have equal gaps.

6. Keep posture. Only correct posture of spine provides our mind with enough blood supply, consequently, with better concentration and better work productivity. That is why keep back straight! Regular (once in two-three hours) breathing exercises for three-five minutes. Concentration on breathing allows to clear mind for new stage of work. Deep breaths and exhalations help to get rid of round shoulders.

7. Follow correct hands position.

  • Elbows. Use armrests: they should be on the same level with a keyboard.
  • Wrists. Keep them round – as the piano players are taught. Wrists should not be too tensed, also, they should not be put on keyboard too relaxed.
  • Fingers. Do not raise them too high, after each key press return them to starting position (ASDF JKL:).

 8. Do wrists exercises. If one needs to type a lot, hands will be definitely tired. Do exercises, which will also help to prevent development of tunnel syndrome and arthritis.

  • Roll wrists.
  • Stretch and massage fingers and shoulder girdle.
  • Squeeze expander or rubber ball.
  • Crumple paper and newspapers.

Everyone makes mistakes, this is natural. However, all these tips will help not only to make fewer errors, but also to treat errors making easier. Use them and text quality (even life in general) will be improved soon.

Meanwhile, one develops touch-type skills, online grammar editor will be a real helper. Who or what else can correct a text better than professionals? So, it would be a very wise decision to send us a text and let us fix any tiny flaw it has. Experts’ help in paper building facilitates a lot this process. Satisfaction of request, high quality, outstanding result, cheap prices are guaranteed!

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