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Are you searching for a professional and simultaneously affordable online paper editing service? We have the great news for you: you will get the best editing, as well as many other writing services, at a modest price on our site. Lady Luck is smiling on you right now. If previously you could not afford professional writers’ assistance, now we are ready to provide you with the utmost quality services at the lowest prices on the web. Are you still hesitating? Visit our site and make sure that we are telling the truth. You can calculate the total price for your order yourself or save your time and contact our support team that will do everything required. Our system of payment is flexible, and we provide the discounts up to 20%. There are many ways to benefit from our site, and one of them is our blog with numerous useful posts. In today’s post, we want to share a couple of recommendations that allow creating much better texts. So let’s see what we have prepared for you.

Our language editor knows the best tips on how to proofread and edit text

Almost no one likes rereading and fixing a written text. Everyone has one’s own reasons for this. Some arguments are strong, and some seem completely absurd. Anyway, the result is always the same: unchecked text is presented and often leads to undesirable consequences, such as a low grade or loss of respect and reputation.

Why do not people check their texts? Well, some of them are convinced they cannot make mistakes, someone thinks that has already performed all the required corrections, and others are just too lazy for that. We perfectly understand everyone who, due to various reasons, does not want to be engaged in editing and proofreading, which are often so boring and tiring. Believe us, we are also living beings, and we also have passed all these stages of considering oneself “infallible”, trusting in “correcting while writing”, and being too lazy to do at least anything.

Fortunately, the real life was giving a kick every time, proving that text editing and proofreading are serious matters. Frankly speaking, not every text author (usually we mean students) has enough motivation to edit a text, especially when this is something easy and ordinary. Usually essays are considered one of the simplest academic papers. Naturally, it is not as simple as someone may think, and it has many details to consider. Well, we can justify the students’ behavior: when it is necessary to create many texts and do multiple written assignments, it is hard to like such an occupation. That is why we never blame anyone that he (or she) does not want to check his (her) own text. You should never worry about suchlike things because we are always ready to assist you, providing the best English editing and proofreading.

Nevertheless, the skills of editing are obligatory to have. The further you proceed in studying, the more tasks you will need to do, and their quality must be high. So if you want to study successfully, editing of your texts is necessary. Editing is one of the bases of a good text. That is why it is required to learn the editing algorithms already now. So let’s do it. You also need to know that listening skills matter a lot in studying. Luckily, our experts know how to develop them:

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Consider the following academic English editing rules before presenting a text

1) The first advice we want to share may seem a bit weird to someone but, based on personal experience, we can confidently claim it is really working. Read everything you have written out loud. Text melody is a complex issue and some “roughness” that can be unnoticed while silent reading will become obvious when you hear it. By the way, we have a very curious post, in which we explain how grammar can be improved when you read a text out loud.

2) Do not start editing right after text is finished. We understand that usually text authors do not have much time and cannot lay a text aside till the next day, according to the recommendations of many serious sources. Frankly speaking, we followed this principle as well. However, life proved that such recommendations only confuse. There are people who can allow themselves not to rush, but also there are those who count every second and need to finish the whole work, including text check and correction, quickly and proceed to the next task.

However, it is still recommended to take a little break when you finish writing and before you start fixing a text. Drink a cup of tea, relax a bit, let your brain forget the text template for 10 minutes at least. We are sure that even such a small pause will make text editing much more effective.

3) Keep track of logic connections. The problem of excessive information insertion is common for almost everyone. We shall try to explain what we mean: a text may look coherent, solid and completely natural, but when you start reading it carefully you realize that some fragments are absolutely unnecessary.

It usually happens when an author wants to develop some thought but does not manage to do this. Thus, nobody will understand what for this information is added to the text, except for the text author. So try to remove suchlike rudiments when editing your text.

4) Notice the repetitions of the cognate words, i.e. the words with a single root. The problem is literary ancient: at some point, an author starts using the same words. As you understand, it does not benefit a text. So try to replace the repetitions with the synonyms.

5) Try to avoid too complex sentences. Some people are convinced that the longer a sentence is, the better (smarter / more serious, etc.) it looks. It is not like that. Even the most tolerant reader will hardly be glad if your text consists of the paragraph-long sentences.

6) Do not try to express the whole sense of your work within a single sentence. It is perfect when one sentence expresses one thought. This is correct.

7) Read your text as if you are an ordinary reader, not the author. If your eyes have stumbled upon something, do not hesitate even a minute and fix it.

8) Follow the paragraphs. Or it would be better to say: try to follow the fact that your paragraphs have logical completeness. Even when you have an exact number of words you need to write, everything should be logical. If you see that a paragraph is bigger than allowed and you cannot shorten it or divide, leave it as it is. This is not a critical flaw. However, it is better to avoid it. Our experts can rewrite your paragraphs, following all your requirements.

9) Edit the whole text in one sitting. Even your favorite TV show or delicious smells from the kitchen should not distract you from editing. If you start getting distracted by various external irritants, nothing will work out eventually. Only having finished editing, you can go to the kitchen to check what smells so good or watch the show.

10) Check it for mistakes. A good text should not maintain mistakes. However, no one is secured from being mistaken so some errors may slip in the text. It is not horrible, just pay more attention to the following points: word endings, repetitions, punctuation points, excessive gaps, and so on. Read more about the importance of punctuation here:

11) Love your text after editing. If you checked your text and liked it, you did everything right and well. It is a well-known fact: when an author likes his (her) text, a reader usually likes it as well and it is pleasant to read. Who knows, maybe there is some mental connections or even a bit of mystic. The fact is the fact: it works.

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That is all. These are the main tips we want to present. Also, let us remind you that there is no need to check your texts yourself. Our experts will gladly do it for you. You can order professional editing services provided by competent American and English writers for cheap. Our main goal is to satisfy the demands of our customers and deliver high-quality papers. We believe it is our duty to assist everyone who needs help with academic papers. Cooperate with true experts on our site and take care!

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