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Creation of academic paper is a challenge for any person. When you spend much time and efforts writing paragraph, essay, article and other types of work, it is extremely hard to realize that it is not good enough and requires certain corrections, changes or even total rewriting. In order to protect our customers, to save their nerves, we offer to use our paragraph rewriting service that will make your paper original and errors free. Essay Corrector service online also saves your money. Specialists of our website provide services at reasonable prices. Remember that we offer affordable services of high quality.

Paragraph check

The check of the first original version of paper has great importance. Writing a draft, your major goal is to develop argumentation, polish main ideas and set them into a strict order, supporting them with illustrative materials or ancillary data and so on. Having created the first variant, give it a day or two to “rest” and then return to work on its check and improvement with “fresh mind”.

Checking your paper, first of all pay attention to the following important points:

1. Subjective genre. It is necessary to always remember that paragraph, as well as essay, is a subjective genre that is why its evaluation may also be subjective.

2. Presented data. Regardless of what question you answer, you need to reach certain aims. Others expect that building a paragraph you will consider the following:

  • Have I answered the set question?
  • How much clear and accurately are my thoughts and ideas expressed?
  • Does it sound natural what I have written? Is there any mistake?

Also make sure that:

  • you have demonstrated your own position on the given subject;
  • your work is oriented at giving the answer to the set question or questions;
  • your paper contains strong arguments and appropriate data;
  • the parts of your paper are logically structured.

3. Skills of communication and written speech. One of the purposes that any paragraph building process has is to check your skills to present the thoughts on paper, i.e. in written form, and to check your writing skills. Badly written paragraph naturally can not be evaluated well enough and can not contribute to getting of good grade.

4. Image of a real person. It is also important to see an image of a real person behind any written work. Well written paragraph will characterize its author from the better side. So do not miss your chance to present yourself in the best light. However, if you hesitate whether you can create a really good paper, we would advise you to entrust it to the professionals. Experts of our paper editing service will give you any kind of help in paragraph creating, as well as help with any other type of academic papers (

5. Individuality. Another important point that everyone needs to take into consideration is that it is necessary to bring personal, unrepeatable and unique style to your paper. Any paragraph will become more interesting at once if it contains the above mentioned features. It will also become more attracting. In such a way an author of a paragraph work gets more chances to be highly appreciated and evaluated.

Remember that it is boring to read any paper that contains a lot of general phrases. In fact, this is just a waste of time. You can never understand something particular reading general statements only. So add more personality and individuality to your work.

6. Details. Everything presented in a paragraph needs to be supported with examples. No one wants to read raw and bare material. Details will make your paper interesting, unique and original.

7. Distinguishing features, exclusiveness, something interesting and amusing. According to the expert mind, exclusiveness, some interesting and amusing facts are the features that will increase the value and quality of your paragraph ( and consequently the chances to get higher grade also increase. Most people are afraid of making their works exclusive and prefer to create “safe” ones. However, a bit of extraordinary approach may be very useful. It is not necessarily to write jokes to make your paper more interesting. But try to use all the possible means to make your paragraph really good one.

8. Honesty. Do not try to pull the wool over someone's eyes. We mean that you should not try to cheat by copying someone else’s thoughts and ideas. Express your own mind and vision of a subject. If you do not feel confident about your academic papers creation skills, then it would be better to ask for expert assistance. Our professional writers, editors and proofreaders are ready to give you a hand.

9. Literary work. It is quite obvious that teachers love papers that are interesting and pleasant to read. So make sure that your work is easy to read. Pay it some more attention and time, check whether your thoughts are coherent and whether they lead to logic ending.

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Quality paragraph writing: general tips

  • It is necessary to express your thoughts briefly and clearly.
  • It is expected that you will present your abilities to build and prove your position on certain problems basing on gained knowledge and your own way of thinking.
  • Quality of any paragraph or essay depends on three components. They are raw material (notes of literature you have read, of lectures, notes of discussions results, your own ideas and gained experience on this very issue), quality of raw material processing (organization, argumentation and reasoning), argumentation (how much precise relation it has to the problems that you present in your paper).
  • At the very beginning it is necessary to read at least two or three key articles or chapters from books, which give conceptual frames or theoretical argumentation, present appropriate empirical data, consider and evaluate range of sources on a subject.
  • Basic components of any written work are usually the following ones: introductory component (essence and grounding of chosen subject), main part (argumentative presentation of the subject basing on the collected material), and conclusive component (generalization and conclusion).
  • In the introductory part it is important to give brief definitions of the key terms.
  • However, try to minimize the number of definitions (let’s say up to three or four definitions).
  • Filling the main part with the content, try to limit yourself and consider one main idea within one paragraph.
  • Giving quotations, always use quote marks for it and give an exact reference to the source of quotation (including number of pages), otherwise text will be recognized as plagiarism.
  • In the end it is worth to mention how and where your paper can be used and what possible interrelations it has with other problems and issues.

Control questions

When you start and finish creating written work, make yourself the following questions to be sure that your paper is correctly composed.

1. Have you understood correctly the subject?

2. Have you developed correct argumentation?

3. Have you prepared a plan of paper writing according to the stages of argumentation?

4. Have you studied thoroughly the sources on the paper topic?

5. Do you formulate one clear main question in each paragraph?

6. Are paragraphs presented in logical order?

7. Do you use reasoning effectively?

8. Do you use references to the sources correctly?

9. Is your conclusion brief and does it have direct relation to the subject?

10. Have you specified the field, in which your paper can be used?

11. Have you reread you work?

12. Have you checked whether your paper gives answers to the set questions?

13. Have you checked your paper for grammar and spelling mistakes?

14. Have you checked the stylistics of your work and made necessary changes?

15. Is bibliography / list of references (if you have it) created correctly?

Paper is not well written if:

  • it does not contain a clear answer to the main question presented in your paper;
  • there is a poor organization of material;
  • you do not stick to the topic;
  • there is rhetoric (statements) used instead of argumentation (testimonies);
  • there is careless data operating, including excess generalization;
  • the descriptive part is too much wide and is not supported by analytical material;
  • there are only someone else’s minds without expression of your own position;
  • repetitions (without the need).

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