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Are you searching for a reliable website that provides proofreading and editing services? If yes, you will hardly find something better than Essay Corrector. We offer professional services of experienced highly qualified specialists. Just read this essay and you will make sure that it is worth to use our services.

What is text editing?

Text editing is a process of text changing in order to give it appropriate style and readability, as well as errors correction. Competently created texts, without any mistake, clearly and neatly written – this is the work of real professionals. This is the job of professionals who work at our online company Essay Corrector. Our experts can correct misprints, errors, add literacy to any written paper and remove incorrectly used words and word combinations. We can turn your draft into a great original written work. Our specialists do their best to make your texts greatly effective for people as well as for searching systems. Our website provides professional editing services, so we can guarantee our customers great quality and excellent result.

We will competently insert into your paper real key words, we will select style for you that suit the field of activity. All the changes in a text and formation of its style will be carried out only after being discussed and agreed with a customer. First of all you give recommendation and instructions to your paper. Then our specialists specify certain points. And only after that, when everything is clear, they start editing itself (https://essaycorrector.org/blog/i-know-where-to-edit-my-essay).

Paper editing is:

  • Check of grammar and punctuation
  • Replacement of some amount of words with more appropriate and suitable
  • Vocabulary check
  • Giving to a text a single style
  • Making a text logic and consistent
  • Making information updated
  • Making a text sound according to the language norms
  • Giving to a text serious scientific, technical or special style

Your order on paper editing will be carried out by experts, who are Master’s and PhD degree holders. They are aware of all nuances of linguistic rules. The job they do is confidential and all the texts they present are unique.

Having ordered paper editing you will get:

  • Texts, which are not only unique and original, but also readable. Readers of your paper will read it with much pleasure.
  • Further work with edited text will be much easier and successful.
  • Qualitative, stylish and grammatically correct texts will improve your own reputation.
  • Others will treat you as intelligent, competent and reliable writer.

We provide services of high quality. If your paper has special, scientific or technical nature, then we select such an editor, who has knowledge on this field and who will work on this very special order. Our specialists can make your text easy to read or full of terms, comprehended and deep. Except human editing, the specialists also use professional programs for orthography check to provide 100% quality result of an edited paper.

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How much does editing and proofreading cost?

Editing is an extremely hard work. And it is even harder if editors need to correct written works of pupils and students or of capricious clients. However, it is not as much well paid as it should be, because many people think that it is a pretty easy job. And not everyone knows that for many proofreaders it would be much easier to write an absolutely new paper than edit “masterpieces” of others. And if something in a text is missed, editor is the one who is responsible for it.

In fact, editing and proofreading are two different processes. Editing is elimination of stylistics and logic mistakes. Editors remove words and phrases that are inappropriately and incorrectly used. Text should meet linguistic norms and editor makes it. Meanwhile proofreader is a person who removes spelling mistakes and misprints, without dealing with stylistics.

The point is that usually both processes are implemented by one and the same person. That is why these two concepts “editing” and “correction” have merged together and neither customers nor executors distinguish them. Indeed, how it can be possible to edit a text without correcting errors in it. And vise versa, if a person corrects mistakes, still he / she pays attention to repetitions, incorrect word use and so on. So an editor / proofreader provides two kinds of services at one price. Prices for our editing and other kinds of services you can found on our website in a table “fees / prices”.

Paper editing is necessary as “a look from aside”, i.e. the look of a professional editor to make required corrections, make text better, more powerful and effective. Editor makes text readable for the audience it is aimed at. If you have a draft of a text (any document or something else) that needs rework, let us edit it for you.

Professional editing

Editing implemented by professionals is a careful control of paper quality. Each editor, who works at our website, is an expert with deep knowledge and great experience in this sphere of activity.

Thousands of customers have already entrusted us their paper for editing and proofreading. For both, you and us, proofreading and edition of a text is the guarantee that your ideas will be maximally precisely and effectively expressed in written form. We are talking that your thoughts will be presented clearly, coherently and concisely. It means that we will give you a text devoid of any grammar and spelling errors, as well as neatly and elegantly structured and formatted.

What kinds of papers does our service work with?

Our service provides editing of different types of written works, for example: all types of academic papers, thesis / dissertation (there is a proofreading and editing thesis service), essays, articles, paragraphs and so on (https://essaycorrector.org/blog/best-dissertation-editor-for-you). Using our services you can be sure that your ideas will be correctly presented and thus they will be clear to your target audience. In such a way you protect yourself from misunderstanding and awkwardness, and no one will point at the errors in your documents.

According to your requirements we can combine two or more kinds of services (revision and editing, editing and proofreading and so on). Just contact our team to discuss your project and your order. Our supporting team will react to you request and give you an answer as soon as possible. Our specialists can follow any style and can implement editing of paper of any difficulty level. More details on our activities you can find on our website or contact us directly using special form or live chat, which is available at any time of day and night. We will be glad to get your message and answer your questions.

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