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All students know or at least have heard about plagiarism problem. This one is among current obstacles in studying process, which often causes many troubles. Our online editing service helps to avoid these troubles related to plagiarism matter. Professional rewriter of academic paper is a miracle tool that helps to find and remove any trace of plagiarism in a written work. Anti plagiarism system along with rewriting service can be ordered on our site.

Paper rewriter serves to avoid plagiarism in written papers

Organization of check process of students’ academic works for plagiarism is regulated by special authorities, which are responsible for examination of papers and discovering of possible plagiarism cases. Such authorities are usually present in universities, colleges, other educational establishments. Also, there are rules that are general for any written paper and accepted in educational establishments of any type. These rules are applied to works of students who study to obtain Bachelor, Master or PhD degree. More information on PhD thesis proofreading is here:

Written academic works include all written papers, which students build in process of their studying according to curriculum. This includes home assignments in written form, abstracts, compositions, tests, course works, diploma works, etc. According to rules, all academic works must be built by students on their own.

Plagiarism is…

We are talking about a kind of academic norms violation. It is defined as use in a written work other person’s text (or other object of copyright matter) published in written or in electronic format without full link (i.e. without mentioning name of author and source of borrowing) or with links, but in such a way that volume and nature of borrowings cause doubts about independence of performed work or one of its main paragraphs. Plagiarized text can be performed in two formats:

a) literal use of one's text, full usage of other object of copyright;

b) paraphrase, i.e. presentation of one’s words with their further replacement (for example, with synonyms) without change of content in a borrowed work.

Plagiarism check is obligatory

Check for plagiarism of student’s works for obtaining of any degree is obligatory. Check of other works for plagiarism, i.e. home assignment, abstracts, essays, test in order to assess the level of borrowing is performed in accordance with personal desire of educator (teacher, lecturer, professor). Students may check papers on their own or get professional assistance of experts in this field. Research paper rewriter is a real rescue when it goes about plagiarism.


In case of discovering of plagiarism in written paper, this very paper is either not allowed to be defended (when it goes about Bachelor, Master or PhD works), or there may be other kind of punishment defined by an educator. For example, it may be a bad grade or a task to rewrite paper anew. When we talk about thesis papers, which are more serious academic papers, with discovered plagiarism, student-author is subject to disciplinary action for violation of norm in academic written works creation according to established order. Use online quick essay proofreader to figure out whether text contains plagiarism or not.

Student is responsible for plagiarism in their works

When academic norms violation is discovered, nature of which cause doubts about independent implementation of written work or one of its main parts, an educator assesses this very work as of poor quality. Additionally, educator can make a note addressed to student’s academic head (supervisor) of educational program or dean of the faculty, in which situation is described. Educator can also attach (if possible) a copy of this work and its source along with a request for disciplinary action. Such a work is considered to be failed or not fulfilled.

Supervisor during five days from the date of such note receiving from educator organizes check of presented facts, also demands explanatory note from student. If there are grounds for applying disciplinary measures to a student, then procedure for imposition of disciplinary punishment in the established order is initiated.

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Creating a course work, diploma work, other type of written papers, it is obligatory to follow quotation rules. One may learn rules of making quotations and bibliography creation by:

  • studying specialized literature (i.e. methodical manual on the rules of scientific quoting);
  • getting acquainted with commonly accepted rules (state standard);
  • reading methodical recommendations on course or diploma works creation, or other information, which can be found on pages of educational programs.

Plagiarism percent

Percent of checked for plagiarism papers should be not less than 80%. Final decision on legitimacy of using borrowings in students’ academic papers is made by research supervisor, basing on report of “anti plagiarism” system. Research supervisor no later than three days before paper defense date checks text for originality on condition that during first technical check amount of borrowing is more than 20%. Want to reach absolute paper originality? Read here how to do this: In case of plagiarism discovering in a text, supervisor’s action procedure should be implemented in accordance with commonly accepted norms. If amount of borrowing is acceptable, then supervisor makes a response to performed work of a student, in which conclusion on text originality is presented. This conclusion can be taken into consideration while further paper defense and its evaluation.

One’s own works quoting

Students often ask about possibility to use their own written works (for example, course work or part of it) creating diploma work. Thesis creation can be based on generalization of course works built by student. Supervisor should help to make final conclusion on possibility to use one’s course work writing thesis. Plagiarism check is just a tool to help person. Task to define what is plagiarism and what is not rests on educator’s shoulders. Paper creation itself rests on shoulders of students. However, there is always possibility to entrust this task to course work proofreading service. Our site can be your best choice.

Except all this, in order to avoid self-plagiarism, duplication of earlier published information, there should be given links to one’s personal works (including course ones) and mention them in list of sources used. Only members of local commissions for thesis defense have right of final evaluation if written paper. If commission members, having analyzed presented work, make reasoned conclusion about presence of borrowings in paper, which cause doubts about its independent creation, then such a conclusion is final and irrevocable. Even in case when supervisor and “Anti plagiarism” system have not found plagiarism. Use our leading article rewriting service in order to avoid any trouble connected with plagiarism.

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