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Today it is not a secret at all that each written academic work should be original. However, everyone also knows that sometimes it is really hard to create a really original paper. And sometimes paper authors have to rewrite their works again and again trying to increase their originality. So what to do? What is the way out? We are ready to calm you down. Our professional website Essay Corrector is eager to offer you our services on academic papers creation, editing, proofreading and rewriting. We also offer to use such an option as proofreading rate PhD thesis, which guarantees that your thesis paper will be absolutely plagiarism and errors free. Our highly skilled dissertation editors and rewriters will do all the work for you neatly and fast. Our customers get results of high quality at affordable prices.

How to increase text originality? 7 practical tips on “non-plagiarism”

Tip #1. Turn all “borrowings” into quotations

What and how to do? Steps:

1. Send us your text.

2. We will check it with our professional “anti-plagiarism” system.

3. We will send you “decoded” text, in which all the fragments of plagiarism will be highlighted.

4. Paraphrase all the fragments, turning them into quotations.

If you want to get more details on how to order services of our research paper editor website, you are free to visit us online and contact our professional supporting team any time of day and night. We are always there for you ready to respond to any request of our customers.

Advice: Most “Anti Plagiarism” systems recognizes a piece of text as a quotation if it has on both sides the quotation marks, and if there is a reference to the source in square brackets right after the quotation marks (for example, “text fragment” [source]).

Comment: as the experience shows, if a borrowing is taken from a book or a well-known monograph, then “Anti Plagiarism” system most likely will recognize this certain fragment as a “white” quotation and in such a way the final evaluation point of originality will be increased.

Tip #2. Rebuild interlinear bibliographical references into the references to the Bibliography (List of References)

Comment: This method kills two birds with one stone when one tries to increase text originality.

1) List of References does not belong to the main text of dissertation (, which actually is being checked for plagiarism, but the text of references belongs to the main text. Any bibliographical reference, especially if it is a reference to well-known articles, publications or books, is defined as borrowing. Thus, removing interlinear bibliographical references, we can increase the originality of a text.

2) Reference to the Bibliography with the help of footnote, as the experiences shows, is not recognized by the “Anti Plagiarism” system as quotation. As we have already mentioned, quotation should have the following look: “text fragment” [source]. It means that it refers to the Reference list.

Tip #3. Rebuild large borrowing into Annexes to the thesis

Information: The main text of dissertation is being checked for plagiarism. The text begins with the very first words of “Introduction” and ends with the last words of “Conclusion”. List of References and Annexes are not included into the main text.

Comment: If a big fragment of borrowing is placed in Annexes (there can be any number of Annexes to dissertation), in such a way you remove the borrowing from the main text of dissertation and consequently increase its originality.

Tip #4. Present all the illustrative material as pictures

Comment: Only the text of dissertation is being checked for plagiarism. Illustrative material of dissertation includes tables, formula, drawings, diagrams, etc. So if text from tables / diagrams / drawings is recognized by the system of “Anti Plagiarism” as borrowing, then it makes sense to turn them into pictures.

Tip #5. Rebuild the borrowings into tables / pictures

Comment: Literature reviews, references to the results of other researchers and so on are often treated by the “Anti Plagiarism” system as borrowing. However, if you present the same data in the form of a table and present the table as a picture, then it becomes possible to increase the originality.

Warning: do not use this method for ordinary text.

Tip #6. Make text shorter


1. Send us your text.

2. Our specialists will check it with the help of “Anti Plagiarism” system.

3. We will send you “coloured” text, where the fragments of borrowing will be highlighted.

4. Rewrite all the big borrowing parts and replace them with your own several sentences.

Such a method will not only allow to increase originality, but will also make the text more clear and easier to comprehend. Do not be afraid to make dissertation shorter, especially do not be afraid to cut someone else’s paragraphs. Remember that “Brevity is the soul of wit”. Also if your dissertation is bigger than the allowed standard size, then you just must to cut it. It will be vey useful for your paper.

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Tip #7. Rewrite borrowings with your own words

Comment: “Anti Plagiarism” system operates absolutely formally. It means that it looks for exact text matches. Having rewritten the borrowed fragment with your own words, you will easily increase text originality. It is not simple, of course. However, such a skill later, as experience shows, becomes a good helper in life:

1) when you write reviews of your thesis (very few people today write reviews of others’ dissertations), you will have to write one and the same information in different words;

2) writing content for website, the process of text paraphrasing with your own words is called “rewriting”, and there is always demand for such kind of services.

Essence of Anti Plagiarism system

Now let’s discuss a little bit more in detail the issues on the text check (texts of thesis, research papers, essays, publications, articles and so on). Within the confines of this essay on thesis rewriting services ( we are interested in Anti Plagiarism system, because it is the most commonly used service to check the paper for plagiarism.

Anti Plagiarism

Such paid services that offer the customers services on search of plagiarism in the documents of different kind belong to the projects of “anti plagiarism” type. There are different portals on the Internet that provide suchlike services. They offer any customer to upload a document using special form and learn what parts of a text are not original and also such programs show the sources, from which these parts are probably taken and copied.

The application procedure of Anti Plagiarism system

It is important to know that good check bases include data of the big state libraries and various reliable internet sources. So when your paper is being checked for plagiarism, it means that there are taken into consideration not only internet sources, but data bases of libraries as well. Also there is good news for students, because now they have opportunity to use anti plagiarism systems created specially for educational institutions. Such systems allow to broaden the number of sources for search, and organize a single process of student written works and dissertations check for the presence of borrowing within an educational establishment.

Also you need to know that standard requirements for originality of a text depend on the type of paper. Thus for Master’s thesis usual requirements are at least 70% of originality, for PhD (doctoral) thesis it is required at least 80%, and for a publication (article) this is 90% of originality. Our PhD thesis proofreading services guarantees that your paper will have sufficient level of originality. You can absolutely rely on us.

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