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Most of our customers are students, who often appeal to our on line service for assistance because they have many other important businesses to do. We help them live their regular life, without being distracted by the trifles. As a consequence, they have more free time. How do they use this time? The answers are numerous. However, since the school and college years are the time of the first strong feelings, many young people fall in love. It can help with studying or interfere. Let’s look at both situations.

Teenage love: obstacle to study or developmental incentive?

Teenage love is a usual phenomenon. Almost every person faces the first serious feelings being 12-19 years old. The problem is that this is the time of the most serious stages in terms of studying: the time of finishing school and entrance exams. How does love influence school performance? The team of our experts tried to figure it out.

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School years and the first love

Glitter in the eyes, mysterious smile, and dreamy look: attentive parents will definitely notice these external manifestations of being in love. How to react to it? The most essential is not to panic. Parents should not judge harshly not to hurt their child’s feelings. Teenagers are pretty tender that is why it is necessary to be careful and tolerant. It is required to build trusting relationships so that a child could discuss any issue with the parents. It is important not to impose your own rules but listen and advise.

Treat seriously the child’s feelings. Teenage love may end in a couple of weeks, several months, few years, or it may turn into a lifelong love.

Irony, jokes, and mockery are the things to avoid when you communicate with a child at this age. It hurts children when their parents treat their relationships with disapproval, and it can push them to desperate decisions such as quarrel with the family, running away from home, or even hurting themselves.

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Love and school performance

Strong emotions that appear in the very beginning of relationships influence all the spheres of life, including studies. A person in love cannot focus on something else except for the object of his (her) love. That is why a student, in many cases, starts demonstrating a poor academic performance. However, it is more significant that love will continue influencing a child. The events may develop in different ways.

Love as a development incentive

If both a guy and a girl have the desire to study, if they understand that except for love there are many other important things, about which they need to think, there is nothing to worry about. Joint preparation for the subjects, mutual help, and aspiration to change for the better are the greatest achievements. Strong feelings will inspire.

Love as an obstacle to study

However, the events may develop in another way. The lack of motivation to study and the denial of all the problems except love ones are the step towards constant truancy and poor academic performance. It happens that one of the couple is good at studying, but since his (her) beloved does not share such an aspiration for study, that person starts demonstrating a poor performance as well. The temptation to neglect studying because of a new strong feeling is very big. If you do not want to lower your studying bar, let us assist you:

Help with prioritizing

If you have faced the situation when love is closer to the word “obstacle” rather than “incentive / motivation”, try to talk to a teenager in love seriously. Do not yell, do not moralize, but calmly discuss with a teen his (her) feelings. Hint that the teenager’s beloved should love not only his (her) external beauty, but also internal, and it means that it is not worth ignoring studies and self-development.

Tell about your first love. This will help you get the child’s trust. If the problem with academic performance is really big, offer the teen to prioritize. Define together how much time it is necessary to dedicate to studies, and the rest time can be spent resting or being with a loved one. If you are a parent, allow the couple to meet at your home. Let your child understand that you trust him (her). It will help change the situation for the better. Look for compromises with your child, it can solve all the problems.

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Places where you can learn except college

Another issue that we want to discuss within this post is where else, except college, you can get a good education. It is not necessary for everyone to study at college. It is worth considering other options that allow continuing education. In combination with a high motivation, it is possible to become a highly qualified specialist. Now we are going to tell you about the places where you can learn and get a profession.

1) Any other educational establishment

There are many educational establishments that offer a wide range of interesting and in-demand professions. Also, many of them allow getting real experience. If a profession is chosen correctly, it becomes possible to learn it at a high level. Being a qualified specialist, you will get employed successfully.

2) Workplace

A lot of big enterprises have the system of internship. The education process is guided by the experienced practicing specialists. Such an approach secures a high-quality immersion in the profession. Some companies even organize special courses, having passed which a student is hired for work.

3) Educational courses

It is not very hard to find appropriate educational courses on a profession that interests a graduate (hairdressing, cooking, car service, marketing, etc.). Usually, they do not last long and are focused on getting some specific skills. Also, right after finishing the courses, you can start working at once.

4) Internet

For those who are interested in the distant education, there are special online courses on many professions. Many of them are free or cost pretty cheap. Such education suits people who are organized and enthusiastic about the studied subject.

5) Home

Self-education is not easy for everyone, though the opportunities for it are almost limitless in our modern world: books, on-line resources, social networks, etc. The most essential is to set a goal and not to sit with your arms crossed. However, such an approach is not suitable if you want to work at the government institutions, medicine, and education system because they require having a degree. If you decide to get it, you will definitely need a competent helper with thesis papers, and we are ready to assist you anytime:

Parents can help with advice or support their child in any other way. Frankly speaking, a diploma is not always obligatory. If an alternative form of education fits a graduate better, there is no reason to be against it.

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We hope that this post lets you get much useful information. New knowledge is a great thing, but we can also bring you practical use. Delegate us your home written assignments and our experts will do it quickly and professionally for you. We can deal with any written assignment creation, as well as with editing, proofreading, rewriting, revision, and so on. Email us and specify your request. We will start doing it immediately. Expert help is closer than you think.

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