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Everyone knows that thesis creation (i.e. writing, check, editing, rewriting, etc.) is an extremely difficult challenge. If an applicant is ready to start creating it, he should realize and be ready for the fact that a lot of forces and energy will be spent on it. However, when thesis is finished, there is another almost unbearable task. We are talking about the process of thesis revision. We realize how much hard this task is, so our online revision service Essay Corrector is ready to provide you with professional help on this issue. And you may not worry about the prices of our services, they are absolutely affordable for any person. We also want to facilitate the life of our customers who decide to write thesis. That is why our experts have prepared and published for you these tips on how to write thesis. We hope that you will find much useful information.

15 tips how to write thesis

Thesis is not just one of the academic written works types, because it should contain new idea, a new look at science thoughts that have been already presented in the scientific world. Thesis should not be copied from the Internet, even if there are several sources used. It should be presented as an independent scientific work that has scientific novelty and makes contribution to the field of knowledge it has relation to. However, it is hard to find new ideas and set new tasks to something that has been studied before you. Anyway, whatever thesis is, each postgraduate student has to write it. If you follow certain rules and listen to advice of experts, then your scientific work will not become your nightmare. Specialists of our thesis editor website Essay Corrector once have written their own Master’s and PhD thesis works on their own. And now they help others in academic papers and other written works creation, so they will gladly share there professional knowledge, skills and experience with you ( The following tips will make the process of thesis creation easier and will also help to defend it at a decent level.

1. Choice of scientific adviser (supervisor)

Why is it the first point in our list? The answer is the following: because it influences directly how much successfully you will cope with the task. We do not advise you to choose as supervisor such a professor, who has very tight schedule, constant traveling and very little free time. Such a person is definitely very experienced and it would be great to learn from him. However, the problem is that he will not be able to spend much time with you and give you enough attention. As a consequence, a thesis will be written much worse than it could be if you had less eminent scientific adviser. Also remember that personal relationships between you should be at least neutral. Mutual respect is extremely important in such type of relationships.

2. Selection of the Dissertation Council

This choice you need to make before beginning your thesis creation. Take into consideration your basic specialty and profile of the work within some certain period of time.

3. The scientific specialty passport

The next step is studying of the passport of scientific specialty. According to it the chosen dissertation council accepts thesis for defense.

4. The object and subject of study

After the passport of specialty analysis, productive consultation with scientific advisor, as well as other professors of your faculty department, it is high time to define the object and subject of your research. The object is a part of a science field that an applicant studies, in which processes and phenomena are not completely studied. The main task of any type os research paper is the study of the object. It can be: certain elements of the object, study of their interrelation and influence on each other and so on. The part of the object that is being studied is called the subject of the research.

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5. Topicality (relevance)

After the object and subject are chosen, the topicality of studied issues is considered. Also an applicant implements evaluation of the timeliness and the need for their solutions.

6. Thesis topic

When thesis work topicality is proven, there is an opportunity to define the thesis topic, because the subject of study allows to define the theme of a scientific work. The theme title depends on the formulations of the object and subject of a research.

7. Hypothesis

Then a working hypothesis should be formed. An applicant should introduce and predict the expected result of work. These scientific positions will be presented at the thesis defense. They will be either proven or refuted.

8. Setting of the goals and tasks

It is necessary to formulate the goals and tasks of thesis, which eventually should lead to expected result achievement. Usually aim of the thesis is accordant to the topic of thesis, but it is required to add in the beginning or in the end such specific words as “to find…”, “to develop…”, “what provides efficient use…” and so on. To set the tasks, it is necessary to define the research stages. Each stage implies solution of a certain task. Also basing on the tasks, the structure of thesis is being formed.

9. Analysis of the literary sources

It is required to analyze the scientific works that have relation to the thesis theme. Analysis is carried out to specify the issues that are not studied well enough and require further deep studying.

10. Work conception

Development of conception consists of the main characteristics. They are topicality (we have mentioned it previously), goals and tasks (already set), object and subject of the research (you already know what they are), scientific novelty (grounding of the fact that this issue has not been solved yet in the scientific communities), scientific positions (which should be presented during the thesis defense), practical significance (use of the results for a certain field of science). Here you should also briefly describe the content of your research paper paragraphs ( Conception reveals the essence of a studied problem, its depth and advisability of thesis creation.

12. Thesis writing

When everything mentioned above is fulfilled, you may start writing the thesis text.

13. Structure

As well as all the types of academic papers, thesis should be written according to standard rules and structure is almost always the same. However, each educational institution may have its own requirements, so make sure that you are aware of them beforehand.

14. The daily schedule

You are probably thinking: “What relation does it have to thesis creation?” The qualitative characteristics depend on how much time you devote to the writing. Everyone understands that applicants are ordinary people, who usually have work and working hours, that is why they write usually late in the evening. Yes, personal life and meetings with friends should be postponed until the moment the thesis is finished.

15. Help

When you get acquainted with the list of things you need to do to create thesis work of good quality, you will probably start thinking of how to make this process easier. Our qualified expert team is ready to provide you with professional assistance on this issue, since our employees are holders of Master’s and PhD degree and perfectly know how to build great thesis. You can order thesis writing or revision service on our website. We provide guarantees for quality and uniqueness of the fulfilled order. So forget about sleepless nights and ban on communication with friends and enjoy your life using professional services provided by our website.

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