Evolution of English Grammar


For some people grammar is just a set of rules that they sometimes don’t even bother to use, for others – it’s the way of communicating and expressing themselves. As humans, we were born with an ability to understand language and a sense of how it’s supposed to be used. In early days, people used grammar without having any set of rules, without even thinking about it, till writing was invented. Even Shakespeare was sought of as a breaker of grammar rules. Nevertheless, Continue reading

Follow These Tips How To Use Reported Speech Like A Pro


Could you repeat, please, what this girl just said? Would you be so kind to report my speech to this boy? Tell him that it was me who asked him about this favor!None of us is able to avoid such phrases in his life and, in fact, it is unnecessary to do this. The productive life and sound intercommunication is impossible without using reported speech. Nearly every minute we are in need of telling somebody what another person said. How is it better to do this? There are just two methods how to ...Continue reading

Useful Tips How To Edit Your Essay Step By Step


How is it possible to become a better writer? How can you start avoiding the conflicting paragraphs and weasel-worded phrases in your manuscripts, which add more unclearness to the texts and lower their general quality? These questions arise in the head of every writer sooner or later. Everybody, who deals with writing in his everyday life, knows that even a good text may be turned into a brilliant one, which is free from both obvious and hidden errors. It is natural for every writer to strive ...Continue reading

Copyediting Or Copywriting: See No Difference?


The world of writing and publishing is much larger than a common man may think of it. The author is not the only person, who may be engaged in a process of any written content creation. It is a usual mistake to think that one man is able to compose a brilliant book and publish it as soon as it is finished. The advertising texts are not the product of one person’s strivings too. The circuit of this or that written message composing is long and complicated. It comprises a lot of stages and ...Continue reading

Book Proofreading Can Be Easy With These Tips


You are a writer and you have just entered the final straight. It seems that there is only one step that separates you from accomplishing your dear life project. Finally, the last phrase has been written down and the full stop has been put at the end of this so long-awaited sentence. Hurrah! The book, on creation of which you put all your energy and time, is finished successfully! Each author, who has ever been engaged in a tiresome process of book writing, knows that the specter of emotions, ...Continue reading

Proofreading VS Editing: Definition And Difference


Each author, who deals with writing in the call of duty or by force of any circumstances that don’t depend on him, know that before a correct, laconic, and excellently composed text is ready, first it should get through several stages. Even the poor writers know that such a long-awaited product as the finished content is a mixture of energy-demanding and time-consuming processes: writing, editing, and proofreading. If nobody needs to be explained what writing is, the next two stages are Continue reading

Top 25 Most Searched Universities In The World


Internatization has already penetrated into all spheres of our life and educational one hasn’t been avoided the changes. More and more students decide in favor of online courses instead of visiting the real ones. Such a preference is not accidental: getting of high education online reduces an array of problems, which arise in front of the foreign students, who come from another cities and countries. Online studying solves the main problem – living in campus and spending pretty Continue reading

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