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Is perfectionism required in studying?

Probably, all parents dream about the success of their offspring in any matter. They want their child to be in the middle of attention, conquer new heights. It would seem harmless dreams but, usually, they are accompanied by moral pressure from the side of parents’ authority. A child has to meet the standards of a demanding mother. But what is such a life position worth?

What is perfectionism? What are its features?

This notion causes many questions, and almost all of them disappear when we hear its synonym “the syndrome of a high achiever”. In fact, perfectionism is the striving of a man for own impeccability since the early childhood. This desire does not appear from a “zero point”. Most often, demanding parents push their children to behave like this because children do not want to fail their parents or to seem underachievers. Usually, the girls suffer from perfectionism, beginning with the early school years, because they are sure that they must be better than their peers and strive to be praised by others. Use the best academic editing service for this purpose.

Scientists have proved that this is a kind of “mental disease”, which is obtained and partly requires treatment. If it is already the matter of diagnosis, there is the question about what its symptoms are, what we need pay attention to, in order to recognize a perfectionist. Below some criteria of assessment are presented and they, in fact, do not have age limits. So:

  • Categoricalness about everything;
  • Vision of life in black and white;
  • Aspiration for leadership at school, university, work;
  • Motivation to study is the general admiration and excellent grades;
  • Unstable self-assessment, which depends on others’ opinion;
  • Painful perception of one's own mistakes and joy when others make mistakes and fail;
  • Strong need for praise, compliments and general recognition;
  • Treatment of every personal failure as a life tragedy;
  • Zealous attitude to the success and achievements of others;
  • Emotional instability, tendency to depression.

Naturally, these are just some symptoms that are used to characterize a perfectionist. Scientists have discovered the following regularity: the older a perfectionist becomes the more weirdness appears. Simply saying, growing older, a person becomes more withdrawn, self-critical, rude and unsociable. All this negatively influence one’s mental state, relationships with the surrounding world and further life, in general. As we can see, the diagnosis is not that much simple. Fortunately, there are many things that can make us happier. For example, an online cheap essay editor allows saving your money.

Perfectionism in studenthood: what to expect?

It is pretty easy to define such a model student: he (she) always sits close to a teacher, trying to have an eye contact, always makes comments about the subject discussed and, frankly speaking, annoys everyone else.

The teachers’ mind: f course, it is nice when, in a classroom, among so many students, there is at least one, who is really interested in studying and what a teacher is telling. However, the constant remarks and comments can “knock you down”, first, and then, they start annoying, causing not very pleasant emotions. You have the desire to calm such a student down but you have to continue reading a lecture, controlling your emotions.

The students’ mind: there is not much to say, a perfectionist irritates other students in an academic group because such a student thinks that he (she) is smarter than others. These thoughts are not only on his (hers) mind but they are often expressed in the actions, behavior, and words. A perfectionist always tries to demonstrate his (hers) superiority with another wise thought, proclaiming in such a way general dissatisfaction. Of course, there are no mass conflicts because other students often ask a perfectionist to help, when the exams come. If you do not want to ask such a person to help, we advise appealing to the experts: https://essaycorrector.org/blog/college-essay-editing-service--magic-trick-for-students.

The perfectionist’s mind: a person considers oneself smarter than others and sits in front of a teacher just to demonstrate his (hers) deep knowledge, a strong aspiration to study and make another teacher like him (her). A perfectionist is sure that others admire him (her). That is why, in case of failure of mistake making, he (she) experiences it very painfully. Maybe no one even has noticed it, but a perfectionist thinks that he (she) is publicly embarrassed and now everyone will start making fun of this situation.

Of course, the situation is not the most pleasant one. However, it is hard to find an academic group without at least one perfectionist (luckily, it is easy to find a qualified essay proofreading service). And if such high achievers are several, the competition among them is inescapable. Every excellent pupil tries to prove to oneself, teachers and fellow students that he (she) is smarter, wiser and more experienced and, at the same time, does not admit the genius of opponent’s knowledge. It will be hard because another excellent pupil acts in the same way, trying to prove his (hers) superiority.

Posts that will bring many benefits:

Positive features of perfectionism

Perfectionism is a pretty common phenomenon that is an integral part of today’s society. There would not be such a rapid development of scientific and technical progress, without the representatives of perfectionism. For example, there is an opinion that all Japanese are real perfectionists because they make an enormous contribution to the development of science (and not only) every day. Nevertheless, let us not think so much globally and try to figure out what benefit the perfectionists bring. Is that any benefit at all? Whatever surprising it would seem, but academic performance is below average, without perfectionists, because they study perfectly and sometimes help other students.

There are other positive features:

  • expanded outlook, the opportunity to discuss the most unexpected topics;
  • sociability and rapid climbing up the career ladder (https://essaycorrector.org/blog/how-proper-grammar-can-help-to-climb-ladder);
  • aspiration for perfection, lifelong self-education, increased self-improvement;
  • excellent leaders (managing employees) with deep knowledge of business;
  • real perception of the world;
  • help and support the best friends;
  • pride and admiration of parents;
  • excellent graduation, qualified specialists;
  • new discoveries, colossal contribution to science;
  • constant raise of one’s own bar.

In the last point, we need to specify that such ambitions may not only elevate you but also doom to failure. Raising the bar is a good motivation in spots, but in real life, it can turn into an unbearable load that is very hard to carry. You should always keep it in mind.

Negative features of perfectionism

If a student realizes that he (she) has turned into a perfectionist, or friends have started to hint at this, it is necessary to reconsider the values of life and life, in general. The point is that the representatives of this “class” live difficult life because the constant criticality to yourself and categoricalness to others can lead to the loneliness and even suicidal thoughts.

There are other negative features that require attention:

  • misunderstandings in society, difference between priorities and life stereotypes;
  • lack of contact with the representative of the opposite sex;
  • painful experience of one’s own mistakes;
  • problems in communication with the loved ones and children (in the future);
  • life on the verge of “all or nothing”;
  • inability to enjoy life, consumer attitude;
  • tendency to depressive state;
  • periodic feeling of self-worthlessness and uselessness;
  • inability or difficulty to confront the circumstances;
  • constant self-search (often without results).

It becomes pretty obvious that such a person faces many difficult situations not only at school or university but also throughout the rest of life. A perfectionist realizes that he (she) is born in the wrong world and somewhat ahead of the time. Such a feeling seriously harms self-esteem, as a result, the signs of nervous or mental illnesses appear. It is not fun at all to live on the verge of good and evil.

General recommendations

If your friend is a strongly marked perfectionist, do not ignore or push him (her) away. Every person is as he (she) should be, do not try to adjust him (her) to your life vision. In order to avoid household or educational conflicts, you need to remember the following communication rules. They will help to come to a compromise and prolong the state of peace in a student group. So:

1. Do not argue about the studying matter because a perfectionist will make out one's case for many days and will never admit that he (she) can be mistaken (even if it is really so).

2. Do not point at the perfectionist’s mistakes because their recognition leads to deep depression and feeling of own worthlessness in this life.

3. Do not comment on or praise (criticize) the perfectionist’s actions because he (she) either gets upset or becomes presumptuous, feeling his (hers) superiority.

4. Try to discuss some abstract topics, have common friends, fun company, so that a perfectionist could think about other aspects of life not to be too much focused on studying, new knowledge, science, etc.

5. Praise your soulmate (if it happens that you fall in love with a perfectionist), admire his (hers) intelligence, reasonableness and life wisdom.

Our modern society is full of perfectionists, and their number has increased greatly over the last decade. They strive for leadership, they are categorical to themselves and others. So, let they live and progress. It would be boring at home, without them, it would be dull at work, not fun at the university, and even outside there would not be people, with whom you could argue time to time.

Now you know everything about perfectionism and you should decide on your own whether it can be necessary or useful in studying.

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