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How can a student eat correctly, living in a dormitory? Can you answer this question and correct my writing, simultaneously?

Food is a very special issue for every student. Many people say jokingly that the student years are the hungry years. Many students, arriving from other cities, live in a dormitory. From now on, and almost till the end of study, a student is hungry. Food somehow transmits to the “luxury” category that is available on some big occasions only. Many students neglect their food habits during the student years. But this is a very big mistake.

Why do not the students eat well, living in a dormitory?

All students’ troubles are caused by:

1. Time lack. In order to cook good lunch or dinner, it takes about 1-1.5 hour. “What a luxury!” someone may say and will be absolutely right! Today every single minute of every day is occupied with something because there are so many tasks. A student that wants to study well has limited free time. The time is not allocated to the food cooking at all, and a student eats in cafes or different canteens, or the allocated time is so much little that a student manages to cook only something very simple, such as pasta. Nevertheless, “simple” does not necessarily mean “bad”. Check out our simple to use essay proofreading service to make sure.

2. Money lack. Many young people just do not have “free money” to buy healthy components for their meals. There is more, the students often have some money (it would be weird, if they have had nothing at all), which their parents give them, but the students spend them on more significant (as they think) things, such as going to the cinema or a new purchase. Many young men act in such a way.

3. Laziness. However, probably one of the most common and main reasons for student hungry life is the laziness. After a hard working day, sometimes, all we want is to come home as soon as possible, lie down on the bed because there is no energy at all. Besides, when it is spring and weather changes all the time, people experience increased fatigue.

When you have a little rest, you feel like you are ready to cook something tasty, as luck would have it, someone comes to your room and distracts you from the idea to cook something healthy. So, instead of it, you make quickly a sandwich, drink yogurt or juice, and it seems as if you are full already. Consequently, why do you need to spend time in the kitchen with the oven, if you can have a quick, convenient and nourishing meal?

It could be so and you really can act so, when you lack time. However, do not make such snacks your habit. Your body will not be glad with them, believe us. This is the same as if you would leave the house and go to the university, wearing home clothes and sleepers. Would you feel convenient among such people? No? Something approximately the same you do to your stomach, believing that it can endure anything. It will endure but only until some certain moment that is called “gastric ulcer”. Do not think that it can never affect you. According to statistics, more than half of young people suffer from stomach ulcer. Such a disease is more usual for older people. But you are young! You want to reach some heights in your life, actualize yourself, do not you? However, with a disease got in young age (because of silliness), your self-actualization will be limited to the hospitals, where you will become a regular patient. If such a perspective terrifies you, we will give several reliable tips on how not to spoil your stomach and eat healthy food during the student years. The first step towards your happy life looks like this: https://essaycorrector.org/blog/professional-paper-editing-service-happy-life-ticket.

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Tips for a student: how to eat well in a dormitory

Tip #1. Learn to cook healthy meals. Probably, everyone knows how to cook pasta or fry eggs. However, not so many people can cook something more serious, such as a baked chicken with potatoes or some other delicious dish. Who can help you improve your cooking skills? If you are a girl, it is easier for you because it is believed that the girls know the basics of cooking and they are taught to do this at home, at school or wherever else. They boys, however, should not despair and do the following. When the next time you are at home on vacation or on the weekend, ask your mothers and grandmothers about how they cook. Observe what they do. Try to assist them. Before coming back to the dormitory, take a few recipes of the simplest and relatively not time-consuming dishes. We believe that your moms will gladly share their secrets with you.

Tip #2. Cook in the evening. If you do not have time to cook after the classes, then, you have to cook “for future use”. Thus, after university, you come tired and hungry and all you need to do is to warm up your pre-cooked dinner. This will not be some prepack but healthy food, naturally, on condition that you can cook well (read the previous paragraph). The most important is not to let others eat your food instead of you. Thus, you need to do everything quickly and prefer the fast academic editing services, for the better result.

Tip #3. Cook by turns. If you live in a dormitory, it means you have the roommates. For sure, they have the same food problems as you. So, will not it be easier to solve the common problem together? Gather and decide who and when will cook. This will allow you to increase the quality of food you eat (if your roommates can cook, of course). If you have “common meal”, then, except the food benefits, you also will benefit from the money spent on food. So, even if you want to eat some bigger amount of good food than it is allowed, you will not be limited to your meals only. The most important is to define at once the necessary expenses for food, not to face later the problems that someone does not eat much enough and so on. By the way, wondering “where to edit my essay for a modest price?”, get the answer on our site.

Tip #4. Eat in the trusted and tested places. If you cannot follow any of the given tips, then, we have one more for you. You probably know several students that live in a dormitory longer than you. Consequently, they are aware of the places close to your place of residence, where you can eat well. Ask them where you can go to eat something tasty and cheap. The seniors understand you better than others because they used to be like you (or they are like you now). Naturally, we do not mean the fast food restaurants. We are talking about high-quality food that will not harm your young body. If you prefer high quality in every matter, we have something to offer: https://essaycorrector.org/blog/thesis-proofreading-service-quality-approved.

What does it imply? First, it should be something not very fatty. Second, do not eat too much before sleep, it will only harm you. As you can see, we are not saying that you need to eat exquisite food in restaurants. Not at all. We just want you to eat maybe a little be more modest but healthy food. Remember that healthy food is homemade food. Your mother hardly used to cook fries and give you cola every day. That is why recollect what you eat at home and try to cook (or buy, at least) such food that is similar to your home diet.

The most important is not to eat much fast food, different hot dogs and sodas. Keep in mind that your body takes for its needs what you eat. So, do not poison it, especially, when you have an alternative to what and in what quantities to eat. Most young people do not think much about their health, when they are young. Fortunately, most of them know that drugs, alcohol and cigarettes are bad. But unhealthy food is bad, as well. The more soda you drink or eat fast food the faster stomach diseases appear. We do not agitate you to quite such food for good. No. We just want to let you know that a big amount of unhealthy food is harmful to your health. A glass of cola per week is the maximum. Do not try to make excuses that you do not have time to eat well. Later, such excuses will make you pay, and the payment will be your health. So, be well-fed and healthy!

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