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A weird teacher: what to do?

What to do if one of your teachers is weird (or even insane)? At school the problem of the weird teachers is level somehow, mostly due to the fact that you interact with the teachers for many years (five, seven, or even more) and, nolens volens, you get used to the weirdness of a teacher and eventually, this very teacher does not seem much weird. Studying at the university is absolutely different matter. Here the teachers change almost every semester and it is a real nightmare if one of those “problem” teachers starts reading lectures to you. How to deal with it… You come to the university, after vacation, you feel relax, there is a new semester, new impressions, and here you get such “happiness”. How to survive the semester with such a teacher?

The very first thing we want to tell you is not to panic ahead of time. It is possible that a teacher has some troubles (for instance, there is a baby that does not sleep well at night), consequently, during the classes, your new teacher may seem a little bit (or much) lost. Only after a few weeks, you can judge about the problem of teacher’s inadequacy. But what to do if this is the case when a teacher is full of energy and inadequacy, in addition? There is nothing to do… Fortunately, this is just a joke. Realize that every person is unique and everything goes on and changes. In order not to be bothered by the teacher’s extraordinary behavior, you can just ignore his (hers) actions.

1) Pretend that you do not care what a teacher does. Maybe, he (she) just wants to impress you, i.e. to gain the audience’s liking. Do not let such behavior deceive and bewilder you. Behave naturally and at ease. And do not forget about the best essay editing service on the web that can make your studying even more pleasant than it is now.

2) Do not sit too close. If your new teacher does not calm down and you cannot stand his (hers) crazy actions any longer, then, do not hurt your psyche and sit as far as possible when you attend the lectures. There it will harder to reach you out. Even if he (she) reaches you out, it will not happen with you as much often as with other students, who sit closer.

3) Focus on studying, not on the teacher’s conduct. Try to pay attention to the teacher’s weird actions. You entered university to gain knowledge (these universities will give you really good knowledge, for sure: https://essaycorrector.org/blog/top-25-most-searched-universities-in-the-world). Thus, focus only on useful information, knowledge that this teacher gives you. If the teacher does not give you any knowledge, the whole your student group can appeal to the dean’s office to make a complaint. Believe us, your teacher will “pull oneself together” at once, being afraid to lose the job, which is not easy to find today. So, in order to keep the job, he (she) will start reading lectures and giving knowledge as it should be. Also, do not be afraid of the consequences of your joint complaint. This is something temporary, you need just to wait for a while, the things will settle down soon and the life will go on. The next time with another group of students, this teacher will not behave so much frivolously. Additionally, we would advise you to find a papers proof reader that will help you avoid many troubles related to studies.

4) Talk to the teacher directly. Nevertheless, we would not recommend going to the dean’s office to complain about a careless teacher. It would be better to come together to this teacher and tell directly that such style of conduct does not suit you. Maybe, a new teacher just has not got used to the new students and feels a little bit nervous in front of a new audience. A sincere talk will remove a large share of this uncertainty. It means that further the teaching will be of higher quality and the teacher will feel more confident. The students can also feel more confident, using our essay revision for free.

All people are different and, in adult life, it becomes even more noticeable. Previously, if there were a problem, people used to fight, i.e. had the wars. We live in the 21st century, in which there is no place for wars, even for micro-conflicts, but there should be the reasonable negotiations on the most urgent problems. Remember that “a bad peace is better than a good quarrel”. That is why do not conflict with the teachers for anything. Act confidently, if the teacher’s behavior is not within the bounds of decency. If you want to be satisfied not only with your teachers but with your papers, as well, apply to the specialists for help: https://essaycorrector.org/blog/stay-satisfied-with-essay-proofreader-free.

We think it would be appropriate to present the opinion of a teacher, in addition: “Advice for the students: do not focus too much on the tips given above. Also, do not go to the dean’s office at once. If you act so, you risk making a weird teacher even angrier and worsening your relationships more. You can go to the dean only when all other reasonable ways to influence the situation are used”. Anyway, we wish you good luck and have only the adequate friendly and really intelligent teachers, with whom you will have good relationships and firm knowledge.

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