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Every person has its own worries, troubles, and fears. The students have them twice more. We cannot promise that we will make all fears disappear. However, we can guarantee that we will deal with the troubles and challenges related to the college papers for you. There are other guarantees from our side, which are the best essay editing online, high quality of each executed order, on-site twenty-four-hour support, on-time home delivery, big discounts, freebies and various pleasant bonuses from our specialists. It is possible to get it all. Get it right now: email us and specify your request. We are always there, waiting for you. For now, read what exactly fears the students have and how to fight with them.

What are the biggest fears of a student? You can get rid of some of them, hiring an editor

Every person has its fears, and the students have them twice more. This is not the sign of cowardice and faint-heartedness. The reason is that the students have what to lose, i.e. the prospective future and successful career. We think you have already guessed what we want to talk about. And we hope that this topic will interest you greatly. So, what are the students afraid of the most and how to get rid of the phobias? We have made the rating of student fears that one way or another, every student has experienced.

10th place: to lose the notes. Those who have not studied at the university will never understand this fear. However, the real students perfectly know that the notes are among the most valuable things in a bag. There are students who do not have their own notes and the reasons for this can be different. Nevertheless, the good full notes become priceless on the eve of an exam. That is why a big inner fear that the notes can be lost appears. And this can happen right before an exam, at the most inopportune moment. Not to let this happen, it is important not to think too much about that and keep one's eyes open. In addition, you can have a reliable helper that will always assist you:

9th place: to oversleep for the university. This fear is also present in the consciousness of every student and it manifests itself in different life situations. For instance, some students are afraid to oversleep for the class of a strict lecturer, others are afraid to wake up when an exam at the university has already started. Such a phobia is easily explained because the nights before an exam are sleepless, the sleep comes at the most unexpected moment, and it is often very deep and sound. Thus, a student can fall asleep at dawn and wake up when other students have already begun to “defend” their final grade. Even if this is just a fear, it deprives of sleep and rest, especially on the eve of a responsible exam.

If you oversleep, you should know that you will probably have problems because you will not manage to pass an exam on this day. Besides, in such a way, you can spoil your reputation greatly. So, it is better not to experiment, let this fear remain just fear. The real punctuality is much more important. A professional paper proofreader will help avoid the risks connected with the quality of your papers.

8th place: to be late for an exam. This problem is real because the half of the students is regularly late for the classes, and the third of them manages not to be on time for an important exam. Such lateness can cause unpleasant consequences, and the teacher’s reaction can be unpredictable. A teacher may not allow you to pass an exam or even not allow you to enter the classroom, or just wait when you start answering and vent his (hers) anger on you. This fear does not appear “from nothing”. Usually, the students who systematically violate the commonly accepted at the university rules experience it. Not to let the fear come true, you need to set several alarms, before an exam, and after awakening, understanding the responsibility of the event, hurry to the university and come on time, making everyone else feel surprised, including your teacher. What else can surprise everyone? A paper proofreader for free is really surprising.

7th place: to lose a phone or some other gadget. There is no secret that the students have the latest gadgets. How they manage to have them is a mystery because everyone knows that the students usually lack money and try to save it. Anyway, such devices cost a fortune, consequently, their theft or loss causes many troubles and unexpected financial expenses. If a student loses a phone, this is the problem of the universal scale because the number of contacts in the address book can never be restored. That is why the students, just like any other modern person, are afraid to lose their devices. We can often observe the students who feverishly look for their phones in a bag or those who treat their tablets with special tenderness and attention. The most important is that the fear should not turn into greed. Otherwise, you will have to cure another absolutely different phobia.

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6th place: to be publicly mocked (shame). Just like any sane person, a student is afraid to be ashamed, publicly ashamed in particular. This phobia appears at the beginning of the first course, when a student needs to speak publicly, in front of others, and answer the questions of a teacher (who is not always tactful). Stiffness and restraint are just some of emotions that prevail in the consciousness of a student, at the moment of public speaking. In addition, the wrong answered are often accompanied by the trembling of the hands, chin or voice, the redness of cheeks or cold sweat. All symptoms of fear are obvious. The most amazing is that over the years this phobia does go away but becomes a little bit less obvious. It usually manifests itself when a student defends a thesis paper or a diploma project, when the future and prospective career of a student depend on a grade. The fear can be overcome. However, the public shame, in real life, can finally “smash” a student and lower the self-esteem to a zero mark.

5th place: to lose money. The biggest unpleasantness for a student is the loss of money, especially if one’s budget is limited and has the restrained in possibilities. Naturally, it can happen to everyone. Nevertheless, it is better to prevent the situation not to regret later. That is why one of the biggest fears of a student is to lose money. It does not matter what amount is lost, it is unpleasant, anyway. It is not possible to get rid of it. Usually, the students who have experienced it once are afraid of it. It is a real disaster for the greedy students. The good news is that our expert essay editing service is free, just contact us for more details.

4th place: to be punished by a dean. Every student (even an A student) is afraid of a scandal and being punished by the dean. This fear “chase” some students more often, meanwhile, others try not to treat it seriously. Anyway, if a student is called to the dean’s office, it makes anyone nervous. Not the place itself is scary but the information that a student can hear from the dean. Many students become nervous because of unawareness. The scariest thoughts come to the head, at such moment, in particular, the thoughts about expulsion. The inner worries and anxiety stop only after the conversation with the dean when everything becomes clear.

3rd place: to be caught with a cheat sheet. Here three leaders come. It becomes interesting what phobias are especially widespread among the students and can cause the real terror inside the students’ souls. We shall begin with the third place that is occupied with the fear of being caught with a cheat sheet by a strict teacher. A cheat sheet is the eternal and loyal friend and helper of a student. However, due to the poor handling, it can become the cause of failure at an exam, for example. Thus, any student is afraid that the cheating will be discovered and a teacher will not only take a cheat sheet away, but also make this very student go out of the classroom and finish the exam earlier.

Such a phobia does not appear on its own, and it is enhanced by the stories of the senior students about the teachers – “monsters”, who have the perfect eyesight and can notice any cheat sheet before a student reaches it out. It is easy to fight the fear: do not write the cheat sheets. If you are not sure you can use it unnoticed, it is better not to take it to the exam at all. Otherwise, there can be troubles that can make the important exam stop.

2nd place: to fail an exam. Any student is afraid to fail an exam. There is no wonder because it causes many problems that can totally spoil the calm and fun life of a student. The failure of an exam is, first of all, additional time spent on learning and another attempt to pass an exam, which will be much more strictly assessed than the first one. The teachers to “give the lesson” to a lazy student say that it is required to know more and try harder to get a sufficient grade. The failure of an exam is the great risk for those, who get the stipend. As a rule, the students, who do not pass some exam on the first try, lose their stipend. If a student does not retake the exam failed and ignores the teacher’s remarks and requirements, there is the high chance that this student can be expelled soon.

1st place: to be expelled. The biggest fear of a student has always been, is now and will always be the expulsion. This is what absolutely all students are afraid of because it is hard to enter the university again, and no one wants to lose the precious years, in vain. That is why the thoughts about expulsion become the stimulus that makes the students try hard to study well. In practice, the fear of expulsion does miracles, making the laziest students start studying better. If you need to enter university, consider some of these ones:

Naturally, there are other fears. We have presented the most widespread among them. Nevertheless, always keep in mind that any fear can be overcome. You are aware of the phobias now. How to fight them is up to you.

The years spent at the university are fun, in general, but sometimes they can be “shadowed” by seemingly endless tasks and assignments and some student fears. Concerning the fears, we have told what can be done. Concerning the college assignments, we can assume them. Whatever task you might have, our specialists will cope with it professionally. In addition, the executed task will be delivered to you on time, before the deadline, you will get your personal bonus and a nice discount. Our experts do their best to satisfy all the demands you have to your papers. You can make sure on your own. Visit the site and let us get to know each other.

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