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The way to make a student group more close-knit

We all realize that the university academic groups consist of absolutely various (often absolutely opposite) people. Everyone has its own temper, features and hobbies, and the most important is that many freshmen do not want to build relationships with others or find a compromise in a controversial situation at the university. It seems that if there are no conflicts, there are no problems. However, it only seems so. People have not used yet to stay together within some common territory, to communicate in a friendly way, and be somehow dependent on each other.

Well, this is high time to deal with the development of team spirit and the establishment of friendly relationships in a new team, in which the competition, juvenile maximalism, and teenage vanity rule. This is so-called inflammable mixture, but there is no other way but to find the points of contact. In fact, this is the business of a group leader or a curator because they are officially responsible for the group in general, and each its member, in particular. But how to do this? There are several tested ways. By the way, a good leader would recommend others a good and free essay editing service for the best result possible.

Option #1: “We are doing great”

Nothing can make people closer but joint time spending. Naturally, we mean a good and fun party. The only thing left is to find a nice suitable place, appropriate time and an occasion to have fun. Your imagination should help. The students know how to party from the very beginning. Order an essay and have more time to party:

So, the first occasion to celebrate is the beginning of studies; the second is the acquaintance; the third one is the first exam successfully passed, etc. The most important is to gather altogether and to create such conditions that suit everyone who is present. For example, one student group chooses some quiet café, another one prefers a university canteen, and another one wants to gather at someone’s place.

It is strongly not recommended to drink alcohol at suchlike “meetings of acquaintance” because the noisy members of a student group do not know each other well yet, so it is hard to predict who and how behaves when drinks alcohol. Of course, it is not forbidden to drink but the leader of an academic group should control this important matter. In order to spend time well, it is necessary to prepare a kind of “celebration script” and choose the most active students, who will keep the spirit of fun and will have others have fun as well.

It is not recommended inviting a curator for such an event because the atmosphere will become tense at once, and there will be very limited list of topics to discuss. In general, this is a great way to make a student group more close-knit. The most important is to think about all details in advance and discuss them with other group members so that everyone would be pleased. By the way, it can be interesting to discuss the copyediting vs copywriting service issue.

Option #2: “Let’s go camping”

The best way to make a group well-knit is to organize a joint trip or spend the weekend somewhere in the countryside with the tents.

  • First, this is pretty amusing to prepare for camping together, to discuss food place, and so on.
  • Second, there are no awkward silent moments during camping that make the situation worse.
  • Third, common photos taken outside are another step towards the good and solid relationships in a group. Also, there will be joint emotions and memories that are pleasant to recollect in the future.
  • Fourth, some joint occupation always makes people closer, for instance, installation of tents, collection of firewood, cooking, even guitar songs will a student group members closer.
  • And the last point: the students can get known much new and interesting about each other’s lives, experience new emotions and demonstrate their sympathy to other members of an academic group.

The only thing we want to add is that any group event requires appropriate preparation and organization as well. For this purpose, it is necessary to choose an active team member that will deal with all the details. This person should do everything possible to organize an event well and to make others want to gather again and again.

This time it will be okay to invite a curator, who can ensure the safety of your event and will make sure that all students will get to their homes when everything ends. It is easy to communicate with a curator in such an unofficial atmosphere, and the curator of a group will also behave differently. Believe us, the relationships with other students will become much better after such joint time spending.

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Option #3: the “WOW” team

As everyone knows, modern universities hold different sports competitions, in which all courses and all academic groups should take part. The idea is good, i.e. to check the students’ physical abilities and make the groups more solid with the help of desire to win. Usually, suchlike events are held in autumn and spring outside when the weather is pretty warm and sunny.

So when you have entered the university, already in September, you can build good relationships with other students, get known each other better and maybe even find friends.

The things that will be required from your sports team are the name, motto, and the leader of your team, naturally. Also, an excellent physical preparation will not be excessive because the desired result is the victory. If you want to be a winner always, our tips on expert essay proofreading should help you.

During the competition stages the group members can know each other better, find common topics to discuss, find out what hobbies each other has, assess the physical preparation and find out what ambitions everyone has. In addition, there can be a great reason to gather to celebrate the victory or support each other after the loss. Anyway, there will be many memories that are always pleasant to recollect altogether.

Option #4: “I am just one of you. My name is, my name is…”

In order to make an academic group more solid, it is necessary to hold so-called “student hours”. This is a great variant that many European universities use. However, it is necessary to start bringing it to life in the very beginning already.

What does it mean?

You need to choose a day, Friday for example, when all students gather in a classroom in their free time and discuss all current issues without teachers. They need to discuss everything that has happened during the week, handle the conflicts (if there are conflicts) and solve other common problems.

It is not recommended inviting a curator. However, it is obligatory for all students to be present. They can discuss the poor academic performance, achievements in the field of art and spot, some emergency cases, coming holidays and vacation, trips, different university events, etc. In short, all current topics should be presented and discussed.

If there is a really strong necessity, you can ask your curator to come and help you solve some problems. It is also possible that other teachers and professors can visit your meeting. However, it is important to act in such a way that a teacher / professor should understand your invitation correctly, and also it is important not to make him (her) angry or irritated. Many modern students cannot organize the student hours on their own. That is why the curator of a group should give them such advice based on his (hers) own experience and the experience of many European universities. One more thing, many European students already prefer professional help:

Option #5: joint activity or “let’s publish a newspaper”

A newspaper creation, editing and publication are something that unites many students. Usually, the leader of a student group organizes and controls suchlike activity. It is great if all students of academic group take part in its creation because the joint activities and time spending make people closer, as everybody knows. The process may last several hours or several days. Anyway, time goes by fast and the students have fun, in the meantime. Everyone has some talent that can be useful for suchlike joint work.

The conclusion is that it is not very hard to make an academic group more close-knit. The most important is to act together, do not get detached, and look for the common points. Naturally, the situations can be various. Nevertheless, we believe that intelligent and kind people gather at the universities, who have come to gain knowledge and make friends, not to conflict or argue. Very often, people who used to be strangers become close friends, and their friendship lasts for many years. Now you know what to do, so act.

Order our essays proof reading services and keep having a good time

Alright, we have shared several really good tested tips on how to improve the relationships with other students in your group. You will definitely need time to bring them to life. We can easily provide at least several free hours a day for you. Our specialists will deal with your college papers, create, correct or rewrite them for you, if necessary, while you will be busy with something else important for you. This is your chance to live your student years as you want!

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