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Coffee during the examination period: to drink, or not to drink, that is the question

They say that the students live from one examination period to another one, having fun, in the meantime. This is the truth tested by years. However, sooner or later, this very period when the students need to put much information in their heads comes. Usually, the time they have to do it is very limited. Another problem is that, on the eve of the coming examination period, they start remembering that they have many “gaps” in many subjects, which they need to fix simultaneously. Luckily, you can appeal to an essay proofreader for free and check your grammar online. It will facilitate your studying greatly.

What to do?

There is not enough time, in the daytime. So, the only option left is to study at night before every exam. The idea is not bad. But how not to fall asleep reading another book? Speaking of books, we have prepared some tips for book proofreading, if you are interested. Some students take a break to work out a little bit, some of them take a smoke break, and others try to relax, drinking a cup of coffee. The third option is exactly what we are going to speak about. Coffee is a tonic drink that invigorates the nervous system and increases the activity, performance, endurance of human body. Now it becomes clear why many students, during another examination period, turn into real coffee addicted people and treat coffee as a drug.

Coffee use

As it is known, coffee has a tonic and invigorating effect, due to the content of caffeine in its composition. This active component increases blood circulation, activating different brain regions. Consequently, the student’s memory and processes of memorizing new information become better, the concentration of attention and the visual perception of information increase, and also, work efficiency “bubbles up” and fatigue disappears. In addition, it should be mentioned that, during the exams, the students often experience the attacks of blues, apathy, drowsiness, depression. Whatever weird it may seem, but coffee allows overcoming suchlike mental states, regulates the work of the central nervous system, and also, relieves lethargy and stiffness. So, do not treat caffeine negatively because, in some situations, its help is indispensable. The help of a respectable essay editing service is also priceless.

Another caffeine feature that influences the student body favorably is its role of a natural antioxidant. This component removes free radicals from the body, normalizes metabolism, guarantees a presentable look even after a sleepless night. Also, do not forget about a reliable prevention of many diseases that a student can catch during the examination period.

Coffee harm

Naturally, coffee rescues the students when they have exams and during the whole academic year. However, it is important to remember that the overuse of this drink can influence negatively the general state of body, cause addiction and many diseases. So, there is also the other side of the coin, about which it is necessary to remember every time you are going to have another cup of coffee.

Despite the fact that caffeine is a harmless component, its excessive portions can provoke a physical dependence. In such cases, a student cannot imagine life without another dose. And if another dose is not taken, a student becomes sluggish, sleepy, passive and too irritable. And when a student drinks coffee, his (hers) state improves at once, there is the charge of vivacity and the desire to create. Unfortunately, such an effect lasts for 2-3 hours, and after that, another coffee dose is required. As scientists say, every time a student needs more and more caffeine to feel “the increase of creativity” (by the way, we offer help for creative thinkers: First, this is coffee with milk, then, coffee with cream, later, bitter black coffee and, finally, double coffee. Have you noticed how quickly the taste preferences change? And what is happening in the body at this very moment?

Nothing good happens because such an increased concentration of caffeine complicates the work of the cardiovascular and respiratory system, influences negatively the central nervous system and disturbs the mental balance of a student. Saying simple, it looks like a student is on the verge of a nervous breakdown, behaves aggressively with friends, relatives, and teachers, and can be called “uncontrolled”.

Also, it is important to keep in mind that caffeine is the component that, sometimes, does not match some valuable vitamins and minerals for the human body. For example, it interferes with the absorption of potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium and B vitamins. Consequently, the body that is growing still experiences the stage of an acute vitamin deficiency, which does not stop all year long. In such a way, the health can be damaged soon, the teachers will be blamed along with the chronic lack of sleep. But the real culprit is caffeine that becomes the integral part of everyday life for many students.

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Is there coffee alternative?

Many students clearly realize that coffee poisons the body, so, they try to find a worthy replacement for this tonic drink. Here we want to focus on modern so-called energy drinks that have become available for everyone not so long ago. These are the refreshing drinks, to which the nervous system reacts pretty sharply. They are allowed, they are not considered alcoholic, and also, they do not belong to the category of drugs. The point is that a student, without noticing this, makes the body get used to such a drink and cannot imagine the further life at the university without it. University life will seem much better, if you study at one of these universities: We should say it once that the energy drinks are the main enemy of the heart, stomach, pancreas and, of course, kidneys with liver. If such drinks are overused, a person risks getting to the hospital soon. Unfortunately, such cases are pretty common today.

There is another alternative. However, it is also a little bit doubtful. Now we are talking about coffee without caffeine, i.e. decaffeinated coffee. This is a strange word-combination, nevertheless, it really exists, and such a tonic drink is very popular and highly demanded among the modern students. According to scientists, caffeine is extracted from the beverage in various chemical ways, but this fact makes many people doubt. Decaffeinated coffee increases the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood, contributes to the development of atherosclerosis, provides the deposition of fats and has a harmful impact on the state of the cardiovascular system.

So, this is not a good option, as well. Anyway, the body is stressed and the nervous system is not stable. A pretty logical question appears: is there a truly worthy replacement that will not harm our health? There is the alternative and it is called “green tea”, which is available in any store today. In fact, this natural drink invigorates, tones up and vitaminizes the body, removes toxins and free radicals from it, normalizes the work of the nervous system, increases activity and gives energy. In addition, its influence lasts for a long time and another cup does not cause any harm. Thus, the number of green tea doses is not limited, and the student body definitely cannot suffer from such tea drinking.

American research showed…

The most amazing that the students all over the world drink coffee to become more active before the exams. They drink coffee in huge amounts, without thinking about health. The main goal is to pass the exams successfully, to get the desired grades, etc. Having noticed such an addiction of the students, American researchers have conducted several tests that have shown that the increased doses of coffee become a kind of “slow death” for the students. Also, they have found out the acceptable dose of the drink, which favorably influences the body, during the period of preparation. This is two cups per day with a three-hour break, at least.

If the dose is systematically increased, the effect will be opposite, i.e. increased weakness, lethargy, passivity and apathy. The scientists of other states have also conducted similar research and proved that this drink is really useful. For example, Italians believe that coffee rescues from the attacks of bronchial asthma; Japanese claim that this is the effective prevention of liver cirrhosis, and Englishmen say that the tonic beverage prevents from the development of Parkinson's disease. Nevertheless, it should be mentioned that the systematic increase of the daily doses increases the number of suicides, mental disorders and severe nervous breakdowns. So, the most important is not to overuse it, control your predilections and say “stop” timely.

About the students again…

Most students are the real fans of coffee. It is not forbidden to drink it. There is more, the term “coffee addicted” does not exist. However, the problem exists, and we should remember it. The students that are getting ready for the exams especially need to remember it. Now we know what role coffee plays in student life. It helps and it can harm. In general, the problem is not very urgent, but there are the consequences for the body and health. So, think well about whether it is worth drinking coffee, during the examination periods, or not.

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