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Why does a student need philosophy? Think about it, editing essays online

Probably, everyone time to time likes philosophizing. This occupation is interesting but useless, in fact. Then, why does a student need philosophy? Why is this subject added to the curriculum in the first or second year of studying? Despite the fact that philosophy is an optional subject (i.e. not obligatory), if a student gets a low grade, it can spoil the general academic performance. So, do not neglect it!

Why is philosophy one of the university subjects?

Well, philosophy itself is a science that is considered more humanitarian than exact. However, if we think about it as if we are philosophers, we can say that is a controversial issue. Anyway, the importance of this course is defined by the selected specialty and the final knowledge check. If there is a philosophy exam, you need to start preparing for it timely. The study of philosophy is the foundation of the general cultural and theoretical humanitarian training of any specialist. So, do not be naïve, believing that you will manage to avoid it somehow. Such students usually experience more difficulties and problems, rather than those who choose humanitarian studies, in particular, the departments of philology or philosophy.

Naturally, much depends on a teacher, the teaching style and manner to present information, the interest in the subject and so on. There is a very famous saying engraved on the King Solomon's ring: “This too shall pass”. It sounds very philosophically, is not it? And it suits perfectly our case, when we speak about philosophy as one of the university courses. Every student has to pass through it. However, we have decided to figure out what the essence of this mysterious science is and why a modern man needs it, in general. So, let us try to do this together. In the meantime, check out the top list of the dissertation editors.

Special science: philosophy

In the modern world, where the Internet and new technology rule, the relevance of philosophy has gradually receded into the background. A man takes any necessary information from the World Wide Web, having completely forgotten about some personal thoughts, the use of the thought process and the birth of the truth in a dispute. It is much easier to type a phrase in the search system instead of thinking about something eternal, valuable and global, as the great thinkers used to do this. In order not to treat the Internet too seriously and not to make it the basis of our existence, each person time to time needs to return to philosophy. Also, time to time you need an editor or proofreader online.

What does this really significant science give?

1. It allows not only realizing everything that happens around but also giving a sober and objective assessment to a life situation, one’s role in it and the future perspectives.

2. Philosophy helps understand our ancestors, i.e. to puzzle out all questions, relevant topics and eternal thoughts about the great long-gone centuries. This way will lead to understanding, and a man will manage to feel comprehensively developed.

3. Philosophy “opens the eyes”. i.e. it allows a man to recognize and distinguish good and evil, to have one’s own unbiased opinion, what means to have the character integrity and the spirit inviolability.

Consequently, we are ready to conclude that philosophy is the in-depth understanding of oneself and the world around, as well as the ability of the society to learn from the ancestors’ mistakes, become better and achieve greater success.

Directions of modern philosophy

It may sound surprising but, in the modern world, philosophy moves along with the scientific and technological progress. That is why it is a valuable component of the modern society. It has a number of directions, each of which promotes self-development, progress and success in the long run. Further, the most widespread and demanded directions of this eternal science are described in detail.

1. Reflection (human self-reflection) is at the origin, it helps define not only the methods of the civilization existence but also the order of life.

2. Education allows us to penetrate into our spiritual values, to self-determine, choose goals in life and prioritize, also, to broaden the horizons and understand the principles of the modern society building.

3. Cognition allows a person, using the colossal experience of its ancestors, to get the real information about the creation and development of the world, civilization; in addition, it helps learn a number of cognitive tasks. Our writers are also very experienced, what makes it easy to find reliable academic editing services on the web.

4. Ontology is the embodiment of the fundamental doctrines of existence (in modern interpretation), search for the constructive technologies.

5. Integration allows finding like-minded people, demonstrates the variety of social life and human views on the seemingly ordinary things.

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6. Axiology allows a person to select his (or her) own life position in an experimental way, using the "trial and error" method, to form the views on the modern society and its burning issues.

7. Prognostics determines the place of a person in the modern society, and also studies the formation of society on a historical platform.

8. Sociology is the science of surveys, i.e. it defines the advisability of philosophy; this is also a human vision of the society, global problems and ways to solve them.

9. Humanism is the direction of philosophy that does not need presentation. The humanists are so few in society today, and their number is rapidly decreasing as if they are a “rare endangered species”.

Now, it can be concluded that a modern individual just cannot be formed as a personality, choose its life path and organize its inner world. It means, philosophy is the unknown side of the human soul, which is hidden somewhere deep but is directly involved in its worldly existence. If we do not reach this harmony, then, even the biggest success at work or the personal life harmony will not allow us to be completely happy, and the sense of restraint and unrealizability will return again and again. Everything begins with philosophy at home, with friends, at the university. So, do not ignore such an important subject!

Is philosophy really necessary at the university?

Many students try to answer this question, and many students do not have some positive attitude, thinking about the subject. Even if you are a future engineer, you will not manage to avoid the philosophy exam. And if you are a student of a humanitarian department, you will have to study it for several years. Do not get upset that you will be overloaded with the tasks because we can provide some free time for you: https://essaycorrector.org/blog/need-a-paper-editor-online-its-here.

One of the PhDs believes that “philosophy can make this world much better than it is now; the most important is to think wider and not to get focused on commonness and ordinary life”. However, even this statement is not very clear because it is too sophisticated. This is the main problem of philosophy: this science is too abstruse and the teachers, as a rule, require the accuracy of the facts, the reproduction of various exercises close to the text or even by heart, and also, the complete awareness of what is happening. All this is not easy but if the goal is set, it becomes easy to comprehend this science.

History of philosophy

Not everyone knows that the founder of philosophy is well-known Pythagoras, and in the translation it means “love of wisdom”. Especially rapidly it developed in ancient China and in ancient India, and every intelligent person considered that it was the duty to learn and understand several philosophical teachings, thoughts and sayings. Despite its complex structure, philosophy not only overcame the centuries but also improved its structure, and more and more thinkers appeared on the world stage.

Today their names are considered legendary, and every negligent student knows them. They are Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Seneca, and others. In the modern world, not every entrant chooses the in-depth study of philosophy, and the graduated philosophers are getting fewer and fewer. However, there is an opinion that any person can become a philosopher, and there is no need to enclose oneself in a barrel (as the famous thinker Diogenes did once). It is necessary just to look at the world through different eyes and think why everything happens so.

Philosophy in the modern world

Today, there is not such a specialty or position that is not connected with philosophy. If a person lives in a society, one way or another, it has to adapt, and this is the philosophy, in fact. This science helps a lawyer find a way out of the situation and justify a client. An economist with its help finds the points of contact with people at work; an engineer suggests a new discovery; a teacher finds contact with children and students; a student gets used to adult life and finally discards harmful juvenile maximalism. We want to remind that our help is available 24/7: https://essaycorrector.org/blog/proofreading-services-online-247.

Philosophy is a guidebook in life because only an educated person can cope with the difficulties and get from them useful lessons for the future. A true philosopher will not step on the same rake twice. That is why, this course is added to the curriculum. For a schoolchild it is too early to study it but for a student some doctrines can be prophetic for the further life path.

The conclusion is the following: maybe it is time to stop ignoring this subject, thinking that it is unnecessary in life? Maybe, philosophy will help choose the life direction and finally be formed as a person. Before you give up something, it is required to understand it and prove to yourself that this is not for you. This is another philosophical wisdom, by the way.

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