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What will parents say?

Here is one of the most common students’ problems. You have been doing something bad and now you are afraid of how your parents will react. What to do? First of all, let us think what a student can do that the parents will not like or even judge.

The most obvious and, probably, the most widespread answer is your underachievement and poor progress. Well, not a “mere underachievement” but “chronic”. Such chronic underachievement can lead to an expulsion from the university. For example, your mentor threatens to call your parents, so that they take measures and influence you somehow. And you know that your mother and father are pretty strict people. If they get known about your studying problems, they will punish you badly.

In this situation, we suggest the following action plan. First of all, ask your mentor to wait for a while and not to call your parents. Ask to give you two weeks to fix the situation for the better. Your mentor is also a human that some time ago was a student and studied at the university, just like you now. That is why, there is a high chance that he (she) will understand you and agree to wait. Then, within these two weeks, you need to mobilize your strengths, ask your friends to help, if required, and concentrate on the studying. The most important is to learn what you know the worst and improve your lowest grades. So try to do nothing else but studying for ten days and preparing to resit your exams.

The clubs, social networks, phone calls, talks: leave it all for later. Now the most important is not to be expelled. Your parents definitely will not like it. In ten days you can prepare for two exams, for example. If you resit successfully at least two exams in two weeks, then, your mentor will see your progress and will not call your parents. However, keep in mind that this call is just postponed, it is not canceled at all. So ask the mentor some more time to resit other exams you have failed. Remember, no matter how many exams you need to retake, the most important is to begin and fix at least one, and then, it will be all plain sailing. Just do not sit with your hands crossed, waiting for the expulsion. Any problem can be solved. Your future destiny at the university depends on how many efforts you will make now. For example, if you study at one of the top outstanding universities, you will have to work really hard.

Where to find a loved one?

Someone enters university to learn (an admission essay service helps enter any university: Someone looks for a loved one there. Although, an educational establishment and the studying process are not the best place and time. Nevertheless, since a student spends much time at the university, he (she) tries to find his (hers) soulmate there.

Where to find it? How to look for it?

Of course, if a student sets such goal, first of all, he (she) will start searching among the students of his (hers) group. This is obvious because you know them better than other students at the university. The students of your group are almost your friends. However, the time passes and you realize there is no “your person” among them. Further, you start feeling more comfortable at the university and, simultaneously, you get acquainted with more and more people.

Your circle of friends becomes much wider. Consequently, the search field also gets bigger. Every young man or a girl, communicating with the opposite sex, always thinks (consciously or unconsciously) whether it is possible to build the relationships with this person.

The best place to find your loved one is so-called interest groups. There are always several such groups at the university that are dedicated to the different activities. If you want your future soulmate shares your interests, then, you need to attend one of these groups. There very soon you will find such person, with whom it is pleasant to talk and just be together. You will not even notice that your communication turns into something bigger than a simple friendship.

The most important is not to focus on the searching only and everything will be alright. One of the main characters in the first series of the “American Pie” movie used the “interest groups” approach. If you do not remember this, you should watch the movie again.

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How to make it unnoticed?

Now we mean the cheat sheets. The cheat sheets, as well as the lecture notes, are an integral part of the student’s image. Every student (even the biggest nerd) at least once in a lifetime wrote a cheat sheet. Everyone wrote it for sure, but maybe not everyone used it. That is why we are not going to tell you how to use it at the exams so that no one could notice. It is better to speak about how a cheat sheet helps the students pass their exams more successfully.

But wait, if we are saying that a student should not use a cheat sheet, how it can help? Is not it a waste of time to write it? The answer is no. The point is that, when you write a cheat sheet, you absorb the studying material better. If you manage to write on a little piece of paper all required for an exam information, it means you manage to select the main information in your head and only after that you write it down. In such a way, you remember what you write because you activate the visual and motor memory (your hands will remember what you have written in a cheat sheet). The success of any memorization process is that your brain should receive the same information via different channels. Thus, there are more chances that at the exam you will remember the required data and get a high grade. In addition, here is an assignment rewriter for you that also helps get the best grades only.

I want the same clothes!

This students’ problem is related more to the fair sex. Although, in the modern world, we can easily argue it. Every time, when you see a girl wearing a beautiful dress, you want to have the same because it will fit you better. It would be even better if that girl stops wearing this dress, and you purchase the same demonstrating to others what a perfect look you have wearing it. All boys will definitely notice you at once.

However, as it usually happens, our dreams come true not very often. But you want to make this dream come true, don’t you? If yes, read further how to do this. In fact, in order to be “the prettiest”, you do not need to “remove” your opponents. You need to enter a virtual competition with them. If you win, the prize will be yours. How to win? It is easy. You look attentively at the clothes of other girls, evaluate them and think what cloth will suit you the most (and not the girl that wears it now). Then, you go to the store and buy something similar. If you buy the same cloth, you will hardly manage to surprise or attract someone. Your goal is to find such style and color that will differ from the “original”. It should differ so much that it would be hard to notice at once that you have “borrowed” someone else’s image.

If you do everything presented above, you will attract the admiring glances because your cloth will look much better and will suit you more than your “competitor”. This is a very simple way to solve this problem. Do not hesitate to use it.

No one understands me!

If you are a student interested in a not very popular activity, then, there is a high chance that others will not understand you. “What does he do? He is so weird…”, this is what other students will say behind your back. Probably, they will not tell you this openly, but you will know that they laugh at you.

What to do in this situation? To quit your favorite occupation or continue it, despite any misunderstandings with your friends? It is hard to answer, but if you are sure that your occupation is useful or maybe even great, then, continue doing it, no matter what others say. With time, other students will get used and accept you as you are. By the way, if you succeed in your activity and become famous, you will see how easily people change their mind. Everyone will want to be your friend at once, especially those who laugh at you the most. That is why, simply saying, do not pay attention to others and continue your favorite occupation.

It is always difficult at the beginning. For example, Mark Zuckerberg, a founder of Facebook, experienced certain difficulties at the beginning. However, now you probably know how he is doing. Do what you love and if you are dedicated to it, then, you will get the fame, respect and success! Do not quit! Also, if you study at one of the schools that produce the most millionaires, your chances to succeed increase greatly.

So in this post we have made an attempt to present the most common students’ problems and also offered several ways out that can help solve these problems. We hope you have enjoyed reading it, and we hope you will give your preference to our site and its services (

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