Top 50 Universities And Schools For Producing Millionaires


Is MBA really so valuable that people are ready to spend from two to five years of their lives and $150 000? What is MBA? MBA is an abbreviation from Master of Business Administration. This is a qualification degree in management (administrating). Very often this abbreviation is used to define not the degree, but the educational programs for getting the degree. Since the competition on the world labour market has increased, the owning of MBA gives big advantage in the merciless world of business. Only in case if you choose the right business school or university. We are going to help you, just read this essay on top 50 universities and business schools.

Our research paper help service “essay corrector” has published for you “Top 50 universities and schools for producing millionaires” essay. Here our experts present you a list of business schools and universities. These ones are considered to be the best among all the educational institutions that are engaged in business education of the world ( The essay is written basing on a research conducted by “Business Insider”. Among thousands of experts of business sphere the publication conducted a survey. Professionals who have experience in MBA specialists hiring to work participated in the research. According to tradition, Harvard University became favorite and was recognized the best. Only those professional who used to deal with MBA graduates took part in the survey. Also for better results there were used other filters. So, here is the list of top 50 universities and schools for producing millionaires for you presented by our service.

1. Harvard University

The payments and fees for the education are about $ 95,100. It is considered that Harvard and Stanford share the first place. However, according to the research, the specialists gave their preference to Harvard business school.

2. Stanford University

Go to Palo Alto (USA). Education payments and fees are $ 99,435.

3. University of Pennsylvania

Placement is Philadelphia. $ 97,542 is the cost for studying.

4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

It is located in Cambridge (USA). Cost of education in it is $ 92,827.

5. University of Chicago

Its location is Chicago, Illinois (USA). Payments and fees are almost the same as in the previously mentioned educational establishments, about $ 94,933.

6. Columbia University

New York (USA) is the location point of it. Payments and fees for studying are $ 96,468.

7. North-West University

It is situated in Evanston, Illinois (USA). If one wants to study there, he / she should be ready to pay $ 88,807.

8. The London School of Economics

Obviously, it is situated in London, England. The school is cheaper than in many Universities of the United States. Payment is $ 80,247. This is the cost of the entire study (

9. London Business School

Another obvious location is London, England. However, this is one of the most expensive establishments of this kind. The cost is $ 109,567 (total cost of training). So you need to think carefully whether you can afford it.

10. Dartmouth College

The one is situated in Hanover (USA). Payments for education are $ 93,550, what is an average price for the educational establishments of this kind in the United States. By the way, if you study at college and need help in essay writing, we advise to use our paper proofreading service. We can guarantee great result of our work. In addition you can read:

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11. Yale University

Being one of the most famous, its location is New Haven (USA). To study there one needs to pay $ 85,875.

12. University of California at Berkeley

Berkeley (USA) is its motherland. Prepare $ 82,763 to pay for the education there.

13. Oxford University

Who has not heard about it? Probably, there is no such a person. Oxford, United Kingdom is its native city. Since, this is extremely popular University and it is on the list of the best ones, naturally students have to pay large sum of money to study there ($ 103,825).

14. The Fuqua School of Business at Duke University

Durham is its place of residence. Studying there students pay $ 58,000.

15. INSEAD (Institut Européen d'Administration des Affaires)

The University, being located in Fontainebleau, France, is not widely known. However, people who are interested in getting good education have probably heard about it. Its payments and fees are $ 85,593 (price for the entire study).

16. New York University

Another famous University located in New York (USA). Education payments are about $ 101,938.

17. Cornell University

Its location is Ithaca (USA). Education there also can not be called cheap. The cost is $ 81,892.

18. University of Michigan

It is situated in Ann Arbor (USA). Payments and fees are lower than in other Universities of the USA ($ 79,550).

19. University of Cambridge

Of course, this University should be in this top 50. The cost of studying is $ 89,554.

20. University of California, LA

This is one of the “cheapest” establishments in the list. Its payments and fees are $ 40,643.

21. University of Virginia

Charlottesville (USA) is its residence. Be sure that you have $ 85,361 to pay for education there.

22. Carnegie Mellon University

Go to Pittsburgh (USA) and be prepared, because payments here are $ 80,004.

23. HEC Paris

Another not that much famous, but really good University is situated in Jouy-en-Josas, France. Of course, it has payments and fees that correspond to its status ($ 87,888).

24. The University of Texas at Austin

Its residence is in Austin, and its payments are $ 68,632.

25. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Do not hope that you will find something of low cost in this list. Payments and fees of this University are $ 80,466.

26. Georgetown University

Washington is its native city and home place. Make sure that you have enough money to pay the fees ($ 83,510).

27. University of Notre Dame

Its name may mislead you; however it is situated in Notre Dame (USA). If you want to get education in “Notre Dame”, the price for being student there is $ 66,860.

28. University of Southern California

Los Angeles (USA) is the city of its residence. Students pay $ 88,361 to study there.

29. Emory University

Atlanta is the home place. The size of payments there is $ 68,922.

30. Escuela Superior de Administración y Dirección de Empresas

Another great European University located in Barcelona, Spain. Payments are $ 80,723.

31. Vanderbilt University

It is situated in Nashville, Tennessee. It has let’s say cheap payments and fees ($ 52,125).

32. Instituto de Empresa

This one is also situated in Europe, in particular Madrid, Spain. The price of the entire studying course is $ 80,995.

33. International Institute for Management Development

This time it will be required to visit Lausanne that is in Switzerland and make sure you have $ 93,438 to pay.

34. Washington University in St. Louis

Let’s come back to St. Louis, Missouri (USA) and pay there $ 52,535 for studying.

35. University of Toronto (Rotman School of Management)

Now we move to Toronto. There education courses cost about $ 85,166.

36. University of Navarra

Another beautiful place for studying is Barcelona, ​​Spain. The price is also more attractive ($ 52,632).

37. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The USA again. Now the location is Champaign, Illinois. The required price to be paid there is $ 58,632. Contact our team for more details if you became interested in any of the mentioned here institutions.

38. The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Now Asia is ready to please us with its studying establishments of high educational level. In Hong Kong, China be ready to pay $ 93,500.

39. Indiana University

Nevertheless, the USA the first place in owning of suchlike educational establishments. Another one is in Bloomington. There one has to spend $ 71,412 on studying purposes.

40. Purdue University

West Lafayette that is in Indiana gives its citizens and not only opportunity to get great education at their University. There they should pay $ 42,174.

41. The University of Warwick (Warwick Business School)

Another English University is in Coventry. The price for education there is $ 83,190.

42. The University of Manchester (Manchester Business School)

Citizens of Manchester should not go far to get great education. However, they have to pay $ 93,945 to study there.

43. University of Washington

It is situated in Seattle, Washington. If one wants to study there, the owning of $ 117,561 is required.

44. The Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad

In India Ahmedabad, in city Gujarat there is situated one of the best establishments that are occupied with business educational sphere. By the way, this is the cheapest institution of this top 50 list, just $ 20,500.

45. Michigan State University

It is required to move to East Lansing and there you should pay $ 63,200 if there is a desire to study.

46. Boston University

This great educational establishment is situated in Boston with the cost size of $ 64,676.

47. The Indian School of Business

Hyderabad, India again presents us one of the best institutions in business educational field with relatively low cost ($ 41,630).

48. The Chinese University of Hong Kong

This great University is another advantage of Hong Kong. Going there, one should have $ 73,575.

49. Thunderbird School of Global Management

In Glendale (USA) one may find this great institution. The price for the entire study is $ 79,027.

50. The Business School at George Washington University

The essay is ended with another great educational institution situated in Washington. It should be mentioned that its cost is among the most expensive ones. Total cost of educational courses is $ 101,450.

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