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It can be pretty challenging to find a good writing service. However, it can be even harder to find a good editing one. We want to save you from the tortures of the search and selection process. We know where to find the best site that includes both, writing and editing. Are you wondering where? Right now you are on the best website of the kind! We guarantee not only premium-quality on-site assistance. We offer an online editing service with discounts up to 20% and numerous freebies, in addition. Also, we share our experience, publishing many articles on various topics on our blog. Get much useful information, advice, tips and secrets from there. In the meantime, we present the secrets of the thesis defense.

How to defend the thesis papers excellently? The first step is to use the dissertation editing service

You have probably already guessed what we are going to talk about in this post. The title speaks for itself. We will focus on how to defend your thesis excellently. We will share some tricks and secrets that really work in practice.

How does the thesis defense process look like?

If you are reading this post at the moment, you will probably have the defense soon. It means you are interested in what the process is, in general. Are you? So, listen attentively.

On the appointed date and time you come with other students to the university. Everyone, without exception, is nervous, people are on the verge of a nervous breakdown. The scenario is pretty banal. The students enter the room where the defense will take place, look through their presentations, trying to find some flaws they have not noticed yet (although they have already looked it through for a thousand times). Then, everyone takes its place and starts rehearsing the speech. Someone enters, someone goes out, someone is asked to bring more chairs or some water, or whatever else. There pass another 20-30 minutes, the committee comes and everything begins. After the defense, people leave the auditorium as if they are drunk, without realizing where they are and what is going on.

Then, the most terrifying part begins. There are hours of waiting before the final grades are announced. These hours pass in agony and tortures. You talk to your friends, share your impressions and feelings about how the defense has passed for you, listen to others. After the exhausting expectations, finally the students are invited to enter the auditorium to learn their grades. The head of the committee takes the floor, talks about something general and abstracted, says that everyone has done a great job, everyone has coped with the challenge and so on and so forth. After a five-minute speech on various topics, the head comes closer to the most important at the moment matter. The announcement of the grades begins. Someone starts to rejoice, someone, on the contrary, falls into despair… Then, everyone either goes home or goes to celebrate the successful thesis defense. When they reach their beds, they fall asleep immediately because on the eve of the defense they have been too excited and too busy to have time for a good sleep.

This is an approximate script of how a real thesis defense is held. Now you are more or less acquainted with the process. It means we can proceed with some other important issue, to which this post is devoted, i.e. how to defend the thesis papers excellently. One of the answers is to hire a thesis proofreader for free.

The secrets of a successful defense

The secrets we are going to reveal to you really work. However, you will probably have only one chance to test them and make sure. It is doubtful that you will defend your thesis twice or get second higher education.

1. Go as far as possible. What kind of advice is it? What does it mean “as far as possible”? It means that there is no need to sit in the auditorium with other students and nervously repeat the speech of your coming presentation. Believe us, it will not make you much good but quite the contrary. It would be better, before the defense starts, if possible, go to a secluded place where no one is there. It would be perfect if you go for a walk around the university. The goal is to get distracted from what is going on. People attach a great significance to the thesis defense. They worry, prepare, repeat... We do not say that there is no need to get ready for the defense. You need to get ready. You even must! However, before the defense itself, you need to forget about everything and everyone. Go for a walk outside, breathe fresh air, if possible, relax. We want to tell you a secret that everything is going to be alright, you will get a good grade, for sure (because it you have been not a hard-working student, you would not read this post). Just do not forget about the defense. Come 5 minutes before the official start. Do not pay attention to anyone, there is no need to “catch” a panic attack from others.

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2. Be aware of the essence of your work. Many students “give themselves a wet shirt” when they prepare for the defense. They repeat something all the time, memorize some not much important points of their papers, etc. but they forget about the essence. You need to keep in mind that you are the main expert of your work. No one else, including your scientific tutor, knows your thesis paper better than you. You are the one who is aware of all its advantages and drawbacks. Now imagine that you are one of the committee members. You see one’s thesis for the first time, you hear the title for the first time and try to “catch” some piece of the presentation to make a question later. What question would you ask if you were a committee member? Most likely, you would ask something related to the main statement of a thesis paper.

For example, the thesis theme is related to the improvement of the housing and utilities activity. The main statement is the replacement of the boiler equipment. To bring this idea to life, it is required to collect from each apartment an amount of 200 dollars. Naturally, the first question they will ask is: “How are you going to convince the residents of the building that it is vital to give 200 dollars for something they do not have any idea of?” You can be a guru in economics and count the financial efficiency of this event with the help of discounted integral indicators. However, if you are not able to answer this question, then, you “do not worth an old song” as a specialist.

This advice is more relevant for those, who are still working on their projects. Just ask yourself: “Does my project correspond to the today's conditions?” and if the response is positive, then, there is another question: “Will you manage to convince the committee that there is a need for an event?”. There should be a conscious approach to everything. Realize the essence of your thesis and keep it in your head all the time. In this case, no one will notice that you have a little bit different formatting in one of the paragraphs. Get to the root of it! However, if you do not want to be criticized for such trifles as formatting, you would better apply to the editing research papers website:

3. Be a good diligent student. We mean that you need to be diligent during all years of studying. Remember the golden student rule: first, you work for your image, then, your image works for you. The same is applied to the thesis defense. You can even check it, just for fun. Tot up all grades that you have got for all years of your study and find the average grade. If you get a fractional number, make it integer according to the rules of mathematics. Later, compare it with your thesis paper grade. There will be a huge coincidence, you will see.

We can assure you that if the university (faculty or department) administration consists of adequate members, even if you somehow fail your defense, they will give you such a grade that you have deserved during the years of hard study. This rule, naturally, has exceptions but they only prove the rule. Fortunately, there are no exceptions when it goes about the quality of our services:

4. Be ready to experience pain, first, and joy, then. Even if you are an “A” student or just a good student, you will not manage to escape from all harsh things that happen at the defense, anyway. So, be ready that your project will be criticized a lot, they will accuse you of the professional incompetence and claim that your statements are not realistic. And do not wait for mercy. It cannot be explained but most defenses are held in such a harsh way. Probably, the committee members perform the function of a grinding machine to get a “ready product” that is a new young specialist, in the final result. At the same time, do not take personally all negative words about your paper. If the committee finds some obvious errors, then, you need to deal with it and be ready to get a grade lower than you expected or counted (watch the previous paragraph). However, if the committee pays attention to some unimportant details of your presentation or work, asks frankly silly question (just to ask something), then, we can congratulate you on this. You will definitely get a high grade for your thesis. Being supported by the best English dissertation editing and proofreading site, the highest grade is 100% guaranteed.

So, find the strength to hold on a few minutes, defending your thesis paper. Answer confidently, loudly, do not hum and haw. Formulate your answer clearly, and then the committee will realize that it is not so easy to intimidate you and will quit its attempts to spoil your mood. Besides, there are many other students, whom the committee members need to test.

So, we have shared the secrets of the thesis defense. It might seem to someone that they are pretty banal and obvious. It might be so and might not. Our experts have already defended their thesis, meanwhile, you still need to pass this challenge. That is why you should listen to those who have experience, even if it seems banal to you. The best dissertation editors online know what they are talking about and never give bad advice. We are sure that applying these secrets in practice, you will defend your thesis excellently. Good luck at the defense and break a leg!

Also, remember that your thesis success depends much not only on its content but its appearance, as well. That is why do not neglect the demands set to the formatting of different academic papers. Our experts are aware of all nuances and details. Rely on us! We are the experts that perform first-class quality work and never fail our clients!

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