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Many people today are aware of how to create a good text of high quality. However, most of them have theoretical knowledge only. They know how it should be done, but when they start bringing it to life, they often fail. No one likes or wants to fail, this is natural. Want to avoid it? If yes, English editing service is your choice! Our professional written works editing website offers following services: creation of college papers of any type (it includes essays and paragraphs writing, articles, term and research papers, thesis works along with other academic written works), correction and complete rewriting, proof reading, revising with the further editing of a text. Each of the mentioned services can be ordered separately or in combination with any other / others. Each customer decides what services are required if needed our specialists can give consultation and help to make a choice. Our professional team guarantees no plagiarism, error free original text, correction of typos, stylistic inaccuracies, etc. Document formatting is also available. Orders are always executed and delivered on time. Also, our agency offers flexible payment system, low prices, bonuses, discounts. We make professional help affordable for everyone!

Practical tips on qualitative text creation

Do you want to present your text, demonstrating its high quality level, but do not have possibility to hire for work professional editor or rewriter, who could do this easily and professionally? In our case, clients get the best online paper editor for cheap. Everyone can be taught this craft. Further, we are going to introduce practical tips, which will help to improve any text, make readers interested and make them appreciate text worthily. Want your readers to appreciate texts written by you? Follow our tips then!

1. Form unique “offer”. In simple words, unique offer is the main advantage of a text. Any text should have its own unique offer, which would distinguish it from others ( Why should exactly this very text be highly evaluated? Set yourself this question. Having got the answer, start formulating unique offer.

Important advice: try not to make unique offer too big. It would be great if it is no more than one sentence. This sentence should be laconic, easy to understand, attract attention (online paper editor proofreader can cope with it easily). Make this offer the base of a text. Basing the offer, build structure of further material presentation. For example, mention originality or uniqueness of a work: “Unlike obsolete research, this work presents / gives opportunity to…”, etc.

2. Stake on value of work, not its outward look only. In work presentation, it is necessary to point at its advantages. In other words, do not beat around the bush, but come up to the point as soon as possible. It is applied not only to written works. Even if our text is a link to a post in a blog or to video, then perfect option is going to be “post / video will teach you to use…”, instead of “this post / video is a guidance / instructions for…”. Description of an object or phenomenon is just general information. Advantage of a work is exact data.

3. Make a question, set a problem. Take anyone’s written paper, look at the introductory part. Is there something like “Have you ever faced the problem of…?”, “Do you lack time on …” etc.? This is the essence of the third strategy: set a clear problem in front of those, who have faced it, offer its solution at once. The reader needs to realize that only we can give an answer to this question. Other useful written work improvement strategies are here:

4. Use brief but meaningful sentences. Any text should always beat accurately at the target. Do not try to build long sentences stuffed with complex phrases or grammatical constructions. Brief but informative thought expression will always look more favorably. Avoid using passive constructions (“is taught” – passive construction, “someone taught him” – active one).

5. Create an intrigue. Do not present all information at once, but bring an element of intrigue. Make a reader get interested and look through a text till its end. For example, “Scientists shed light on the riddle of black holes. The truth will make us forget everything we have heard previously” or “Scientists shed light on the riddle of black holes. What have they found out?”. These examples are pretty suspended and might sound as headlines in a cheap yellow press. Nevertheless, they introduce the meaning of this method very precisely.

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6. Appeal to each reader (not by full name, of course). Address to the particular group of readers connected by some criteria, make it look like direct appeal (it works not for all types of written papers). It is not advised to build each publication in such a way, but appeal can interest certain audience. For example, “If you have your own blog, it is a must to read this article” or “Are you a small business owner? Keep on reading to find out…”

7. Create feeling of necessity to read a text. Let reader realize that it is necessary to read this text right now. For example, when we search for something on the internet, it often happens that we see an interesting post / video / article, but we postpone it and eventually forget about it. Not to let this happen, give the reader a reason, why it is necessary to read it right now. We can be attracted by such headlines as: “Read this article and be first who will learn new methods of…” or “Market constantly changes. Learn from our article how to do something, while this information is still current”, etc. Our proof reader at lowest prices will help to implement this task successfully.

8. Give direct call to action. This method may look simple, but it is effective only with the correct approach. Encourage the reader to demonstrate interest to a text. Use verbs of imperative mood: “read this article to know… ”, “further read about…”, “share your minds…” etc. Need more examples? Pay attention to headlines in this post.

9. Use an interesting fact. Any interesting fact, quotation, small statistics always attract attention. As one of the options, we can add to headline quotation from our publication. However, remember tip number five: do not quote the most important information. Brief statistic data is also effective, for instance: “7 out of 10 researchers believe that…”. Use of numbers in a text also attracts reader’s attention, meanwhile, simple numbers are always easy to comprehend. Do not neglect infographic. Even such an audience that does not perceive statistical data well will pay attention to nicely presented infographic. Do not underestimate the power of visual contact.

10. Provoke. Do not be afraid of making provoking statements. Just do not confuse provocative statements with reckless ones. It all should be within measures. The main aim is to surprise, make readers interested, not to scare them away or even insult. For example, an author has his own mind about something that differs from commonly accepted one. Let others know about this: “Do you believe it is impossible to have vacation with one hundred dollars only? I am going to prove the opposite” or “Have you used to buy something? Forget about this, because this is a previous century already” and so on.

Experiment, let the imagination run wild. Above we have presented tips created to help in a good text building. However, do not be limited by them – experiment, surf the internet space, collect other useful tips. Learn not only from others' mistakes but also from others' successful solutions. Good luck!

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Everything goes much easier when we are supported, led or controlled by qualified specialists. That is what we are here for. We strongly suggest to enlist support of real experts, who work at our online agency. Any written text requires revision, proof reading, editing; it is easier to create and format any document when professionals are engaged in it. All this is combined with low-cost services, friendly supporting atmosphere, individual approach and many other pleasant bonuses. Become one of our clients. Make sure that we are eager to help. Join our big family!

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