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Student life: what it is, in fact. I will think about it, while you are rewording my assignment

Today we are going to tell you about what life of the students is, in fact. Many high school students, having watched the Hollywood movies, believe that student life is the endless parties, vacations, and only sometimes the study at the university. In real life, such a “picture of the world” is not true. If you are a high school student at the moment or an entrant, who will get into the student world soon, then, it will be useful for you to know what student life is in reality.

We are going to present everything as it is, i.e. objectively, without trying to hide some details. Some issues may seem controversial to you, because our opinion and views sometimes may not match yours. Furthermore, if you have not studied at the university yet, then, some issues may seem pretty weird or even absolutely unreal. However, as we have already said, everything presented further is the maximally objective view on student life. So, let us begin.

Two types of the students

It is clear that not all students are alike. Someone is smarter than others, someone has bigger financial support, etc. Due to the fact that the differences between the students can be based on many various criteria, we have faced the problem of what criterion to choose, which would divide the whole student community into two big groups. After a few minutes of thinking, we managed to select the most appropriate criterion, which allows us to divide all students into two categories. The criterion is the following: the residence, i.e. whether a student is a local resident or the one who has come from other some city to study.

You may ask: “Why do we need to divide the students into two groups at all?”. The point is that we want to present you a full picture of student life from different points of view: from the point of view of a local (a resident) and a “visitor” (a nonresident). Among those, who read this article, there are representatives of both groups, for sure. That is why we consider such division quite justified. In addition, you will manage to compare student life from two different sides, what will allow making more objective conclusions about student life. Do you want to feel the power of difference? Check out this post: https://essaycorrector.org/blog/essaycorrector-research-paper-editing-feel-the-difference.

Two myths about student life

We are going to disappoint the nightclub life lovers at once: the students do not go every weekend to the nightclubs. Of course, there is a student category that goes to the clubs almost every day. However, most of the student community does not organize the weekly parties. There is a question: “Why?”. The answer is banal: sometimes by the end of the school week there is no energy to go somewhere with friends. Naturally, the students occasionally go to relax from their daily routine to some places of entertainment but it does not happen every week. So, if previously you have been convinced that student life is an endless party, then, we must disappoint you, it is not like that at all. However, do not be depressed.

There is a myth that it is hard to study at the university. This is also not true. If you have a good head on your shoulders, if you choose the specialty (direction) of study based on your skills and desire, then, you may not doubt that the study will be easy for you. It is even easier with the dissertation editors’ help. Your main purpose is to “hold on” the first two years and present yourself as a good student. The rest of the time it will be easier to study because you will already have the image of a good student. As they say: “First, you work for your image, then, your image works for you”. There is a good author Robert Kiyosaki, and if you are not acquainted with his works, we strongly recommend reading them.

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Student life through the eyes of the different student types

Now it is high time to describe a typical studying day of a student. First, there will be the description of a local resident’s day, and then, of a nonresident. Let’s imagine that our students’ names are Paul and Nick, and they study at the same university, the same department and group. Paul is the resident and Nick has come from some other city. Paul lives with his parents in a flat, and Nick lives on campus.

The resident (Paul). He gets up at 8 am. The next 10-20 minutes are to wash and have breakfast. Then, a half-hour journey to the university. In general, he has a working mood, does not want to sleep because Paul has slept in his own bed, in his own room and in his own flat. No one disturbed his sleep. The classes begin at 9 am. A lunch break is at 12. Paul talks to his friends, discusses the studying problems, personal life, etc. The rest of the classes last from 1 pm to 4 pm. After that, Paul and his friends slowly walk to the nearest public transport stop. Then, they decide to go to the local shopping mall. Having spent there about two hours, Paul comes back to home. It is 8 pm. The parents cooked the dinner at home. At 9 pm approximately Paul eats and surfs the Internet simultaneously. Then, he has some free time in his own bedroom. As any other typical student, Paul continues sitting at the computer. It is 1 am. Paul goes to bed. By the way, if you look for a professional proofreader for tomorrow, find the best one on our site.

The nonresident (Nick). Nick gets up at 7 am and wants to sleep very much. However, he must get up earlier because the toilet and shower are always busy in the morning. At 7:30 am Nick has breakfast. 8 am is the time to go outside but Nick needs to find a clean shirt and the second sock… Finally, he finds everything needed and rushes to the stop. It takes almost an hour to get to the university. A lunch break is at 12, but Nick decides not to go to the canteen because there is almost no money (if you run out of money, it would be better to prefer such services that allow saving it: https://essaycorrector.org/blog/do-not-doubt-essaycorrector-proofreading-rate-is-cheap). In addition, he needs to pay for the Internet and replenish mobile. The classes end at 4 pm. Nick leaves the university. Other students and Paul invite Nick to join them, but he refuses. Instead of wasting time and money on some trivial matters, Nick goes to the nearest store to buy some food. He spends the money left to pay for the Internet. Nick comes back to campus at about 6:30 pm. As it usually happens, he is starving. Nick goes to the kitchen and cooks something very simple (pasta, for example). Suddenly, other students enter, see Nick’s dinner and ask to share. There is no other way but share with them. They chat, and after that, when it is about 9:30 pm, Nick can surf the Internet for a while and go to bed. It is 2 am but Nick cannot sleep. There are the noises and loud music the next door. Nick tries to force himself to sleep but all in vain. At 3 am everything calms down and everyone sleeps.

Here you go, a typical student day. As you can see, there are no special events. Ordinary everyday life that is repeated, again and again. Our advice is to be ready for it. You need to have awesome summer not to be depressed in the middle of the studying year. Try to spend summer days actively and outdoors, of course. Leave your computer finally alone! If you have a bad mood, you can do the following: forget for a while that you are a student. Make a holiday for you. Leave all your businesses and just have a good time with your friends or close ones. The goal is to get rid of your bad mood, because no one deserves to be miserable even for one single day.

So, let us sum up. We have told you about student life as it is. Student life is an ordinary routine, which oppresses and makes feel bad. Student life is not the never-ending parties and holidays. This is just life. This is just one of the life periods. However, without doubts, this is one of the best life periods. At the same time, it depends only on you whether you continue leading routine life or make it multifaceted, full of joy and happy moments. It is up to you. Do not think that the local residents live easier. This is not true, at all. We all live as we can. We repeat it once again: it depends on you. As Henry Ford said: “If you decide you can do it, you will manage to do it. If you decide you cannot do it, you will not manage to do it.”. It is simple. Make your student life bright and memorable. We wish you successful studies at the university. To bring it to life faster we advise our premium essay editing service.

Student life can be either easy or hard, either fun or boring. You are to choose. It can be applied to every sphere of our life. We are responsible for the choice we make, and not to regret later we need to be careful enough. That is why we offer you to give your preference to our safe and reliable online service. The website and its workers are certified. The specialists are experienced. We demonstrate the superior performance of our work. Thousands of clients are our proofs. The competition on the market is harsh but we handle it because we know how to combine the best quality with the cheapest prices. Visit the website and find out more.

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