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Are you still wondering how and where to proofread your paper? Still looking for reliable and professional but cheap online agency? We are glad to inform that you have found what you have been looking for! Competent services, such as proof reading, revision, editing, correction, paper formatting, etc. are executed by qualified experts in academic writing sphere. This all is available on our site. This all is at cheap cost. This all is within easy reach. Do not be afraid that someone will find out you have used professional proofreading editing, because we follow the privacy principle strictly. Do not be afraid to lose money, because our assistance is absolutely affordable. Taking care of our customers, we guarantee to give money back if something happens or changes. Now we offer you to read this post, which presents useful tips on how to use the free writing techniques.

Free writing: how to overcome writing stupor

You have definitely faced such a problem: there is a need to write an article, a letter, a report or a technical assignment, but the words do not "want" to create sentences. You are looking at the white sheet of a text editor and "squeeze" out of yourself a couple of thoughts. Then, you remember that right now you need to check your Facebook profile or email box. Returning to the written text, you find it horrible and delete it. And again, you are looking at the white sheet of the text editor. This is called writing stupor. This article will tell how to overcome it with the help of free writing. Additionally, read about the cheapest paper editor on the internet.

What free writing is

Free writing is the purely English term, which means the following: free writing is a technique that helps generate new ideas and ways, which solve difficult tasks, and also allows to get answers to any complicated question. In fact, we are talking about individual brain storming. A free writer opens the text editor or takes a pen and a sheet of paper. All coming to mind ideas, thoughts, theses are quickly written down. Usually, the writer tries to write down as many thoughts as possible at a set period. At the same time, the writer does not waste time on editing, errors and typos correction, on attempts to formulate thoughts clearly and precisely. All this can perform our fast online paper editor.

Have you ever heard about so-called “writing stupor”? Free writing techniques help to fight it successfully. We get the ideas in crystallized form if we get rid of the thoughts about purity of speech, correctness of wordings, logic of presentation, etc. Naturally, we will always manage to give to the written material usual for readers look, i.e. to fix errors, check or add facts, illustrate the text with visual content, etc.

How to learn free writing correctly

Free writing technique is not dogma. Some people prefer paper and pencil, others prefer to use different text editors. The key point is to set the timer and write without distraction until the set time finishes. To overcome inner barriers and start writing, it is necessary to follow the described further principles.

Write quickly

Do not think, do not evaluate the ideas, do not correct mistakes and misprints. Write as fast as possible. It is necessary to present the flow thoughts on paper.

Set time limit

For instance, use Pomodoro time management technique. Use convenient timer and turn it on. Do not be distracted from writing until the set time ends. If email or Facebook distracts you, use web-timers, which block access to the internet for the set periods of time (for example, Google Chrome Block Site).

Write exactly as you think

Do not waste time on search of nice or smart words. Write thoughts exactly as they appear in mind. Yes, even obscene expressions should be written down: anyway, no one will read free writing "fruits" except the author. It is necessary to unlock consciousness, about editing and politeness you will think later. Or do not think about it at all: we have prepared the best proofreading services online for you.

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Write all thoughts

Write everything that comes to mind, even crazy ideas, even ideas not related to the subject, such as "Is not it time to have a snack?". If annoying fly distracts from writing, notice thoughts connected with it as well.

As it has been mentioned above, free writing is one of the brain storming techniques. According to the principles of this idea generation method, it is obligatory to write any suggestion or idea. Analysis and critics of them are implemented later.

Write the same idea in several ways

For instance, you can write that site traffic can be increased with the content advertising help. At the same time, it comes to your mind that paid search is the fastest way to increase attendance of a resource. Do not be afraid to be repeated: many written variants of one and the same thought will help to look at any problem from different sides.

How to use free writing in internet marketing

Fee writing can be used as one of the utility tools to solve some marketing tasks. Follow the given further recommendations:

1. Use free writing to create unique marketing offer. This technique will help to avoid texts, such as "being inspired by ideals and a call of the ancestors, we have created this product for you". Free writing helps to find features and advantages of a product quickly, make it really unique and useful for a client.

2. With the help of free writing fix what you have learnt, having read a book, having watched an educational movie or having attended a seminar. Notice how got knowledge can be put into practice. Write down the aims and tasks, which can be solved with the help of new data. Do not forget to write when you are going to use this knowledge.

3. Adopt the discussed technique to write important content. For example, it can be a text for leading, a guest post, a commercial offer or whatever else.

4. Write a letter for e-mailing in free form. Share experience with subscribers, tell about new goods, offer to participate in the actions. Write thank you letter, in which you will tell why your readers and clients are appreciated. Tips on effective letter writing are right here: https://essaycorrector.org/blog/useful-tips-how-to-write-effective-letter.

5. Use free writing to create the next twenty posts for your blog. Yes, twenty posts. There is no need to complete them. Just think over the topics, make up a plan, write theses and try to develop them. Such tricks can save a great amount of time: when you start writing post, you will just need to add and edit previous free writing work (https://essaycorrector.org/blog/editing-and-proofreading-service-will-save-your-essay).

Free writing helps to fight procrastination, perfectionism and lack of ideas. Free writing technique increases efficiency of copywriters, journalists, marketers and other specialists. Use it as a tool to get outstanding ideas, as a means of professional level increase, also, as a magic kick required to finish work on time. Write quickly, notice all thoughts, do not waste time on editing. This will save time and allow to achieve the planned results without excess efforts.

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Now you know how to create many texts. However, this is not enough to build good texts. For this purpose assistance of professional editors is obligatory. They will turn any text, any draft into a masterpiece of written speech. They are aware of modern requirements set to different types of written works, so they can format any paper as it is required. By the way, paper formatting often additionally goes as free service, and not only formatting. With the full list of free and paid services you can get acquainted on our site. Check it now to be aware of all advantages we have and offer. Any question? Use live chat to specify all details.

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