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How to bring the plans of youth to life?

Young people, as everyone knows, want to achieve everything in life: high status, money, power, family well-being, good strong friendship. The ideals o all people are pretty much alike. However, not everyone achieves what has been planned in young age. Why does it happen so? We have decided to figure it out and help you avoid the fate of those who cannot succeed in life.

So, let us begin the problem analysis with you. You are about 20 years old, you are young, beautiful and active. You probably study at the university. You are full of energy, you have amazing education, and it seems to you that you can achieve whatever you want. You have strengths and enthusiasm to fight for a “place in the sun”, “jostle” with other people, if necessary. Eventually, you will manage to apply your theoretical knowledge to the full in practical activities (many students have extremely huge desire to start earning money right now; with our help you can save your money, for sure: The jolly student years finished and the hard work days began.

To demonstrate the “crash” of your plans clearly, let us consider two aspects of your life: the work and family well-being.

Work well-being. You will be disappointed with an adult life at once because, even having a higher education, you will probably manage to get a not very high-paying job. Don’t worry! You might think that everyone begins with something small. And you will be absolutely right. Almost all the richest people of the world started at the bottom. However, a year passes, then, another one, and another, but you are still at the same point dreaming of the career growth perspectives. Here the second stage of dissatisfaction begins. Many of your peers have already achieved some “heights” in their professional activity, they have earned money to make some great purchases, such as a car or a flat. Meanwhile, you are still a low-ranking company employee without any growth perspective. But you probably have planned to live in your own apartment when you are 30.

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Now family well-being. Let us discuss this aspect. During your student years, you have probably already had some close relationship with another person. Maybe you even had someone, with whom you wanted to build a family. Maybe you are still in love with this person. Such “phenomenon” is pretty seldom in our modern society. Many young people don’t date for more than two years. More than 50% of young people want to create a family. But if you are not one of them and you date with someone for more than two years, we are really happy for you. However, here we face a financial problem again. If you live together, then probably, you rent a flat and pay for it together, as well. Consequently, you hardly have the possibility to save some money to buy your own apartment or to organize a pompous wedding. The rental of property “takes” all your money. That is why your plans are ruined again… Fell safe and protected with us:

This list of failures in different spheres of life can be much bigger. But the goal of this post is not to set you on the pessimistic mood. The goal is that you become able to achieve everything in life, despite all difficulties that you can meet on your way. Two given examples were just a “starting point” of our analysis. Now you have clearly seen that in life everything does not happen as we imagine, being young. There is the only thing left: to realize why it happens so and find the methods to confront the life's difficulties, which can allow us to move to our “reference points”.

Why don’t the plans of youth come true?

We cannot give a single-valued and exact answer to this question. Each person has its life and its set of different life factors, which that person uses to achieve some goals. It is also hard to answer this question because today some things seem obvious (although, yesterday they seemed something absolutely unreal).

For example, in the late 90s, it was prestigious to have a mobile phone. It cost a fortune and served as an unofficial indicator of success in life. Nowadays, the mobile phones have become so much usual that it is ridiculous to think that someone can boast of a phone as something unimaginable (of course, if this is not a phone decorated with Swarovski diamonds). Consequently, if previously you wanted to purchase a cell phone, for instance, then, now the life itself carried out a plan this plan for you. So, one of your plan points is done but not by you, as it turns out. That is why the growth of your dissatisfaction goes on… Here is something we can offer to help you stay satisfied:

According to our mind, the biggest obstacle in the plans of youth achieving is their too global scale. We want it all and immediately. We think that after graduation we will get everything at once. However, it does not happen that easily. Forget about easy adult life. Don’t even dream of it. If you are an ordinary person without rich parents, “useful” contacts and other attributes of a rich life, then, your path to success lies through the “ocean of difficulties and problems”. Our academic editor and proofreader can become your lifebuoy in this ocean.

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However, we want to rejoice you: if you are an ordinary person, it means that you already have rich experience in the difficult problems solving. Everything can be solved. Keep it in mind. So, if you aim to succeed in life, then, try to avoid the “dispersion” of your desires. Focus on the main, discard the secondary. The best option is to form a certain complex, a map, which will include the most desired for you spheres of life. If the financial sphere matter a lot, consider a fee-based paper proofreader.

Priority reference points

Let us imagine, you have chosen the following list: a career in the financial sector, family, two children, membership in the fishing enthusiasts’ group, being a football fan. You believe that this “set” will be the embodiment of a happy life for you. Alright, now you need to do the following: focus your efforts on these areas and reject less perspective ones. For example, you may not get a second legal education, if it is not on your imaginary list (by the way, an accurate essay proofreader online can be added to your list). You may be laughing right now, believing that it goes without saying. However, many people take such “silly” steps just to show off their second degree to their friends and colleagues. However, such “showing off” (second education obtaining, in this case) requires forces and time. Getting something secondary, you lose time that could be spent on something primary and, eventually, you become “a hostage of the circumstances”. By the way, do you need high-quality paper editing? Do not miss the best option.

That is why, while you are a student still, define your personal priority (i.e. primary) reference points and goals, for which you need to strive after graduation. Honestly saying, everything can be achieved in life. The most important is an exact goal. If there are a goal and motivation, there will be success. There are many ways of how to motivate yourself for whatever you may need. Our experienced paper editors know much about the motivation methods.

Now you know that if you run after two hares, you will catch neither. However, even if you have defined your goals in advance, it is not that easy to succeed. Your goals and plans need to be brought to life. Much depends on your education. The point is that, when you study at the university, you don’t think much that education now plays a great role in your future life well-being. That is why get education, gain knowledge and skills. You want to be successful, don’t you? Consider these universities that produce the most millionaires, then.

Real skills and knowledge, not just “diploma and degree”

In the civilized big companies they recognize a “false expert” at once and will never hire him (or her) for work without looking at the diploma. There are professional HR specialists that “scan” the prospective candidates and they can see whether a person is a specialist or not. First of all, they are interested in your skills and qualification. So, pay much attention to how you study at this very moment ( If you are an “A” student (or almost), try to stand out from the crowd. Learn new subjects (even those that are not in your curriculum but directly related to your future profession). Remember not to “dissipate”. If you treat your study as an “uninteresting process” and don’t work scrupulously on your thesis papers, then, you should think well about your future. If needed, here is the best academic online proofreading in the UK, where you can order online proofreading services for tomorrow. You will get the desired diploma and degree. What is next? Such “diplomaed” graduates are numerous but not each one possesses the required skills and knowledge. So, if you really want to achieve something in this life, reconsider your attitude to studying.

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A piece of advice, which we are going to give about the studying, is the following: be interested and get involved in science, develop your “scientific search” as much as possible, thus, you will have many chances to reach your goals, which you want to reach after graduation. We also advise not to be limited by university education only but start postgraduate studies, as well. After that (it might last up to three or sometimes four years), on condition of the successful defense of the PhD thesis, you get the PhD (i.e. Doctor) title. It has many advantages. First, you automatically stand out from the crowd of your opponents when you apply for a high-paying job. Many employers appreciate the candidates with the PhD degree especially. So, you will be in a winning position. By the way, you can hire the best dissertation editor that provides proofreading essays services in the UK anytime. Also, another advantage concerns men more because in many states a person that has obtained an academic degree is exempt from military service. All this makes you think thoroughly about whether it is worth getting postgraduate education.

Let us sum up:

1) Focus on the primary, priority directions of your life (family, career and so on) and discard all unnecessary. Here is a competent paper editor online for you to help get concentrated.

2) Make an emphasis on education and the studying process itself. Today, due to the rapid development of high-tech industries, the demand for “scientific minds” is growing fast. Besides, it looks like the crisis time has passed, and the growing economy needs really professional specialists in their fields.

We wish you to achieve all goals you have set. Be persistent and stress resistant. We are sure you can do it! If you want not only to succeed but also keep success rolling, it would be great to have professional support. And when you are a student, this is the support from academic writing field experts. Need to write or rewrite any college paper? No problem! Want to improve grammar and stylistics of your essay? We are willing to help. Is your paper more serious and complex? Get the most professional proof reading in the UK. Can you see it now? It is so much easy and so much convenient.

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