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The studying process has changed greatly. There have been especially many changes in the last few years. Naturally, the image of a modern student also differs from what it has been several years ago. If previously some things were obligatory and a student did not have other choice but obey, today other ways out and more options appeared. Though, some stages of the studying process may seem more complicated, the students’ life has become easier. Now they have much more additional tools that help them study. Also, there are many specialists that are ready to perform some tasks instead of the students. For example, if you need to write an essay, to cope with an assignment, to create a course paper or a research work, to fix or format your written papers, you can order suchlike services on our custom writing website. We offer the whole range of professional services related to academic activity sphere. Our writers and editors are qualified and experienced. The best ones work for our online agency. In addition, we provide round-the-clock support by email and online chat. Discounts and bonuses are available. So you can save your time and money if cooperate with our online agency. Professional editing services for students are within easy reach now. What else can be more important for a student?

Is it necessary to write down during the lectures and take notes for a modern student?

It is 21st century already, the time of the information technologies and innovations. However, the higher education getting process is still far from perfection. The higher education establishments cannot keep pace with the innovations’ appearing and most of them continue working based on old traditions.

The younger (growing) generation strives for new developments and technologies, meanwhile educators do not hurry to change their usual established teaching methods. That is why in most cases the teachers and professors still demand from the students to write down during the lectures. So what to do? Everyone decides on one’s own whether to take notes or not. On the one hand, this is a really huge waste of time, and sometimes very useless (use our fast essay proofreader for college students not to waste time). However, on the other hand, it may bring benefits.

Here are several reasons why it is worth writing down the lectures:

1. The lectures writing process itself is a plus. Most teachers / professors pay attention to whether their students take notes or not. During the lectures they walk around and observe. If a first year student (a freshman) thinks: “We are many, the teacher / professor is one. I will be unnoticed, he (she) will not remember who writes and who does not”, the seniors know exactly that until the semester ends, the teacher / professor starts recognizing all students by their faces, and till the end of the year he (she) remembers everyone by their names. So when an exam comes, you should know that the teacher perfectly knows how you have worked during his (hers) lectures,  and he (she) has already got some opinion about you.

2. Another plus of the lectures’ writing process. Since you need to concentrate on what you write, willingly or unwillingly you will memorize what you have written. Maybe you will remember just several phrases, but the most important is that you have got the essence and it is kept in your memory. The fact that you have remembered at least the subject of a lecture gives the guarantee that you will manage to answer something at the exam. Taking notes, do not forget about proper grammar (https://essaycorrector.org/blog/how-proper-grammar-can-help-to-climb-ladder).

3. Your notes of the lectures may serve as an exam pass. Some teachers set such condition: coming to the exam you need to demonstrate your notes. Also, a teacher can sign every page of your notebook so that some other less diligent student cannot use it.

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 4. Well-written notes can increase your chances to get a higher grade. There are cases when written lectures (along with a hard work during the seminars) help get a better grade. The fact of the neatly written lectures (using colorful pens to underline essential points, dividing into paragraphs) also contributes to the high grades’ getting. The outward look of a copybook with lectures often has a great importance. If you manage to impress your teacher, you will not need to spend much time on the material learning. Naturally, an absolute attendance of the lessons will bring additional points. Our certified proofreading papers service will earn some more extra points for you.

5. Some teachers allow using the texts of their lectures during their exams. The only condition is that the notes should be written by you personally.

6. You can use your notes as the helpful hints during the exam. These notes can help greatly. Sometimes, cheating in an exam, students manage to use their notes instead of writing the answers. However, in this case you need to write everything with a pen of the same color and begin each lecture with a new page. Be aware that an experienced teacher is able to distinguish whether you have written the answers on your own or used your ready notes. He (she) can ask additional questions, the answers to which you may not have in your copybook.

7. Another advantage is that if you have taken the notes, it is easier to read only them instead of dozens of books. So take care of you and help yourself taking notes in advance.

8. Having used your notes, do not rush to throw them away. The next year other students will come and, without doubts, there will be less diligent and responsible than you among them. In this case your notes will come in handy: you can exchange them for something more useful for you. For example, a budget revision paper service is definitely something more useful.

9. It is necessary to define the importance of the subject, on which you have taken your notes. In some cases it is obligatory to keep them. For example, being an undergraduate student you can have some subjects that you have had being a first-year student. So your notes can save your life literary. Many students make such mistake throwing their old copybooks in a trash can. Sometimes, there are no books on some subject, so the notes can be vitally important. It usually happens when the author of the lectures is your university professor. Professors of the best universities often create their own manuals and books (https://essaycorrector.org/blog/top-25-most-searched-universities-in-the-world).

Maybe, during the studying process you will discover your own not less important reasons why you need to write down the lectures. Or maybe, we have not managed to convince you with the given reasons. Maybe, you based on your firm knowledge got with the help of modern technologies will convince your teachers that it is useless to take notes of their lectures. Anyway, whatever happens, we wish you good luck and take care!

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