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All the students are extremely busy people. They often do not have time to eat or sleep enough. Since our online service works mostly with students, one of the most common requests we get is "check my paper for mistakes." We perfectly know student life, and that is why we try to assist as much as we can. This is the reason why our services are the cheapest on the web. This is the reason why we offer fast writing and editing. And course, this is the reason why we have a flexible payment system, various freebies, bonuses, and discounts.

We care for students because we know how hard their lives could be. We traditionally continue sharing useful information, and today you will learn about how to get on well with your neighbors in a student dormitory.

Student dormitory: how to build relationships with neighbors and roommates?

It is hard to study at the university, but to live in a dormitory is just unbearable if you do not build relationships with your neighbors timely. We all know that students from other cities live in the dormitories. Everyone has one’s own dreams, ambitions, and goals. But the most important is that everyone tries to emphasize one’s significance in a new society. Unfortunately, it often leads to conflicts. How to behave in such a situation?

Conflict #1: cleanliness. People are different, and we all have our personal mind about cleanliness and comfort. Someone is absolutely okay with the so-called creative mess. Meanwhile, others just cannot stand countless things under the feet, on chairs and sofas. Very soon, polite remarks will turn into a huge scandal, and seemingly friendly roommates will suddenly turn into the worst enemies. It happens pretty often. Domestic conflicts cause much damage.

Conflict #2: mismatch of tempers. This is one of the most common reasons why dormitory neighbors ask to find a new roommate or a new room. This is a really strong reason because there are students who have come to study and get a higher education, and there are those who are interested more in private life, new acquaintances, and powerful emotions. For instance, a “party animal” will not understand a geek; a nerd will not understand the lack of desire to study. If you are the one who wants to study, we recommend you to check out our original papers editing website. First, they discuss it quietly and calmly, defend their positions, but soon confidence in one’s own rightness leads to a scandal, which makes further living together impossible.

Conflict #3: jealousy. This is a dangerous feeling, which never brings anything good, especially when roommates have just met. The point is that, in a dormitory, the representatives of different social classes meet and live together. That is why it may happen that a student from a middle-class family will feel inconvenient in a room with a wealthy student. Sometimes jealousy can be hidden. But it gets much more dangerous when someone starts doing dirty tricks, deceiving, intriguing, and slandering. Naturally, no one thinks about friendship, in this case.

Conflict #4: one love for two. This problem concerns both girls and boys, and it is especially urgent when the sympathy is very strong and long. It usually happens when someone suffers from unrequited love. It is hard to accept when a person you love dates with your roommate and does not notice you at all. Hurt gets bigger, and you start thinking about revenge. No need to say more… There are many movies that show what human jealousy and anger can bring.

Conflict #5: alcohol. We think we will not surprise anyone saying that many residents of student dormitories abuse alcohol beverages. Such a situation is pretty typical. However, there is always a so-called “victim of circumstances," as a rule, this is a roommate. If one of the students in a room leads suchlike lifestyle, it becomes impossible even to sleep enough. This is a really strong reason for conflicts. This kind of conflict may lead to a fight.

These are probably the most common situations that lead to conflicts between roommates, in a dormitory, and require immediate resolution and sometimes even participation of a dean. Of course, it is better not to let the conflict progress. Any misunderstanding can be resolved peacefully. And any written assignment of any difficulty level can be easily done with our help:

Simple truths of dormitory life

Before you start resolving a problem, it is recommended to find out the most common conflict reasons and causes, in a dormitory. Here they are, the simple truths:

1. Most often, girl roommates have conflicts; boys are more livable usually.

2. In a dormitory, students follow the principle to share everything so it would be better not to be greedy.

3. A hungry roommate is an evil roommate.

4. You will have to live together for 4 years, so it is better to build good relationships in the very beginning.

5. It is better to support each other and not to snitch.

6. It is more interesting and funnier to live together.

7. It is better to solve conflicts in your room on your own without involving parents or dean’s office.

If you follow these simple rules, then, years spent in a dormitory will become the best memories about studenthood and your roommates will become friends for life. Friends will always help and support you and study will seem carefree and successful. In general, you will enjoy the educational process if you improve your college essay with us.

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What to do if a conflict occurs?

Once again, let’s return to different human tempers that are often demonstrated at the most inappropriate moment. If a conflict has occurred and made you doubt about further joint living, in such an extreme situation, an approximate action plan is the following:

1. In no case start using rudeness, vulgarity, and obscene language, so that your opponent does not have the chance to blame you for lack of education and rudeness.

2. Do not try to shout louder at your roomie, try to find out what makes him (her) angry and how it can be solved instead.

3. Aggression leads to aggression, so the best option is to oppress your opponent with your majestic calm, let him (her) shout as much as he (she) wants.

4. Avoid fighting or throwing things because both cases can become the reason for expulsion.

5. Do not turn a conflict situation into a public show because rumors spread quickly and may harm you in the future.

These rules prove once again that any conflict can always be resolved peacefully. The most important is to listen not only to yourself but also to your roommate who can be displeased with something just like you, and he (she) has the same rights to it.

How to get on with new dormitory neighbors?

For any nonresident student, a dormitory becomes the second home because they need to live there for four long years. This is a great luck because you can make new friends, useful acquaintances and just feel like a full resident of another city. The most important is that this is the chance to have a shelter: a dormitory is your guarantee to have your own room with a bed for the next four years. In order not to let life in a new place turn into torture and not to cause everyday depression, it is recommended to get on with your new surroundings. People are different, but everyone has the same right to peaceful life during the educational process.

We give several useful tips to the dormitory residents on how to act to make others accept and like you.

1. If you want, you can organize an acquaintance party. This is a good opportunity to present yourself, be officially introduced and make friends with your future neighbors. It is not necessary at all to organize a great fest. Look at the situation and the company you are going to invite. If you are going to organize a party, do not forget that your home assignments should be done, in any case. Use papers editing services to have enough time for everything.

2. The proverb “when in Rome, do as the Romans do” perfectly works for a dormitory because others do not really like newcomer whippersnappers, they are ignored and often told where to get off. It is hard to adapt in a new society for such “the smartest” students, and the society itself does not welcome them much.

3. There is no need to chase after social classes because everyone is equal, in a dormitory. No privilege or indulgence, only mutual respect. So you will need to forget for a while about your bright past, come back down to earth and not think that you are better, smarter, more beautiful or fashionable than others. If you want to prove to others that you are really smart, perfectly written papers can do this for you:

4. You must make friends with your neighbors because it is more fun to live together.

So it is important always to make a compromise, and then a new society will also show leniency. If you manage to adapt quickly to student dormitory life, then, study at the university will not cause some specific problems. Dormitory friends, especially seniors, will always help to solve the issues and come to the rescue in difficult times. As you can see, there are no other options: only peace and quiet!

Concluding, we want to add one more thing: a student dormitory is not just the place of joint living for students, but this is a real treasury of traditions, laughter, jokes, and humor. There is even a saying "if you did not live in a student dormitory, you did not study at the university," and it is fair enough. Many students made sure of it personally and remained entirely satisfied with their carefree and happy student years. Now you know how to get along with your dormitory neighbors. We hope you will use this knowledge and everything is going to be great!

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