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It can be hardly argued that being literate is much better than being illiterate. This statement belongs to things, which should not be even said out loud, because they go without saying. However, meaning of being literate or illiterate is has many aspects and may take hours to discuss it. Our online paper editing online company suggests to look at some aspects of this issue. This post will help to realize or rethink a lot of things related to this subject. Having read it, you will probably want to cooperate with our professional team, which offers various services in college papers sphere. If needed, ask our support team for additional information.

Why it is important to be literate in modern world?

It would seem that this question is rhetorical. However, again and again, reading newspapers, listening to radio, talking to people, many linguists, philologists, language experts and other people bitterly notice that language becomes scanty, making huge steps it goes to its degeneracy. Unfortunately, there are not so many people who fight for language purity.

Even in print media silly orthographic and punctuation mistakes are made (read here why ignorance of punctuation makes person silly: There is an impression that articles for newspapers and some magazines are written not by journalists or philologists, but by high school students, who in addition do not study well. The simplest rules of spelling are often violated and a lot of readers do not notice them. This is what makes us terrified. What can we expect from young generation, when adults make silly and inept mistakes not having knowledge on basic simple language rules?

Mistakes enter our life and become its norm

There are certain language mistakes, which have already become norm of life, and most people do not pay any attention to them. On the internet especially almost no one cares about what and how is written, whether spelling is correct or not. Speed of writing often influences negatively its quality. Silly, sometimes intentional errors became attributes of virtual life. Having started to write not diligently and quickly, we transfer this manner to reality. We believe that we understand each other, that we speak distinctly and clearly. However, it is not like that at all.

There is a saying: “Literacy is a consequence of standardization and simplification” (read additionally related post on evolution of English grammar). It means that people need to be literate in order major amount of people (not only close interlocutors they communicate with) understand them. Today one talks to his friends outside sitting on a bench, but tomorrow he will need to get a job. It is known that people are evaluated not only by their appearance, but also by the way they speak and write. Especially in cases when acquaintance occurs in absentia. So, in case of written form of communication, it is better to use online paper reviser not to get into an awkward situation because of possible mistakes made.

Language is coined and standardized so that it has as little confusion as possible. So, why do we create this confusion consciously? Why when we see it, we do not correct it, but obey the imposed demands of the crowd? Let’s take care of our language all together. Let it be duty not only of linguists and philologists, but of an every single person. In this case our speech will be literate, correct and clean. Thus, we will manage to bring our language to our descendants as the greatest gift.

What does it mean to be literate today?

In order to be literate person it is required to write dictations, essays, compositions, to read best works of world literature, to have a good command of the language and its grammar, to know words spelling. Some people strive to correspond all above mentioned points. Others, unfortunately, do not have such an aim. Each person has to be literate!

Once upon a time a person who was able to read and write was considered literate. At that moment it was enough to gain respect of people who were around. Nowadays is another thing. Today these skills are not enough at all. It is impossible to surprise someone with ability to read or write. To be able to read and write literately, to know one’s native language, to be able to communicate in one foreign language (or several languages), to have an idea of the world structure, literature, music – this is norm for a literate person, and everyone should strive for this.

Also, we would like to expand the scope of this concept a little bit. Literate man is a man, who is able to think and express his thoughts correctly, erudite and with a rich vocabulary. This is a man, who is able to make well-timed correct “literate” decisions in any life situation. Academic proofreading services help greatly to express one’s thoughts correctly in written form.

Literate man is a comprehensively developed personality. Literate means deeply moral. Literate means than person loves our home, our Earth, carefully and reverently treats all living beings, respects labour of others, notices and can enjoy beauty, which is around us, can enjoy life and bring joy to others. There is an important question: what to begin with to raise the level of literacy? It can be started with reading promotion, because the more one reads, the more he knows, thus, language becomes more enriched.

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People from time immemorial strived for literacy. Why? What is reading and writing needed for?

It is hard to live being illiterate. When person is literate, he is interesting, he has no time for boredom. We learn reading and writing to comprehend the new miracles of science, to get interesting profession in future, to do good to people, our country, our planet. People differ from animals by having intellect, and intellect is developed by means of literacy. Not without reason there are so many proverbs and sayings devoted to importance of being literate. Earlier person who knew how to read and write was considered literate. All people applied to him to read a letter, compose a document, learn news, etc. Such people were of high demand, they were respected.

As it has been already said, being literate means not only to be able to read, count and write correctly. Today almost all people of civilized countries can do this. However, all this is not enough to be considered literate personality. In our century, except grammar and language rules, it is important to have broad outlook, to be erudite, to be able to use knowledge in practice. Literate person (in a broad sense) is never bored; he can always find something to be occupied with. Check out this list of top 25 most searched Universities in the world, education of which will definitely make any person highly literate:

Literacy, technologies, books

Also, literate man should be acquainted with modern technologies, because we live in century of technical progress, and a modern man needs to know how to handle them. However, even living in a century of universal computerization and new technologies, we should never forget about book reading. Some people can say that reading is not fashionable. Book always was and is an attribute of a literate and modern (what is also important) man. Book form best qualities of a person, develop intelligence and lead to success. We are extremely glad that today a lot of people share this point of view. They want to be literate. Though, sometimes it is pretty hard, especially when it goes about academic writing. Nevertheless, people find way out of this situation: they order professional services on academic and college paper creation and processing. Any kind of suchlike services can be ordered on our website. Best specialists in this sphere will work on your papers and do everything neatly and quickly.

Talking to or corresponding with a literate person is pleasant. It is nice when a person can express his thoughts in not only clear and polite manner, but also without grammar errors. If you read a lot or communicate a lot with intelligent people, who have something useful to share, then in course of time you will also be able to express thoughts in a beautiful laconic manner.

No one is immune to errors

Whatever situation is, still there are so many people who have not reached yet such level of literacy, when they may say: “I can write without a single mistake”. Even being absolutely sure in your knowledge, no one is immune to errors. Misprints, typos or other silly errors may happen any time. No one is perfect and there is much to strive for. Remember that our research paper rewriter is always here by your side to provide you with support and professional advice any moment. We are always willing to offer our friendly helpful hand.

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