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What to do if you are criticized?

No one likes being criticized. However, we have decided to dedicate one of the posts to this subject because it is important to know how to behave in such situations not only at the university but in life, in general. What to do if you are criticized? How to treat the criticism? Should you listen to the critical remarks or not? We are going to discuss all this further.

What to do in the criticism cases?

The first thing we should mention is that you are not the first and not the last one that is criticized. Whatever you are, whatever you do, there are always people that will gladly make a critical remark. These remarks can be reasonable, but sometimes, they are made without any reason at all. Everyone that does at least something is criticized. Only dead people are not criticized (but even here we can see some exceptions). It happens that people, who are no longer alive, have done so much during their lifetime that even after their death others continue talking about them. However, if others discuss them, it means that they have left a really significant mark in the history.

What are we driving at? We want to say that the criticism is an absolutely normal phenomenon. You should not be offended by it, not get upset because of the critical remarks that others make you. Take the criticism for granted, as if this is a side effect of a person that strives for the life success. You also strive to succeed, don’t you?

Probably, you started looking for a suchlike article when someone had criticized you for something. So let us repeat it once again: criticism is a component of your development and progress to the top of success. If you are criticized, you should be happy. It means you give reasons for it. Believe us, most people have never been criticized. Do you think that these people just do everything right? This is absolutely not like this. The point is that most people just do nothing at all to be happy. But you do. They sit every evening watching the TV-set or mindlessly surf the Internet, meanwhile you are engaged with the self-education. You want to be a highly educated and qualified specialist, to get promoted and to be financially independent. Others just lie on the couch and twiddle their fingers. Do you want to see how real experts work? Here you go: https://essaycorrector.org/blog/copyediting-and-proofreading-services-from-certified-writers.

That is why, always keep in mind what we have said: if a person is criticized, then, he (she) performs his (hers) work better than others! Here is an example. We always scold our authorities and the government that they do nothing and only hurt people. However, whatever the authorities are and whatever people say about them, they know their duties, they do their business as they can do it. Sometimes, they do it very well. For instance, the technological development would not have been possible without the appropriate support from the side of the state authorities. People start buying more household appliances and paying less time to the gardens. What does it mean? It means that people have money. Of course, they have it not as much as they want, but still the fact that they have some is obvious. Today’s authorities are not perfect at all but they do something. Who knows what will happen when others come to power. We cannot know this. That is why, make a sober deliberated choice when the election time comes.

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Do you lack money to live normal life? What did you do to become a financially independent person? When was the last time you got up off the couch and start acting? Why do not people want to be more active? What does prevent them from making their life at least a little bit better? That is right, the fear of being criticized. We all can easily criticize others, however, we personally lack the courage and will to get up off the couch… If you belong to people of this kind, you should reconsider your life greatly! However, if you belong to the group of people that are able to change and turn this world for the better, then, we present you a universal recipe for the cases when you are criticized.

What to do in the criticism cases?

1. Treat the critics as an integral part of your future success. The criticism accompanies any person that does at least something. That is why, you should always remember that only those people, who just do nothing at all or those who can see your prospect and just want to help you, pointing at your weak points, will criticize you. We also want to help but in a little bit different way: https://essaycorrector.org/blog/online-paper-editing-best-specialist-territory.

The advice is the following: listen to the criticism made by the specialists in their field that can really help. Turn a deaf ear to the critics from an ordinary envier. If you always take it personally, then, we advise trying a technique called “I feel sorry for you”. When someone (an ordinary person that knows absolutely nothing about what you are doing) begins criticizing you, then you in your mind just start feeling sorry for this person, as if you comfort a child that cries when falls down and is hurt. Such technique allows you not to focus on the critics, what is very important when you are at the very beginning of your way to success. Your task is not to break down under the first flow of the “criticism arrows”. So memorize it: if a specialist criticizes you, you should listen to it; if someone that is just jealous criticizes, you ignore it and “feel sorry”. Our experts never criticize, they provide their free paper editing assistance.

2. Thank you for being there, critics! It would seem, if you are criticized, you do something wrong. However, this is not like that. In fact, it means that others look at you from another point of view. It is difficult to assess yourself objectively. However, there are always “volunteers’ that will give you a free consultation about your “drawbacks”. The more successful you become the more personal “assistants” you have.

These are people who have nothing to do, in fact. Instead of being occupied with their personal life, they start discussing those who move in the right direction. For instance, visit any website and find an article about some celebrity’s life. In the comments to this article you will see an absolutely “free report” on what disadvantages this celebrity has and what should be fixed. Is not it great? Hardly… Now we hope you see that when others criticize you, they just do the “dirty work” on your drawbacks discovering. It would be a real sin not to take some of their remarks into consideration to accelerate your progress to the top of success. Reach success faster with the online proofreading services of the best quality.

3. There are cases when you are really wrong, admit it. This statement works for everyone, without exception. We are people and it is natural to be mistaken sometimes. Besides, it is easier to notice the flaws made by someone else (not our own ones). That is why, it can be useful to listen to the others’ thoughts, even if it seems that they do not deserve your attention. However, it always depends on you and only you. The quality of your written works will depend on us, if you hire an expert academic paper editor online.

If you suddenly become presumptuous or start to show off your successes, then, you will get a fair share of criticism immediately. Do you think you do not have something to be criticized for? There is something always and there is someone ready to do this. This is the human nature. That is why, try to behave yourself, do not provoke others with your boastful behavior, and they will criticize you less because you will not give them any reason to do this.

Let us sum up. As you have understood, the criticism is a completely usual phenomenon. If you are criticized, it means you just live on our planet, that's all. If you are enthusiastically occupied with something and you face the critics all the time, you just need to know that you are on the right way. The most important is to go your way, and later it will be seen who is right and who is wrong. No one can be right all the time, and sometimes we make mistakes, this is natural. That is why, we are here to help fix the mistakes, at least, in your college papers. Our services save students and do not let them fail. An expert team of specialists checks each work carefully and fixes it. Our proof reading and editing services are at your disposal anytime. As a result, you have a competently built, edited and proofread written paper. This is what required not to be criticized by your professors. Anyway, treat the critics as an integral success component. You want to succeed, don’t you? If you want to know what other success components are, we advise you to read more useful posts published on our blog.

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