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If you study now, you definitely get the tasks to do different written assignments all the time. For sure, you need a reliable and competent assistant that will support and guide you. It is difficult to cope with everything on your own. There is a good way out: delegate your written assignments to the qualified and experienced writers of our online writing agency. We offer all kinds of services related to academic writing. We offer reliable academic editing services. We have many regular customers, whom we have already helped make their life easier and more pleasant. You can be one of them. Do several clicks to place your order and success is in the bag. In order to be more successful, you definitely need to have a good memory. However, not everyone can boast of a good memory. On the contrary, we can hear many complaints about it. What to undertake to fix the situation? This is what we are going to discuss in today’s post.

Poor memory: what to do?

Nowadays many people complain about poor memory. And they are not only people of older age but teenagers and youth, for whom it is difficult sometimes to memorize the most elementary things. This phenomenon has many explanations and reasons, about which we are going to speak in today's post. Also, we will speak about absentmindedness, and of course, how we can fix the situation. In most cases (we do not consider diseases), poor memory can be improved. With the help of a healthy lifestyle and training, you can develop your abilities to memorize even if now you are fine with your memory. By the way, today many students complain about bad memory. If you are one of them, it would be great to appeal to the professional editors to check your papers and make sure that you have not forgotten to add to your work all the elements required: https://essaycorrector.org/blog/need-a-paper-editor-online-its-here.

Poor memory causes

The difficulty is not only about how to find the cause but about the fact that causes are several, usually. However, in any case, it is necessary to get rid of them because they affect negatively our body, in general.

Basic reasons for poor memorizing processes

Lack of rest (sleep). Rest amount and quality are extremely important for memorizing processes. Not enough sleep or being awake at night are the reasons that lead to tiredness, which complicates the ability to process and absorb information.

Depressed state (in combination with anxiety) makes it difficult to concentrate, what naturally influences negatively human memory.

Smoking. It influences memory extremely negatively. The substances contained in the cigarettes reduce the coming to body oxygen. Research has proven that smoking people memorize faces and names worse than those who do not smoke. Various drugs have the same effect.

Alcohol. Its abuse was recognized as the reason for poor memorizing many years ago.

Malnutrition. Correct nutrition is important for correct brain functionality. The lack of vitamins B1 and B12 has a negative influence on memory.

Absence of exercises for memory training. Some people even without exercises have an excellent memory. Why? They either have phenomenal curiosity or apply some memorizing principles (consciously or unconsciously), thus, they have training every day.

However, for the rest of the people, this is a very urgent problem. It could start in childhood and continued into adulthood. That is why you need to pass a memory training course, and then, train as often as possible. A good memory is a skill that can be developed and it does not require money at all because you can do everything on your own. However, there are no free things when it goes about professional issues. The difference is always about the price. Thus, we want to offer you our expert English revision service at the lowest price on the web.

Technologies. The quality of memory depends greatly on the intensity and duration of concentration. However, it becomes absolutely impossible if you constantly use a phone and a laptop. Probably the most instructive test is to measure the number of minutes, during which you can remain concentrated, reading an interesting book. Many people claim that a minute is enough to feel sleepy or start thinking about something else. If you still cannot focus and do your home assignments, we are ready to give you a hand. Choose one of the services that meets your needs, place your order, and wait for a while when everything is done.

Head traumas. A serious hit on the head, for instance, because of falling or car accident, almost always harms the human brain, provoking the disturbances of memorizing processes. Over time and having appropriate treatment, these processes can be fixed and improved.

Stroke. It often leads to memorizing processes disturbances. A person that has experienced a stroke can have bright memories of the times he (she) was a child but cannot recollect a dish that he (she) has eaten at lunch.

Dementia. This is an illness that provokes the reduction of memorizing abilities and various thinking processes. The reasons for it are numerous, such as blood vessels disease, drugs or alcohol addiction, or brain damage, and also, Alzheimer's disease, which is often accompanied by various disturbances related to the work of a brain.

The reasons for poor memorizing processes include the diseases of the thyroid gland, as well as other diseases that influence brain activity.

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What to do if memory is poor

If your memory is poor and the reason is not a disease, then, the reason can be one of the following, which are also pretty serious:

• Loading and tiredness;

• Sugar abuse;

• Lack of vitamins;

• Absence of interest and curiosity.

If it is possible to figure out and exclude the first three points, then, the things are much more complicated with the last one. Generally speaking, the quality of memory depends on attention and concentration. They appear and become firmer if there are present interest and curiosity.

Only games and activities that we treat as games provoke interest and curiosity. That is why, having solved the problems with fatigue, loading, and nutrition, you need to provoke the enthusiasm for learning.

Learning poems by heart. This is a great technique to train memory. However, it is necessary to do it as a game not to start hating poetry and learning. That is why make sure that you are occupied with educational games as much as possible: chess, Lego, robots construction, table games, etc. (choose what suits you more). Naturally, you will need to spend some money to purchase suchlike games if you do not have them at home. The good news is that it will not cost much, as well as our online services that allow you to upgrade your college paper at a more favorable price on our site.

Poor memory: what to do?

The first thing we want to say is that the problem requires a complex approach and you need to listen to several pieces of advice at once. There can be several reasons for poor memory, you should take this fact into consideration.

Long-term concentration

This is probably one of the most significant tips. We know that it is hard to put a mobile phone aside. However, it does not work differently. Try not to change activity more often than once in 10 minutes. If you read a book, try to focus on it completely for half an hour. You are allowed to take a break after that.

The word «long-time» in our case is individual. Define your limits, first of all. Most likely, you are able to focus from 1 to 3 minutes: after that, there comes the desire to do something different. Even if you manage to avoid temptation, your thoughts are distracted. We can help you not get distracted, doing your written assignments. Our proof reading services are at your disposal anytime to do or check any written text you have: https://essaycorrector.org/blog/proofreading-services-online-247.

Vitamins, correct nutrition, sport

If you want to feel the improvement of memory, your approach should be very serious. It is believed that your body needs the following vitamins: B1, B6, B9, B12, beta-carotene, C, D, K, Omega-3. The recommended food is: fish, broccoli, pumpkin seeds, nuts, oranges, dark chocolate, green tea.

The systematic exercise and healthy lifestyle strengthen health, increase muscle strength and endurance of a person. There is more: research has proven that the effect of the development of neural networks extends to other areas of the brain, including those that are responsible for learning, thinking, and memory. Thus, moderate, not exhausting physical activity leads to the stimulation of many organs and tissues of a human body, including the stimulation of the brain nerve cells work. Also, it leads to the acceleration of the development and branching of neural processes (dendrites). It goes without saying that you should forget about alcohol and smoking. If you follow these two tips, the result will be already seen in a month. Fortunately, there is no need to wait so long when you need professional proof reading assistance. For example, on our site, you can find a fast proofreader in the UK at a modest price. Our support team reacts immediately to every request.

Get rid of chronic stress

The Yerkes-Dodson law, also known as “The theory of inverted U”, says: under the condition of light and moderate stress, our memory gets improved to some certain point. After this point, the increased anxiety and stress lead to memory attenuation. The low level of stress helps be attentive and focused, however, further it becomes worse. When we are too excited or experience irrational fear when we are even obsessed with something, the process of information collecting, storing, and restoring (i.e. memory) can be disturbed.


• Improved concentration defines the cognitive sphere.

• Vitamins, nutrition, and sport define the physiological sphere.

• Getting rid of stress defines the psychic sphere.

• Only directed work in all 3 spheres will contribute to the development of a good memory.

Urgent English proofreading: immediate help

We have told you about the importance of a good memory. Now it is time to remind about the importance of other documents and written papers. They have to be error-free, without typos, with accurate punctuation and stylistics. If you feel like you can cope with all of that, this is great. However, professional help is never excessive. When experts deal with your papers, you can be always sure that they are written correctly. Our services have a low cost so you can easily afford them. Email us anytime to get more information.

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