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Work, study, rest: what goes first?

Every student needs to answer the main question: “Work, study, rest: what goes first?” This is one of the biggest problems of all students because young age passes by and they want to do as much as possible. How to prioritize correctly, what to choose to get both the degree and pleasant memories? Let us consider all options to realize what is more important. What should students aim for and how to behave?

Option #1: work, study, rest

Many students, especially seniors, look for the additional source of income, such as part-time employment. On the one hand, it is commendable because not everyone is able to combine work and study, and there is no time for rest and personal life, in addition. A student gets salary, feels convenient in the modern society, does not depend on parents, develops oneself, and prepares so-called “foothold” for the future profession.

However, the things are not that much great as they might seem. The point is that the “golden middle” that allows keeping balance between study, work, and rest is lost soon. A student, chasing financial well-being, neglects study and almost does not rest. Without even noticing this, a student becomes the fan of money and careerist. It can influence negatively academic performance or even lead to the expulsion from the university.

Advantages: new acquaintances, future perspectives, financial stability, opportunity for career growth, confidence in the future, sociability.

Disadvantages: sharp decline in academic performance, regular truancy without serious reason, professors’ dissatisfaction, low average grade, risk for sudden expulsion.

Advice: work is always good profitable but it is important not to confuse such notions as “full employment” and “part-time employment”. Main activity for a student should always be study at the university and the desire to obtain a degree and graduate. Speaking about part-time employment, you should remember that you cannot earn all world money. It would be nice if your job takes 2-3 hours a day, not during the studying hours and, especially, not during the examination periods. If you want to save money, we advise using an essay editing service for free.

Option #2: study, work, rest

There is another student category that can be called “studying fans” or “nerds”, simply saying. Every university has such students, and every academic group has at least one or two suchlike scholars, who cannot imagine their life without classes. They never miss classes, believing that this is a kind of crime. They study in the morning, daytime, and evening. Professors are pleased with their answers, diligence, and responsibility. They always sit in front of the teachers, want to answer, and add something to the others’ answers.

Such an approach to studying irritates someone, and others do not care at all. Such exemplary students have the highest grades and often receive a scholarship. The nerds usually do not rush to find a job. They do not want to have any obstacle on their way to knowledge, and they do not risk starting to be occupied with something else. They do not have many needs, consequently, they do not need much money. Also, they do not need to rest because studying is the best way to relax for them.

Advantages: high grades, huge knowledge base inside one’s head, perspectives for career growth, scholarship, highly-qualified specialist.

Disadvantages: absence of friends and pleasant memories about studenthood, closed mind, difficulties with adaptation to new places, lack of money.

Advice: studying is good, necessary, and correct, however, do not stick to the knowledge gaining too much.

The point is that five years of studying will pass in a flash, and the only thing you will remember is books, written papers, test, and complete loneliness. If you do not want let this happen, we suggest you use the help of a professional academic editor for your papers.

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Option #3: rest, work, study

There is one more student category that treats studenthood as the time of fun and holiday. It is hard to make such students interested in studying, and it can be hard to meet them at the university. They have fun at night, and later, they sleep in the daytime. The style of life is very intensive, so there is no time to study. Since they need money to spend time in such a way, except having fun, they need to work. This is usually a kind of occupation that brings money enough to party. For example, this can be copyediting or copywriting activities. There is a reasonable question: when do they study? The answer is obvious: there is no time for getting knowledge and higher education, as a consequence. Such a schedule of student life is doomed to fail because most often these students are excluded. If you do not want to be excluded, we offer you our professional help in college paper writing field, and the cost of essay editing service is pretty low, in addition.

Advantages: many positive emotions and memories about studenthood for the rest of your life, new acquaintances and rich private life, sociability, strong temper.

Disadvantages: regular truancy, professors’ dissatisfaction, poor academic performance, low grades, expulsion.

Advice: have less fun and do not neglect studying. There is a good saying “Business before pleasure”. If you manage to organize your week schedule correctly, you will have enough time to study well and rest with your friends. It is important to remember why you have entered university, and you will have motivation to study, leaving fun for later.

Correct organization of studying process

Based on personal experience, we can give the following advice:

  • 50% is study. Let’s do not forget why you have entered university, spent many sleepless nights, preparing for entrance exams, studied well at school, getting good grades and gaining knowledge of life.
  • 30% is work. If a student has an opportunity to work, why not use the chance? Of course, part-time employment should not interfere with the studying process. There should be no truancy, professors should not be angry, and no bad grades. We can help you improve your grades if required:
  • 20% is rest. In this case, we speak about weekends, which you can spend with your friends as you want. This is a good opportunity to take a break from the working / studying week, get morally ready for the next week, get detached, and relax, eventually.

The most important is to stay within limits. This is the perfect option when you manage to combine something pleasant with useful, not ignoring the goals set in the very beginning.

Advice for students

How to achieve harmony? Here are several tips:

1. Try to get maximum knowledge at the lectures so that there would be no necessity to spend hours in the library to fill in the gaps. The self-education process is useful, of course, but it usually takes too much free time. Do not waste your time:

2. Do not miss the classes because it will influence your final grade. In addition, it is always easier to study altogether with other students, not when you are alone.

3. Warn your teacher in advance, if you are going to miss a lecture because of work or family reasons. A teacher will probably not like such news but it will be pleasant that a student worries about it.

4. Do not be rude, do not ignore your professor, be prepared for the classes. Otherwise, you risk failing the exams.

5. Some professors do not like students, who work, believing that they should not study at the university. That is why it is better not to tell everyone the reasons for your absence, or try to miss the classes not so often.

6. A student should fill in the gaps that appear because of work, demonstrating deep knowledge, interest in study, subjects, and higher education obtaining.

7. You need to find contact with professors, in any case.

There are no hopeless situations. The most important is to remember that the first and primary task at the university is to study and become a qualified specialist with good perspectives. It all is up to you. Define what you want, and then, you will have no problems in all spheres of life. We hope we have helped you realize what goes first, work, study, or rest. Anyway, the choice is always up to you.

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